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12-17-2003, 12:45 PM
Anyone else here commute to college? If so, maybe you'll sympathize.

Was walking from the parking lot today. Had to battle to get a spot, as they haven't plowed out all the parking spaces yet (even though the snow stopped two days ago). But the dorm parking lots (where I'm not allowed to park) are practically snow free.

Walking along the footpath towards the main campus. It's raining. Ok, that's fine. But hey, look. Solid ice in the parking lot and on the footpath. Ever hear of sand? Salt? Anything grittier than ice? The rain certainly isn't doing anything. And anything that wasn't covered in ice was covered in 6 inches of slush.

So of course my socks are wetter than my hair at this point. And then I fall, right as I walk out onto the main walkway. So everyone there can see it. Everyone basically consisted of two girls, but still, it was embarassing. Now I have a wet knee and a raging headache from my head whipping when my foot slid.

I make it to class without any further incident, but I can't help but notice that the paths leading from the dorms are crystal clear. Hell, there was a guy scraping snow off of it when I walked past. Meanwhile, commuters are buying ice-shoes for the 10 minute walk from the parking lot!

Doesn't seem right. We don't pay thousands in dorm fees, so we're suddenly less entitled to fair treatment?

12-17-2003, 03:17 PM
I can sympathiize with ya, but not in the sense of walking n the snow (no snow where I live :) ). But I can in the sense of driving there, because of all THE BAD DRIVERS HERE IN LV!!! :mad:, they cut me off left and right, when Im going just over teh speed limit(65 so I'm not exactly going slow). But that's not the half of it, about 3 times a week, the old folks home gets to walk down the street to any store they want to buy stuff from(figured it out when I saw to old ladies fighting over a nice new rug :p). And anyways all 30 or so of them walk down the side walk at a pace that a turtle could challenge, but get this they all walk through the entrance :(. yeah i waited a good 5 minutes before I could pull in once. So theres my commute, pretty much sucks.