View Full Version : some queries about shaders

12-12-2003, 04:18 PM
Wondering if any of u guys could help me with a problem, just started out with using radiant for first time, and have trauled the net for tutorials, Found RichDiesals web site and has helped a great deal, All goin great but for 1 problem... skies..

I have added a sky shader texture to a brush, and I get the Checkerboard texture or the 'sky sky sky' texture in the editor.. all good so far.. after compiling and testing the level tho, it is just displaying a plain yellow color on the walls / roof's i have added the sky shader too, it works like a sky, shots dont hit it etc, it is just not displaying the image for that shader.. I have tried all the sky shaders in the textures/skies, all with the same results.. On some of them (but not all) when compiling i get a Warning cannot find image for shader: shaders/skies/stars message.

I am probably not doing something incredibly basic, tho havn't been able to find any answers on the net.. any help would be much appreciatted

12-13-2003, 03:57 AM
Just tested my maps in multiplayer mode and the skies worked fine.. tho still get a flat yellow texture on all skies when i run in single player... is there something i need to do when compiling for a single player map, or a setting in radiant that sets as either sp or mp?