View Full Version : Soul Reaver anyone?

12-09-2003, 12:01 PM
Yea! I've seen the solid form of the soul reaver floating around in weapon mods. I had a really nice idea, that I know I can't pull off, so I'm here at the requests forums. It would be cool if someone could make the actual soul reaver, the reaver blade version. As far as the color goes, it would change depending on what you picked, changing the entire blade color. That would make it more like it was in the actual games. If someone could also try making a mod so you wield it right, not by the handle, but as if it was jetting out of one's hand. Another cool idea, would be to make both Kain and Rhaziel! Just think, you could do Kain, then for team colors, change the color of his flag thing, and also the symbol, so it represented another clan. Then for Rhaziel...making an entire model for him, and doing it right, with the eyes and everything, would be cool to start with. Then getting team colors, is just even more awsome. As far as the clan flag thing...if someone responds to this, I can help look into what clans may be usable for red and blue, and their symbols. I hope someone takes up this request, I think it would be cool!

Miko Reglia
12-09-2003, 10:46 PM
here we go again...lol

yeah itd be cool, except this has been requested like 3 times allready, lol, but its all cool, i guess...just shows a lotta people want it i guess:D

12-10-2003, 03:43 AM
:cool: I can honestly say that, yes, it is possible. Now that I've got Fists of Fury out (ex: http://members.rogers.com/covax/flamefist.jpg ) it's quite possible to do funky energy effects as weapons, and with the 'Claws' from the melee mod we know that you can properly wield a blade pointed straight.

I'll attempt to, no promises since I'm not a Legacy of Cain fan, create something similar. Best thing would be is someone makes a blade model w/ a transparent shader + the energy effetcs.