View Full Version : Help Stop Admin Abuse! Cast your vote against AMlaming in Xmod2!

12-09-2003, 10:03 PM

Hex and company over at =X= team, makers of Xmod2 for JA have decided to put up a poll to see what the community thinks.

Do expanded "admin functions" like slapping, sleeping, slaying and teleporting really benefit the game or are they prone to abuse and should be taken out of Xmod2?

"Amlaming" practically ruined gameplay in Jedi Outcast, and made playing on public servers a real chore for anyone who just wanted to play, rather than put up with bullying. Now with the zeal of some mod authors to add these same abuse-prone commands to the new game... it's all set to start the ruin of Jedi Academy.

Let's not let that happen!

Let me remind everybody that if you want to amslap people in JA there are currently three mods you can do that in... JA+ Mod (which also features flip kicks), OmniMod and Xmod2.

The author of the famous Jedi Academy Mod for JK2 has removed abusive admin functions from his JA Reloaded mod for JA (except for Sleep, which he insisted was necessary).

So cast your vote!

Update: 4 people voted against AMLaming abuse, 6 in favor of it. Let's go!

Don't let the "honor d00ds" and bullies win the day! Show your support for ending the ADMIN ABUSE that is encouraged by amlaming!

01-20-2004, 03:56 PM
Update: As many of you now know Hex has wisely chosen (due in part to the large response against amlaming brought to his attention) to remove the abusive "amlaming" commands from recent versions of Xmod2.

In their place he has created an optional "automated honor system" that successfully allows people to setup "no laming" servers (ie: dueling where you can stand idle with your saber off for 15 seconds making it so you're safe from being stabbed in the back while you type but prevents people exploiting it to become invulnerable in an all out battle).

Hopefully other "admin mods" (I'm thinking of JA+ Mod and OmNi Mod here) both for JA and JK2 will follow the lead of Hex and =X= and remove the abusive commands in favor of the new innovative system that is not nearly as abuse prone and easy to turn on/off!

Thanks for showing your support, those of you who voted against admin abuse!

Together we can take back the community and end the bullying and pettiness that certain admins have used to ruin the game experience in the past.