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James Isaac
12-29-2003, 09:39 AM
I used to have all these cool random SCUMM hacking tools I downloaded from LucasHcks. But I can't find them anywhere now :(

There were SMUSH viewers, sound rippers and loads of other stuff. Is there anywhere else I can get that.

And also, on SCUMMRev, there was the article about how to get the patched version of Grim Fandango you can mess around with. Where is the article, and where is the file?

(PS. Is LucasHacks coming back?)

12-29-2003, 12:14 PM
ScummRev2 from Lucashacks (http://scumm.mixnmojo.com/)

AkosViewer from Lucashacks (http://scumm.mixnmojo.com/)

Costume Ripper from Lucashacks (http://scumm.mixnmojo.com/)

EMI Viewer 2.6, 3DO Viewer + SMUSH Player from GameFileFormats (http://gamefileformats.netfirms.com/)

Scumm Rev3 from me (http://quick.mixnmojo.com/files/ScummRevisited3.zip)

Scumm Rev 3 Fixed Annotations from
me (http://www.gorman.btinternet.co.uk/FixedAnnotations.zip)

CMI/Grim Debug Patch from me (http://quick.mixnmojo.com/files/CMI-GRIM debug.zip)

Inside the engine article here (http://web.archive.org/web/20010703012653/scummrev.mixnmojo.com/articles/inside.shtml)

Serge's VIMA Compressor from here (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=118462)

John_Doe's EMI Mesh Viewer from here (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=109864)

Resource File Creator And Dumper and Index File Viewer from me (http://quick.mixnmojo.com)

Scumm16 from me (http://www.gorman.btinternet.co.uk/scumm2d.zip)

James Isaac
12-29-2003, 01:26 PM
Great. Thanks

12-29-2003, 05:27 PM
I didn't know you finished off ScummRev3?! Wow!!!

12-29-2003, 06:00 PM
No no no! I'm just hosting the Alpha version that was released. The source to ScummRev3 was never released, it died in Serge's hd crash I think.

12-31-2003, 07:55 PM
Such a shame :( It's confusing because ScummRev3 is nothing more than a curiosity at the moment :( Does he have the source to SR2, maybe?

01-01-2004, 12:07 AM
Yes, the source to Scumm Rev2 has been released.

01-02-2004, 11:06 PM
Oooooooooh! *cough*updateit*cough*youknowyouwantto*cough

01-02-2004, 11:51 PM
I cant I'm afraid :)

01-03-2004, 09:00 PM
Why? Is it jinxed with an ancient voodoo curse?

01-03-2004, 09:11 PM
Loads of reasons, its damm hard, I dont have the time, someone else could do it better, it needs a load of obscure components to compile, etc. etc.

01-03-2004, 09:13 PM

01-06-2004, 02:38 PM
Also, SCUMMRev 2 actually used to crash the IDE whenever you compiled it. Oh yes, those were the days. The last 10 or so versions of it were compiled in the command line compiler. The source is the worst I've ever - not only written - but also seen.

Why finish SCUMMRev 3? Why not just use Scummex?

- Serge

01-07-2004, 12:47 AM
I've never even heard of Scummex! Where/who/how?!

~ John

01-07-2004, 01:28 AM
Its another project by the ScummVM team. A sort of open source ScummRev.

01-07-2004, 02:43 AM
I cannee find a trace of it their website! :(

01-07-2004, 07:00 AM
Originally posted by ThunderPeel2001
I cannee find a trace of it their website! :(

That's because we're evil lazy people. We have all kinds of wonderful cool things I never bother mentioning on the website... like Residual, ScummEX, and the famous VaporWare SCUMM compiler.

Anyway, seriously, ScummEX is only available from CVS in source form. Maybe if I actually spend the hours I've been meaning to and clean it up, we'll do a release or at least start doing snapshots.

01-08-2004, 12:04 AM
Go on, Ender, you know you want to :D