View Full Version : StarWars battle grounds clonecampanes cheats

SITH 1000
12-25-2003, 02:41 AM
One of the cheats is (simonsays) it alows you to have a killer ewok :ewok: . The ultimate cheat is(that's no moon) it alows you to get the Death Star!:deathstar . Also there's a cheat that lets you not see the foug(forcesight):eek: There's another cheat that lets you see the hole intire map(forceexplore):x-wing: And a really cool one is(forcebuild) it alows you not to what for your buildings to get made:cool: Find other cheats and codes to your games at http://www.cheatcc.com sponsered by http://tjlegomanpw.proboards19.com/
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