View Full Version : Saber Throw and Player Roll

12-18-2003, 12:07 AM
Dear Community,

I have been playing h3x's mod for some quite time

Part 1 - Saber throw is ridicoulous with setting at sv_nopullthrow 0 - i see you can set it at 2, but it messes this up totally. I have posted a thread on lucas forums about this issue.

The damage scale for the throw is too high, and cant be changed. I have tried messing with all settings, but none are good. I guess you must have to change the code in the game, but that is beyond me and a lot of people. How can we go about fixing this issue with the damage. On the previous version of h3x mod; h3x mastered this by the code and then setting it so the cvar could g_saberthrowdmg 30 or what ever number you wanted this. Is there any way you can fix this? Please I will keep bugging the programmers at lucas until they come up with a theory.

Part 2 - Roll. Why is roll so lamed now that might save the FC if he could roll more than 1ft in any direction with out rolling off something higher IE a legde he might survive. I mean you used to be able to roll like 5 ft or something this might a be a useful cvar setting

How can we as a community help the programmers and developer of these great mods and patches? Please figure out something thank you.

- the pro