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11-30-2003, 08:08 AM
Hey all.

I wanted to discuss a project im doing and hopefully share comments and suggestions .

let me describe myself. im darth doughnut. ive most recently done quite a few sabers. (however its been a month since i uploaded my hilt pack to jk2files and it still isnt up )

im VERY VERY new to mapping.. but ive tinkered enough to know basics.. i have an active imagination.. 1001 ideas in my head.. and i need to get them out.. one of these ideas is Total Jedi War (tentitive title)

Now.. everything on here isnt set in stone... i have permission to ask for a few things to use.. and am looking for opinions and help .. i want this one to be widly loved and used.

im set in stone that this map WILL be a city type map.. typical ugly tall buildings.. textured lightly (to keep FPS high) i dont want it to look too detailed for the fact that this map WILL be huge...

There are 2 bases.. one on each side of the city.. each with a power core deep inside..

Each base will have hand turrents, jet packs, ATST walkers, Swoop bikes, Rideable animals, and (with hope) Kensai's Mini Tie Fighters. (if theres anything else you think should be added please tell me)

the basic of the map is to get into enemys base... destroy the Protection Door Guarding the power core... and then.. destroy the power core.
i am not going to make it easy eather.. i want the power core to rack the team up about 100 pts.

so in a way its like a cross between CTF and Seige.. except theres no flag.. and no SET objective.. just be the team with the most points at the end.

there will be a few hidden rooms in the building windows.. making accessable some items.. like larger weapons. however most of the weapons and health will be stored at the bases to make things fair.

im making it for use with weapons cause it wouldnt seem fair going up against all the atsts, ships and such with only a light saber.. things would get done too quick. so its ment for weapon play!

i do plan on adding a duel platform for the ones that feel they need to whipout a saber without having to be bothered by weapons (use the Dual chalange if you REALLY want thist o happen) other wise.. no rules. unless something seriously lame comes up.. then ill fix it LOL

ok.. enough of the description.....
heres the things i need to solve !

1. Lighting... i dont wanna add light entities... shadows slow down FPS. so i need to know how to make the default gamma lighting high..

2. The sky.. ive tried so much to get that damn sky to work.. i tried using the texture.. it didnt work.. i tried using. "SKY" .. dont work..
can someone detail this process out to me so i can add a skybox to my map??

3. Setting a point value to a destructable item/wall ! how do i do it? is there a way to do it???

4. a list of all vehicles ... i know there are a few different type of swoops.. can someone give me a list?

5. Rocket packs.. how do you make them accessable in the map?

6. rancor in a sewer drain area under a bridge.... do you think that would be cool? like 2 bridges going over a stone trench where water would drain (no water in trench)

please Give me comments and suggestions and if i use them ill add you on the list of credits and thanks..

please help me make this map the god of all fun maps

:mob: :explode: :blaze6:

11-30-2003, 04:16 PM
Sounds like a great level(i'll keep an eye out for it), but sorry i cant awnser any of your mapping questions. Try the Editing Forums. Maybe some1 there can help.