View Full Version : New JA Ladders

12-27-2003, 11:14 AM
Hi, just to inform everyone of our ladder relaunches. Our full force duel ladder now runs the new xmod2 modification, fixing some of the bugs Raven didn't fix, aswell as adding extra features to the game. Join up now at our Full Force Ladder (http://www.provinggrounds.com/ladder.cfm?ladder=181) .

Our No force ladder is running any mod at the duellers wish. Once you have matched, both duellers can agree to play on any server. As long as both duellers agree to this, servers running a mod are included. Join up now at our No Force Ladder (http://www.provinggrounds.com/ladder.cfm?ladder=180) .

Finally, for the ctf players, after relaunching our new xmod saber only ctf ladders, we have updated various settings. The map selection now encorporates 3 old JK2 ctf maps: Bespin, Streets and Yavin. Each team picks one map and the defending team is allowed to choose a third map. The final score of all caps after all 3 maps defines the winning team. In the event of a tie (after all 3 maps), the third map (or any other mutually agreed map) is to be played and a 'golden cap' rule where the first team to score will define the winner.

Team sizes are defaulted at 5v5 although larger teams can be used if both teams agree. We recommend a team of 6 for the newer, larger maps and a team of 5 for the old maps.

Server settings are to be agreed with each team (such as ptk etc). If both teams agree on a setting, that setting can be played, however, in the event of a dispute, the default settings as seen in the rules section must be played. Join now at our s/o ctf Ladders (http://www.provinggrounds.com/ladder.cfm?ladder=185)

We hope you can show your support at Proving Grounds (http://www.provinggrounds.com) and please feel welcome to suggest any alterations.
As more and more player signup, a tournement in JA can also take place, with the possibility of a cash prize or a free server rental. The future is yours!