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11-29-2003, 11:44 PM
The first 2D StarWars Wargame Mod is ready to download on alpha version.

It is the readme file and some screenshots with the new uniforms by Karboy6.

Close Combat V SW Alpha Mod 1.01 by Nomada_Firefox :

It has been the most difficult mod that I have done, it changes many things of the Close Combat V. As you can read it is a Alpha version, I have tested it many times but it can have errors and crash sometimes (it never has not crashed me).
About mod the beta and final versions will have more changes, if you have a good idea, please put it on www.firefoxccmods.com or www.clannomada.com forums.

You need these things to run the mod.
CC5 full installation
Unofficial CC5 patch 5.1 or 5.01

CC3 Maps neccesary:

And these 3 maps from CC SW Mod, you can download them www.firefoxccmods.com or www.clannomada.com (game can run only with cc3 original maps if you have Kharkov1, Kharkov2, Moscow1, Moscow2, Korsun1, Korsun2, Kursk2, Kursk3, Lvov1, Izyum1 but I recomend try the first 3 CC SW maps).
Abridon Map B - Imperial Base = Lvov1 modified
Tatooine Map A - Tatooine Corvette Assault = Kursk3 modified
Tatooine Map B - Tatooine AnchorChain Town = Kursk2 modified

CC5 Plugin manager.
Unzip the CC SW zip file on plugins folder from you CC5 plugin maganer.
Runs CC5 Plugin Manager, install mod.

Mod runs with CC5 original maps but I have not tested them with SW units.
There are only 9 battlegroups by side, if you want to do new battles, you must select them on game editor screen but I have not tested the other battlegroups on game.


Data, Graphics, Sounds, part of the maps by Nomada_Firefox
Soldier Uniforms by Karboy6

Many graphics, sounds and data are from these games, comics, books and more:
SW Books >> Data.
SW Comics >> Data.
SW Galactic Battlegrounds >> Sounds, Graphics and Data.
SW Force Commander >> Sounds, Graphics and Data.
SW Shadows of the Empire >> Sounds.
Jedi Knight >> Data, Sounds and Graphics.
Jedi Outcast >> Data, Sounds and Graphics.
Total Annhilation SW Mod >> Graphics.

Probably there are more but I can not remember all.

Thanks to all CloseCombat players and web sites.

Special Thanks to Atomic Games by to do my favourite game and to George Lucas by to my favorite saga.


Darth Homer
11-30-2003, 01:31 AM
umm, you already posted a thread about this...you coulda put this info into it...one or both of these threads is gonna be closed...just a warning...

correction, there are 2 previous threads...

12-01-2003, 09:11 PM
Very cool! I love the Close Combat games, I'm going to be getting this mod for the fifth one for sure. Excellent job man. :D

12-02-2003, 05:37 PM

umm, you already posted a thread about this...you coulda put this info into it...one or both of these threads is gonna be closed...just a warning...
Sorry but the previews post that you say are very different, they were only information about the mod, one from many days ago and other from moths ago. This was very different.