View Full Version : Modeling & Skinning job

12-01-2003, 11:18 AM
Yea, I had this idea that I posted on JK2forums. It wasn't getting much attention, and then someone suggested to post it here...so I WILL! I'm just bout copying and pasting it so yea...

Yea, I have this idea I want done. It'll end up being bout..12 different models. I don't want modding tutorials, or programs. I don't want skinning tutorials or programs. I can find them myself. I'm asking someone else to take this lil job upon themselves. Now, if you're actually interested, you'd be messing with the jawa and the 3 eye'ed alien dude. First off, the easier part, I think, is just reskinning the 3 eyed dude. Do 2 different ones. One with black darker clothes, making him look like a sith. Also, make his skin, really pale, like corpse pale-ness. The other skin, would have white clothes. I'm just goin off like, basic. I still would like detail, and what-not of course. then there's team colors. Pale skin, wit team colors. Next, is the jawa. I basicly just need a black robe, with red eyes, but add an eye. Three eyes ya know. And a white robe, with 3 red eyes. Plus team colors. That's 8 so far. Then, I'm not sure how one would do this, but that's why I'm asking someone else to do it, but make it so the hood is down, and have the 3-eyed guy's head sticking out of the robe. Make sure his skin is pale, just like the original. Do a white robe, and a black robe version. Plus team colors. as far as the hands go, you could mess wit em for the hood down version, so it's the dude's hands and not the jawa hands. OH YEA! Try doin the sounds close to the 3-eyed guys. If someone is actually gonna accept this like..request and do it, please tell me. If you can pull it off, I'll be like yea! I can't really pay you or anything..you just get the satisfaction of knowing that some dude is only gonna be using that skin when he goes online. So yea! I bow down to anyone that can do this!