View Full Version : Need to .map my .bsp (HELP PLEASE)

12-18-2003, 12:27 AM
I was making a map and lost all the ".map" and so on junk. But I still fortunately have the .bsp of it. SO here's the question, how can I convert the .bsp file into a .map file

12-18-2003, 12:39 AM
BTW, I used WinBSPC and got this error: "Sin_LoadBSPFile: odd lump size GetLastError() = 0" Can anyone help me out?

12-18-2003, 05:30 PM
Look for an autosave.map in your maps folder or a yourmapname.0 (or some other number) in the snapshots directory--rename the most recent to yourmapname.map and load. :)

01-14-2004, 06:18 PM
ive never tried it, but i hear BSP decompiling is reallly realllly nasty, and you end up with an almost unuseable map. but it would give you a template of sorts to remap it, sry tho, i dunno anything about it, hope for a backup ;)

Jedi Luke
02-07-2004, 11:15 AM
Yeah, all your entity info will be gone like that from the decompile.

Leslie Judge
02-10-2004, 07:33 AM
Fortunately I wrote a little tool which can give you the entity infos from the BSP file. You still have to redo them manually.

And... if you were using q3map2 to compile the map you totally lost misc_model and light entities.

The tool is accessible from my site. Clickie! (http://www.geocities.com/birolaszlo)

02-24-2004, 10:01 AM

You may be able to find an undelete program that can be used to retrieve deleted files from you hard disk. Provided it has not been overwritten.

I have one but I can't remember where I got it.

This has happend to me when I made the Dark Alliance however thanks to a undelete program I was able to retrieve old saves of my .map files.

Hope this helps!