View Full Version : PA on Ahazi !RECRUITING!

12-10-2003, 03:19 AM
Hello all! Well, just the basics here.

Name: Mesric Fellowship
City Name: *Due to limitations on the # of cities, do not have one at the moment.*
Location: Right by the Squill Caves, Tatooine, Ahazi Server
Number of Members: We have approximatly 20-30 members at the moment, haven't counted lately.
Contact for more info: Seib or Etab. If they aren't on check with Ooglash, Ultran, or Leirn to learn about it or get exact waypoints.
Faction: Imperial

*Note* I'm not an officer or even in charge of recruiting, just thought I'd put the info out there for people who are looking for PAs to join.

We're hoping on being the first PA City on Tatooine to have a Shuttleport (unrealistic, but ya have to have goals), and quickly add a cloning facility, IMP terminals, and Bazaars and Banks, as well as public crafting stations.