View Full Version : please help with new server

12-01-2003, 02:13 AM
hey me and some friends are just started a server for jk III and need some help.... first of all on other servers when u fall/jump a long distance or sit in fire or whatever u dont take dmg.. but im our server u do... how do i change that ? and on some servers u can jump on walls and stick to them till u let go... but on ours it makes u jump off like right away how do u change that as well ?? and are there admin mods for academy? cuz when we run the server we cant give other ppl admin either unless we go to the dedicated server box and thats a pain.. i know theres a way to just use the password right? and are there anything to protect against hacks/cheats??? help me plz lol sorry its hard to describe what i want but i just got this.. i did play outcast and had a server but that was a while ago