View Full Version : Making a sprite with ShaderEd?

12-03-2003, 04:25 AM

I'm trying to make a sprite for use as a particle in EffectsEd. I'm trying to make a sakura (cherry blossom) which will be generated by an emitter when a saber I'm making hits an opponent. I have the emitter part of it working fine, but I'm having problems with the sprite. I made a quick sprite in Photoshop, and cut out the parts i needed transparent, and saved it as a png. However, in EffectsEd, when adding just a texture, the transparent area shows up as white or black. I've tried adding alpha channels as well, and tried also as a jpg or tga with no success. I think I'm supposed to use ShaderEd to convert the sprite into a full shader effect, but ShaderEd always gives me an error when I try to add an image to a shader. What can I do here? Basically I just need a clip map around the parts of the sprite that won't be seen, but I'm lost as to how to do it. Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Nevermind - turns out that while EffectsEd doesn't display alphas, they will work in-game fine.