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Amidala from Chop Shop
12-04-2003, 06:04 PM
Moderators, please don't move this thread to the Dedicated Server Forum where few will see it. It's a community issue, not a technical issue.

Abstract/Executive Summary:

Server admins running "FFA dueling" servers can help reduce unwanted visits by disruptive players ("lamers") by taking the following steps:

-- including phrases such as "DUELING ONLY, NO FFA!" in the server name (sv_hostname)
-- using the MOTD (message of the day) to tell players the most important server rule (g_MOTD)
-- using only dueling maps instead of Free For All maps

It seems to me that a lot of conflict in the community arises from a simple misunderstanding: players joining a server that is listed as Free For All and that is running a Free For All map (mp/ffa1, mp/ffa2, etc.), and fighting the players they find there as they normally would on a Free For All server, only to find they have stumbled upon a "FFA dueling" server that is using the FFA game type and FFA maps for dueling. The disruptions that these "lamers" cause lead to "honor codes" and the adminmods necessary to enforce them. By taking a few simple steps, operators and admins of "FFA dueling" servers can minimize the confusion and misunderstanding that lead to these intrusions, and thereby reduce the "laming" problem on their servers.

The server should be clearly labeled in the server name as a "FFA dueling" server. Including phrases such as "DUELING", "FFA DUELING", or "DUELING ONLY, NO FFA!" in the server name would help clarify the true nature of the server. My servers are named "Chop Shop INCREASED SABER DAMAGE" so hopefully no one who comes to one of my servers is suprised to discover that lightsaber damage is increased (although some still ask "how come I die so easily?"). If you are running a server called "XYZ Server",
simply change
seta sv_hostname "XYZ Server" to
seta sv_hostname "XYZ Server^3--^1DUELING ONLY, NO FFA!^3--" to get
or use something similar.

Use the Message of the Day (MOTD) to explain whatever is the single most important server rule. Example:

Lastly, use Dueling maps instead of Free For All maps. Some FFA players choose servers by the map that is being played, the number of players, and the ping. True FFA players are much less likely to go to a server running a Dueling map than to a server running a FFA map. Not only that, but surprise surprise, Dueling maps are better than FFA maps for dueling! Yes, I know that sometimes FFA maps make good "FFA dueling" maps (ffa_bespin Bespin Streets in JK2, mp/ffa5 Taspir in JA), and sometimes Dueling maps make good FFA maps (duel_temple Ceremonial Temple in JK2, mp/duel6 Yavin Training Grounds in JA), but in general, FFA maps are designed for Free For All game play, and Dueling maps are designed for dueling and are better for dueling. Dueling maps are simpler and more compact, with fewer spawn points, so it is easier for duelers to find each other, yet there is enough room for those waiting to duel to stand and watch. Most Dueling maps have enough room for more than one duel to take place at the same time. There are no weapons or explosives lying around for "lamers" to use.

To use Dueling maps in the FFA game type, you simply need to create a custom map rotation. I have included a partial server configuration file with a custom map rotation that changes dueling maps once per hour. If you only want to stay on one favorite map, simply set that map as the first map, set the timelimit at 0 and the fraglimit at 0, and the map will never change.

seta sv_hostname "XYZ Server^3--^1DUELING ONLY, NO FFA!^3--"

seta g_gametype "0"
seta g_automapcycle "0"
seta fraglimit "0"
seta timelimit "60" //change this to 0 and the server will stay on the map it started with

set d01 "map mp/duel1;set nextmap vstr d02"
set d02 "map mp/duel2;set nextmap vstr d03"
set d03 "map mp/duel3;set nextmap vstr d04"
set d04 "map mp/duel4;set nextmap vstr d05"
set d05 "map mp/duel5;set nextmap vstr d06"
set d06 "map mp/duel6;set nextmap vstr d07"
set d07 "map mp/duel7;set nextmap vstr d08"
set d08 "map mp/duel8;set nextmap vstr d09"
set d09 "map mp/duel9;set nextmap vstr d10"
set d10 "map mp/duel10;set nextmap vstr d01"

//the next line sets the first map that will be used
vstr d01

If server operators and admins who are running "FFA dueling" servers follow the suggestions, there will be fewer of the misunderstandings that lead to the unwanted intrusion of "lamers", who I believe are often simply players looking for a Free For All game and are misled into going to a server that is listed in the server browser under Free for All, and that is running a FFA map, but is in reality a "FFA dueling" server. If any "FFA dueling" server operators are willing to follow these suggestions, I would be happy to provide technical advice, including writing or editing server configuration files and custom map rotations, to help make it happen. I can be reached using the Private Message function of this forum.