View Full Version : Downloading Files From www.jediknightii.net/files

12-02-2003, 03:10 PM
Whenever I try to download any files from www.jediknightii.net/files I just get a "Page cannot be displayed" error page.

What can I do?

12-02-2003, 05:58 PM
Well if refresh doesn't work, ur in trouble. Try again at a later time. Sometimes i get that too.

12-02-2003, 06:08 PM
IIRC, their file server has been down for months. Try looking at pcgamemods.com or jk2files.com and see if you can find what you are looking for there.

12-10-2003, 11:44 PM
www.jediknightii.net is completely dead. It's been dead for months, and there is very little hope of it returning. R.I.P., jediknightii.net :(

12-11-2003, 01:56 AM

get your updates there.

12-12-2003, 01:05 PM
i downloaded something from jediknightii.net just the other day. Its not down, i think.

12-12-2003, 01:10 PM
it just depends... but since its down sometimes.. and up sometimes, i dont go their anymore. :( too bad, i liked that site too :(

12-12-2003, 07:12 PM
Jediknightii.net is up right now and has been up pretty much continuosly (except for an odd outage or two) since JK.net was launched.

Granted, we want people to visit JediKnight.net and LucasFiles.com for files and news on the Jedi Knight Series now, but the old site remained up because it had so much old content on it.

As of a few days ago I've gotten complaints that people can't get files from jediknightii.net files section like they could before.

I just tried it a minute ago and was unable to download the ackbar skin.

I don't know what has become of the files or if this is just a temporary outage. Since I have nothing to do with the files over there I've asked the site owners and my fellow staffers. Maybe somebody will post and fill you in.

In the meantime about all I can say is try another site. You won't find every single file but a lot of them on the other major download sites for now.