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11-28-2003, 12:41 AM

It used to be on the list....

now, it's not even ON the list.... hell, Jedi Outcast is even higher up.....

......why?? I don't think it's worse than Jedi Outcast....

11-28-2003, 02:40 AM
Dunno, it could be its only listing games that actually USE the gamespy network to play on (which may be quite low, because not everybody cares about GS).

I've looked at ASE dozens of times to compare JK2 vs. JA and every single time JA has had more servers AND more players.

So I don't really understand your concern. I think that their numbers are probably biased in favor of their personal demographic and nothing else.

I could be wrong, but from where I'm standing that seems most likely.

Perhaps its due to an error (such as, did they remember to update their filters for the latest JA patch?)? Do they list JK2 according to 1.04 or all versions (like ASE does)?

Other things to consider (besides where they get their information):

How up to date is that information?

What games does it list? (could be they simply don't have room for certain games and as a result those don't get posted)


Just checked ASE, and it spit out 489 JA servers w/ 332 human players (quite low compared to past weeks where I've seen it as high as 600 servers, but then it is Thanksgiving for the US and a Thursday night).

Incidentally it lists 379 JK2 servers w/ 520 human players (that's the first I've seen JK2 players outnumber JA's, but it still doesn't jive with the GS numbers.... higher than what they listed).

Bottom line:

That information that GS provides is most likely using "Gamespy biased" lists (ie: filtered through the GS/GSA service). Those AREN'T all the servers they are showing in their stats.

Unless of course the GS staff suddenly took to JA bashing and removed it from the list for political reasons, but I stop short of conspiracy theory! Perhaps they simply have a "cut off" and the people playing JA just aren't using GS's service (but the JK2 people are, in slightly larger numbers).

I used JA on GSA a total of once, and their support was not very good (they were listing JK2 servers in the JA list, and this was during the time of the server bug pre-patch).

PS: I did my scans of ASE (and viewing of the GS page) at 10:20 pm CST on Thursday Nov. 27, 2003. The list IS being updated, but since the number of servers is noticably lower than ASE, it HAS to be filtered.

11-28-2003, 07:22 AM
Originally posted by deth

It used to be on the list....

now, it's not even ON the list.... hell, Jedi Outcast is even higher up.....

......why?? I don't think it's worse than Jedi Outcast....

Its not just the gamespy bias...

the numerous rants on forums around the world from disillusioned "elite" JO ppl have soured the potential for fun...

**Come play JA MP online and get grief** wasn't on the box....fortunately for LA/Raven

But despite this, there are alot of great ppl out there, too. Your task, Grasshopper, is to find them and fight them !

Also, alot of kids are getting JA for Christmas ! Wait until January !


11-28-2003, 10:22 AM
Its not just the gamespy bias...

the numerous rants on forums around the world from disillusioned "elite" JO ppl have soured the potential for fun...

The fact is, the JK2 "elites" unhappy with the game aren't playing it, so they aren't being factored in. The numbers for JA players are comparable to JK2 (usually higher, last night I checked they were lower, but only slightly).

Tons of people who bought JA never played JK2, and most of them (I'd wager the vast majority) don't hang out here or any of the major forums, so they probably don't even see the "bitching" unless it spills into the servers themselves. I continue to meet people for whom JA is their first online game!

Are you saying the GS guys are part of the "angry elite JK2" community? Hope not...

The gamespy bias exists in the fact that there are MORE JK2 servers and players than they list on their site, meaning they aren't listing all servers, like ASE does, at minimum. I suspect the same for JA.

Latest stats off ASE (5:57am, Friday, Nov. 28th):

230 servers, 402 players (JK2)

469 servers, 329 players (JA)

That GS stats page is only listing 261 servers, 316 players for JK2 and JA isn't on the list.

I suspect their JA numbers are so filtered (and thus small) they aren't being listed for that reason. There are 20 games listed. The lowest one has 238 players. If they were showing ALL the servers and players, then JA should be 17th place, with JK2 in 18th (instead of 17th) place, thus pushing Quake2, which only has 238 players, off the list (right?).

(Incidentally according to ASE, 231 of the JA players are using 1.01, and 98 are using 1.0. Compare to JK2 where 74 people are using 1.02 or 1.03 and 328 are using 1.04 the latest JK2 patch).

11-28-2003, 11:01 AM
Originally posted by Kurgan
..... I continue to meet people for whom JA is their first online game!.........

Wow ! That's great ! Thats probably because of the increasing accessibility of the internet, as well as more ppl having access to decent PCs to play online games....

I havent really played anything online in great depth. I wouldnt be lying if I said that reading some of these threads *are* discouraging. I mean, I really love JA, then to get online and get grief for God knows whatever reason would just sour the thing for me.... I'd rather prefer to wait to play Final Fantasy XI(Im a Final Fantasy devotee), and of course Galaxies.....eventually, maybe once some more bugs are ironed out and the space expansion comes out.....

