View Full Version : Heeelp! im stuck! on map called t1 fatal

12-25-2003, 11:58 PM
the quest is:
1) Disable the 5 bombs the imperials have placed(completed this)
2) return to your ship.(heres my problem)

I cant get back to my ship. door that leads to ship closes in the beginning at the mission. I have killed all enemies on the map. Think it may be a bug? . theres a place where theres like a brige leading over to a mountain - loks a bit like when you enter a plane in an aeroport. When i walked to the end however the door is closed....
what am i doing wrong? is it a bug??

The Seeker
12-26-2003, 01:14 AM
Yes, it's a bug. That is, if you disabled all five bombs. For some reason, there is a certain order to disable the bombs in even though it isn't stated in the mission briefing.

So, to get out the door to your ship. Open your console by holding shift and ~ then type helpusobi 1 and press enter. After that, type noclip and press enter. Close the console, and you will be able to walk through the door. Once on the other side, open the console and type noclip again to disable the effect, and get to your ship.

One note, when disabling noclip, make sure that you arent in a wall or the ground, or you won't be able to move after.

However, if you don't want to use a cheat code, then restart the mission. After you look through the surveylance cams in that first room where Jaden says "They're gonna blow up the plant" or something. When you go through the door that the stormies come through, you have the choice to go up a ramp where trip mines block your path, or go left through a door.

Go left through the door and disable the four bombs that follow. After that, go back to the place where the trip mines block your path, blow them up, and disable the remaining bomb that way.

Don't know why, but the door opens when you do it that way.

12-27-2003, 05:55 AM
I think I'm going to have to disagree with JediKnight_114 here, not about it being a bug, but rather how to solve the problem. It doesn't matter which order you defuse the bombs in, only that you exit the complex through the door opposite the one that opened up to the first two stormtroopers. In other words, instead of backtracking through the hallway of fire and steam, don't cross the bridge connecting the platforms over the canyon, instead continue straight. You should find yourself in a room that explodes when you enter and an officer and his accompanying four stormtrooper escorts enter and begin shooting at you. Kill the officer, grab his key, and exit the room through the door behind him, leading to a long hallway with a cloaked commando at the end. Kill him, use the key on the door, and exit back into the first room of the building. Exit left and return to your ship.