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12-29-2003, 04:28 AM
Well, this mod started out as just me trying to achieve a more intense game experience for our lan games here. However I got caried away sorta and this has pretty much turned into a full blown mod. I never originaly planned on releasing this except that me and my friends have been haveing so much fun playing it and it is becoming less and less like JK2.

Most of the point of this mod is to go for realism in the combat. All of the weapons are truely lethal now, and guns are particularly deadly if you are accurate as headshots usually kill if you have no shielding or other protection. For the most part I think I have the gameplay balance ironed out. I have found a nice balance where you can die in a heartbeat with one wrong move, but yet long drawn out battles still occur often enough, and when they do it is much more intense because it doesn't happen EVERY time.

The other thing I want to address with this mod is the two saber stances/fighting styles somewhat lousy handling of the second saber.

I am replaceing all the weapons, though this will be mostly a visual thing as I think the play balance is about perfect as I have it now.

All the sabers are becomeing swords, all the guns will be somewhat futuristic, but not like starwars guns - think realistic, not-to-distant-future type guns.

At this point most of what is done is play dynamics and even though visually it still looks alot like JK2 it feels like a different MP game now, and much less Q3/UT like. the mad circle strafing bunny hop technique won't be nearly as effective here as the weapons are so deadly it pays to move with caution and accuracy. Even as a Jedi you do NOT want anyone shooting at you. All the weapons are fun to use now and even the bryar pistols are deadly weapons. and they balance out well against the blades.

Now that I am at this point I think I actually want to take this project to the next level and begin active developement on it with a small team of people. As it is now it is very rough around the edges and not totaly user friendly. I am a graphic designer and I am not really that good with the really technichal aspects of this stuff so I could use some help to get this finished up and ready for the public.

I need someone who is comfortable mucking about with the animations and doing some swapping around.

I need someone who is good with code as there are a few things here and there which would really make this mod shine but which is just over my head (like changeing what the force powers do).

I can do all the weapon models and skin them but I could use some help getting them into the game.

If any skinners want to lend a hand we could do some custom skins to fit the theme - allthough this is the least important thing on my list, as the currently available skins/player models are not to out of context for the mod at all.

If your interested in helping out with this project you can reply here or email me at ultranash@hotmail.com

12-29-2003, 07:47 AM
So, how much have you actually done?

12-29-2003, 11:46 AM
well suffice it to say this is mostly not my work - it is bits and pieces taken from alot of different mods at this point, and I am in the process of getting permission to use all the various pieces. so it remains to be seen how much is done, hopefully an awefull lot. Bear in mind I started doing this without ever planning on releasing it, so at the time I wasn't to worried about getting permission. While it has taken a long time and a lot of trial and error getting all the pieces to work together it is really all the people who made the base mods here that did the real work, but most of them are dead projects now it would seem so I hope most of the authors will let me use their stuff, but if need be certain aspects of the mod could be redone.

I don't want to give a specific list of features at this point because I don't want to get in trouble for saying something is in the mod which I don't yet have permission to use.

The game play is pretty well irroned out, as it stands if I replace all the weapons (and I can do the models for that in a month or two tops) it will really be a very finished mod. I don't trust myself to do those models and be able to get them working in the game without so much frustration and wasted time that I give up before ever releasing the mod. I know I can do the models, if someone else can get them in the game for me then we got an initial release (pending permisions).

I am currently using a collection of realistic sword models from various weapon packs but these will also be replaced as part the weapons pack.

I want to basicly remove the force powers and replace them with a simple skill system, and this will be the next major step, and if anyone thinks they can handle that job then we will really have a great mod on our hands.

I like mods that totaly change the game, so it is like a whole different game, then they can breath new life into a good game, JK2 is a great game and has been a lot of fun but it is a little old now and alot of great mods have been made for it, most of them very similiar though and none to far from JK2 and most of it is unfinished and now people are leaving the game for newer games so I want to take a bunch of that great unfinished stuff and make something new out of it, except it will be very different from JK2 and most other games.

I think if some of us pitch in we can make a mod that will make people glad they hung on to their old JK2 disks because it won't just be more variations of JO/JA, it will be a different game.

12-30-2003, 12:11 AM
Well, anyway, this belongs in the editing requests forum.

12-30-2003, 02:32 PM
ok, sorry I posted it in the wrong forum then.
Thanks for all your help and support.
So I take it no one is interested in the least in seeing or playing this mod then.
OK, fine - I won't waste my time then. It is just kinda sad though because this mod is so fun to play allready - with a little help it would be incredible. So it is unfortunate that no one but people who play on my LAN will ever get to experience it.

I won't release it to the public as is though. People would not set it up right and then they would think it was no good because it wasn't set up right.


12-30-2003, 03:41 PM
What sort of setup changes do you need?

12-30-2003, 04:53 PM
well, one of the things is hilt selection - because the saber blade glows are gone, you can choose a setup that gives you an invisible blade, like choose a sword for a hilt model and a doublebladed saber for a weapon thus having an invisible saber blade sticking off the back of your sword. Ideally when you choose a double bladed saber you would be limited to a selection of staff and spear type hilts. This would also keep people from selecting staff and spear hilts to represent regular single bladed sabers, so people couldn't run around with two large polearms (even though they would behave just like two sabers it would look silly and misleading). Not sure how complex this would be to set up but it is certainly over my head.

there are a few animations I want to change that I cannot find in the animations.cfg - like the diagonal flips (jump back right, jump forward left, etc.) I have seen mods that changed these with just an animation.cfg but I can not figure out how they did it, all the jump and flip animations seem unchanged, they only changed the back right, and back left flip but I can not find where or how. I am in the process of majorly tweaking the animations.cfg file to make the off hand saber for dual sabers stances look better, and be more effective (currently you just don't swing that second saber very effectively). Most of what I am doing is trial and error though and it is very slow going, I know some people are much more familiar with the anim.cfg file and could probably make short work of this which would free me up to make all the weapon models.

I would like to switch around what the different classes have access to a little bit but I didn't make the base mods and I have no idea how they got the classes setup, most of what I want to change in this regard is minor and not essential at all, could be left for a future release.

But if no one wants to help out with this project we might as well forget it, I am not going to make it by myself - I wish that I could, but if I am honest about it I know that if I try to make this on my own I would spend lots of time on it and never finish it because my skills are mostly for modeling and skinning.

01-18-2004, 10:35 AM
Well, the saber selection issue can be easily handled with the .sab files.