View Full Version : More Hilts and More Hilts DX - Back in Action

12-08-2003, 03:29 PM
Well, now that I've successfully replaced my hard drive, AndroidBob and I will be getting back to work on "More Hilts" and "More Hilts DX". Now, we've been getting alot of e-mails requesting hilts, and we've included some of those requests, but here's what I want to know. Does anybody out there want to join the "More Hilts"/"More Hilts DX" team and help out with production of the mod? We're hoping some of you will be good enough to join. Hopefully, we'll get a modeler so we can include some exlcusive hilts we've been trying to design...

Anyways, those interested should send e-mail to: Dark_Kateria@yahoo.com
with the subject heading "More Hilts"/"More Hilts DX" application. Please tell us what kind of skills you have, and we'll base our acceptance of what we can find out.
Also, those of you of AIM can attack me with that info by IMing me at: Darkseide2.

Well, I'm going to get back to studying for finals now, so have fun everybody...