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12-22-2003, 04:00 PM
Due to varying degrees of inactivity, TeamWarfare has chosen that the TDM 2 v 2, 4 v 4 and Sabers 2 v 2 ladders will be shut down. The CTF 4 v 4 has been closed to new challenges.

In their place, a series of POWER ladders will be born. Here are the details of those ladders:

The basic premise of these ladders is a more flexible style for teams that want organized game-play, but don't want the stress of holding a rank.

The ladder's main features include:

Multiple Challenges:
Teams can have an infinite number of pending challenges.

Challenge Range:
Teams can challenge up OR down the ladder, depending on a max rating differential. (ie their opponent must be within XXX rating points [sysadmin configurable per ladder])

Ability to Decline / Retract Challenges:
Without admin intervention, teams can kill a pending match

Rating vs Rank:
This ladder runs of a modified Elo rating system for ranking teams. All teams start with a rating of 1000. As they progress, they gain and lose points based off their opponents rating. The formulas for this are as follows:
WinnerRating = WinnerRating + (LoserRating * (TeamsOnLadder / 2) / WinnerRating)
LoserRating = LoserRating - (LoserRating * (TeamsOnLadder / 2) / WinnerRating)

Example: On a 50 team ladder, a Team Monkeys (Rating: 1100) plays Team Pandas (Rating: 900).
If Team Monkeys Lose:
Team Monkeys Rating = 1100 - (1100 * ((100 / 2) / 900)) = 1039
Team Pandas Rating = 900 + (1100 * ((100 / 2) / 900)) = 961

If Team Pandas Lose:
Team Monkeys Rating = 1100 + (900 * ((100 / 2) / 1100)) = 1141
Team Pandas Rating = 900 - (900 * ((100 / 2) / 1100)) = 859

Match Communications

Flexible Map Selection:
With the maps configured by the admin, the teams will be presented with the maps in a drop down that can be changed infinitely. Once again, no admin intervention is neccessary, if not agreement can be reached, either team can nullify the match.

These specifications are subject to change without warning.

Now, what we need is a good number of teams that are pretty active on the ladders in order to keep them alive. These ladders are vital to keep up, otherwise there won't be any sabers ladders

The ladders are =X= Mod CTF 4v4 and TDM 4v4. You can challenge and play as many matches as you want each day, so there is no problem with the old way of challengeing, accepting, and waiting for a week to play.

Please please please, I implore you to go around to any clansite you know and post this; grab four people and come sign up. You will likely lose at first but that is how you learn. That is how my team learned.

If there are any questions feel free to email me (rumor@teamwarfare.com) or drop me a line in IRC in #teamwarfare on any of the following networks: Progameplayer, EnterTheGame, GamesNet, QuakeNet, Dynamix.

12-23-2003, 03:45 PM
Update: Power ladders are now live, and the player # rating has been removed.

as skeeter (twl staff) put it:

tell u what..

we'll drop the 4v4 or 6v6 designation entirely from the ladders. This format allows for teams to arrange for any match-specific settings that they can arrange with the other team. If you and your opponent want to play 6v6, go for it.. 8v8? great! 4v4? that's just fine! try to work it out in match comms and if an agreement can't be reached, simply retract the challenge.

12-23-2003, 11:27 PM
Yea seriously, for those of you who really want jk3 to live, we should improve and expand the competitive community.

12-24-2003, 11:59 PM
Signing up is good, but ppl then have to play too :D