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12-23-2003, 11:26 PM
Hi :)

I'm Co-Guild Leader for PGC/Praetorian Galactic Corp on Scylla Server. We are a Rebel guild Allied with Sydi. Our player city is located on Talus and our commerce area is on Corellia about 1k outside Tyrena.

PGC is comprised of folks who originally came from DAOC/Bedevere/Albion and have played online together for a long time. We average in age around 30 yrs old but have a few members in their teens up to the 50s. We play honorably and take care of our guildmates like family. We do not recognize L33t wannabes or d00ds....we expect our members to speak in a respectful and mature manner to each other.

Becoming a member of PGC is not difficult...
Set up a meeting with a recruiter or Guild Leader to chat
Group with our members and get to know them
Meet our Alliance members

Once ya do that, we'll give you the guild tag for a couple weeks...during which time you:
Speak in guild chat and continue getting to know our members.
Become an integral part of our team.
Register on our forums and become an active user

After this period of up to 2 weeks....you will be granted full guild access and perks.

Come look us up...we're a lotta fun :D