View Full Version : Having troubles with installation

11-28-2003, 09:50 PM
whenever I try to install JO I get a message asking if I'm shure I want to uninstall the game. what gives?

11-28-2003, 10:38 PM
well, then say yes, uninstall it ;) :whtsmile:

11-29-2003, 12:11 AM
ive had that problem as well. i found that i can run it off the cd. go to your Cd drive and right click and open not autorun then gamedata/gamedata and play JOMP or JOSP. the problem with that is u cant put mods/skins/ect. i put it on a different comp i had so yeah. hope it works. good game :)

11-29-2003, 01:23 AM
I tried that but I ended up getting a error message that says something about not being able to open gl subscreen. Any suggestions? O and it is a good game isnt it :cool:

11-29-2003, 11:39 AM
Did you try emailing tech. Support? Sometimes they have fixed my game problems but not always. But give it a try. What do you have to lose?