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12-18-2003, 06:36 AM
Currently when you challenge someone to a duel and they accept - you are locked in that duel fighting it out, but you can be running all over the place (which can also be fun) - but my idea is to introduce a 2nd type of duel that would be possible....

In this type of duel - the players would face each other a few feet apart and they would be locked into that position, only having normal jump and crouch for movement. Specials would be removed (and maybe both players forced to normal or heavy stance).

The players could then make normal slashes/attacks using the primary attack button. To counter this, the alt. attack button would be used for defending.

Thus playing out a real duel of being able to attack/block. The control ideas would be simple - Eg. FWD+Attack = down slash as normal .... LEFT+Attack = right>left slash as normal etc... but the etc feature would then be the alt. attack button. Holding down FWD+Alt.Attack would hold a defense against down slash, and holding down LEFT+Alt.Attack would hold a defense against right>left slash etc...

For crouch/low attacks - people could jump (but not force jump) and for high attacks, people could duck.

Players would be locked in this position maybe for a max of one minute or until one wins.

This would introduce some skill, reflex and a really cool way of attacking/blocking like a true saber fight.

No new maps, textures or sounds would be necessary - only the animations to block an attack. The light saber sparks would fly!

Players - What do you think?
Modders - Could you make it?