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12-18-2003, 05:33 PM
Ok i have no problem setting up a server but the there is one thing winding me up. I have several different server configs which i start by using a shortcut to jamp, the thing is when i host a different config ther are still settings on it from the last session for example, the first one i set the g_password "pass"
and g_needpass 1 and when i load up a server with a different cfg with g_needpass 0 it is still set to 1 even tho it is 0 in cfg.
Also happens with bots, in one session i would have the minimum bots set to 3, have them set to 0 in my other cfg but they will load anyway. So was wondering if there is a command i could stick on the jamp shortcut to clear all previous settings in the last game. Cause i am getting wound up by deleteing jampconfig.cfg everytime, which of course clears my game settings. Would appreciate any help if anyone knows what i am going onabout.
Oh yeah nearly forgot something else, I also use a map rotation cfg set like this.

seta g_autoMapCycle "1"
seta m1 "map mp/ffa_bonus1 ; set nextmap vstr m2"
seta m2 "map mp/ffa_bonus2 ; set nextmap vstr m3"
seta m3 "map mp/ffa_bonus3 ; set nextmap vstr m4"
seta m4 "map mp/ffa_bonus4 ; set nextmap vstr m1"

vstr m1

Even tho i got those 4 maps set it still goes through all my maps i got, Also tried it with seta g_autoMapCycle "0" but still dont work. Weird.

12-21-2003, 05:25 AM
I am not sure if there is a specific "clear" command to use, but one thing I could recommend, although as a last resort, is to clone your jedi academy folder, or make a copy of it, and post into lucasarts folder, but call it like Jedi Knight Jedi Academy instead of its default "Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy" that way you can run a server based on the cfg that YOU want and it wont rely on previous settings of a config file. But check around the cmdlist and cvarlist and see if there is some command to clear out the JA memory cache or something, so that it relies on the settings ONLY found in the server.cfg file that you specify.

Amidala from Chop Shop
12-21-2003, 08:13 PM
Try "set" instead of "seta" on your map rotation (set m1 "map mp/ffa_bonus1 ; set nextmap vstr m2").

You can add cvars to the command line that clear cvars in jampconfig.cfg, like +set g_needpass "0" +set g_password "none" in the command line should clear old passwords.

12-26-2003, 03:42 PM
Ahh nice one all sorted now, cheers guys. So what is the difference beetween set and seta??
Also i had another question, i have my time limit set at 20 mins, but if at the end of the timelimit with a couple of bots in there, the map wont change unless someone go's in and clicks ready. Is there a command so i can make the bots be auto ready or something like that? Thanks

12-26-2003, 05:39 PM
No, unfortunately, there is no fix available to be able to force the map to go onto the next map until a human player joins. I have spoken to a few at Raven, and they said ti all has to do with the game engine physics themselves. So, you, like the rest of us, are stuck with that dilemma.