Of course, theres nothing to say there wont be ultra competitive ppl on these games too, but from my experiences on their forums, there's zero animosity, mainly just whining about bugs, rather than other players..... :D I like that

Plus, with regard to JA numbers, don't entirely rule out the "Santa Factor...." :p


11-28-2003, 05:06 PM
Current online figures from T-ASE are
497 servers, 2224/6004 players on....
The mystery being when i select all the servers shown, i get
1228 players visible......
ON the bright side of things ingame, i play duels mostly and I rarely meet an ass hole as much as i did 3 or weeks ago or at the beginning of the game... especially not as many numpties as jk2 had.
Like Kurgan, I'm also meeting new people everyday too :D

11-28-2003, 10:45 PM
.......hmmm.... well, I'm still dissapointed. I remember when JO came out, it was right near the top.... now, JA isn't even near the top, no matter where you get your stats....:(

Cal-Gon Gin
11-29-2003, 01:29 AM
The GS numbers are based on server admins who specifically write into their server.cfg a line to report their server to the GS master. Since information about how to do that is not included with the game off the shelf, the numbers of servers reporting to GS are going to be lower than those reporting to Raven's master.

I don't know how ASE's master gets its information.

I will point out that there has been a considerable backlash against GS in recent months (dare I say the past year or two) because of their attempts to standardize all of their sites and forums--the big bad corporation vs. the gamer's anarchism, if you will. IMO not all of it is warrented, but GS has made poor choices in the past that has legitmately alienated some gamers.

(NFI, but I was at one time a GSI employee, many moons ago, and I claim no special knowledge of how things are GSI-ward these days. So take my potential biases into account.)

11-29-2003, 03:00 PM
Why numbers so low?

because it feels so empty without me!


11-29-2003, 07:46 PM
The main reason that I haven't been playing it online has been that it just didnt' seem that different from JK2, which I found rather boring, really. I was really looking forward to Siege mode, but it just felt...I dunno...hollow. Maybe it's that I'm used to playing with a regular group of players in BF1942 and such, so when I'm playing with pub players, it gets old. It may also be my unfamiliarity with the map, the force powers, etc.

The game still just seemed like a Q3 mod, though, and that may be the problem. The guns still don't seem all that "star warsy", although the conky is a nice addition. I dunno. I'll give it a try again soon, probably, but I haven't even finished the single player game. I got kind of discouraged when I noticed the bug that allows you to basically max your character out LEGITIMATELY by finishing a level in a particular tier, starting a new one, saving, finishing that one, then returning and seeing that all the other levels you previously finished are now treated as unfinished. It just got old.

Plus, Duel and FFA never did ANYTHING for me. Siege is cool, but I just didn't see that many people playing it and the servers are so small. It's rare to see anything with over 12 people in it. I'm used to 64 player games now, so that may be part of it, too. At the very least, a 20 player game would be nice.

11-29-2003, 09:11 PM
I'm pretty sure that the engine can handle 64 players, it's just that JKA requires more bandwidth per player (much more data being transmitted) and people aren't willing to pay more for that additional bandwidth.

11-29-2003, 09:17 PM
Originally posted by Agen_Terminator
Like Kurgan, I'm also meeting new people everyday too :D

Hmm, me too. perhaps the new "academy" idea has enchanted new fans to come take a peek and that's why there are alot of new people (no, i did not say newbies) playing now. I'm finding alot less serious people, unfortunately, and alot more I'm-going-to-be-an-*******-to-everyone-because-I-suck people and those If-you-kill-me-i'll-call-you-a-f'in-lamer-over-and-over people. I hate both. :p but then, of course, there are those nice little new players that don't shout and boast if you give them a tiny little tip from a more experienced player. and they tend to benefit off that tip, too lol :rolleyes:

11-29-2003, 09:29 PM
yeah, the engine can support 64 players, but its not recommended that you pass over 32 (bandwisth, FPS) i mean, theres a big difference in ping and FPS from 10 players to 32. Not to mention, every player would have a lightsaber, 1 saber doesnt take up that much of your resources, but 32 saber clashing together will, the jk2 and ja have a LOT of eye candy...

11-30-2003, 02:52 AM
I guess the other part for me is that it still just feels really twitchy and quakish. So much of it seems like button mashing that it's hard to get into it. I like a more thought out battle, personally, and I wish we could have slower fights. Sadly, the eye candy factor wins out over intelligent fighting, it seems (by design, anyway), and you end up with much of the same from what we had before.

The other thing that frustrated me was that, when starting a game against bots, I couldn't figure out how the hell to set the CVARs so that the sabres would be lethal in one or two hits and such.