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Black Knight of Keno
12-30-2003, 11:18 AM
This doesn't need any story. You ar an MIB agent and you have a partner that can be another human(Like for example Topshot could be with Weiderudare).
Profile goes like this:
Agent name:
Car type: (Old Ford model or ne Mercedes-Benz model... Or maybe domething else)
Specials: (If you dont like car's you put here the bike model)
Name: Tepe Sercos
Agent name: Agent T(ee)
Car type: Quite old model of Ford
Specials: Bike that can transform into a hoverbike
"Agent T! Message from Zeta" Agent O shouted.
"Bring it here kid..." T answered and got a message from the boss. He then pushed a button on hius belt and his motorcycle drove next to him. He put the black helmet on his head and drove as ast as he could to the nearest subway station.

12-31-2003, 05:40 PM
Name: Apologetic Goeus
Agent name: Ap
Car type: Mercedes CLK-GTR
Specials: Car can become rocket/hover car


Agent Ap was walkin around MIB headquarters."Even after we watch all these aliens i dont get why we got to hold out on technology with the mormal people out there."
Zed nods"Well sport theres alot you dont,and or,wont know.Just blame the thing we call 'Plausible Deniability'"
"What ever just keep'm guess i guess.Although we shouldnt have left out info on the 60's crash."Ap walked away from Zed and then he heard.
"Just dont go blowing up anything again kid.We dont want to lose one of our top agents."
Ap smiled"Well im just gunna check on him again."And ap walked out of HQ.

He reached his car and drove off. He pulled next to a drain by the road.There a small flower stuck out."Ok i heard what you did to J and K now what was up with dat?"There was a quiet grunt."You remember our deal you eat all our organic garbage and you dont make scenes like what you just did."There was another grunt"Ok ok just keep low next time."

Black Knight of Keno
12-31-2003, 08:25 PM
T's bike transformed into hoverbike and he drove next to Jeff.
"What's up Jeff... I heard that you ate the subway that came here yesterday." Grunt. "You know that that's ellegal if you look at page 51, place 7.2, special exceptions place 12..." Another grunt. "Don't you dare move Jeff!" Three angry grunts and the mouth opened ready to swallow T. "Damn you! Bike. Weapon 2... Now!" T shouted and the bike's headlight opened and threw T a cannon. T loaded it and aimed at Jeff. "You know that is ellegal too. I'll count in three... one..." Angry grunt and Jeff moved towards T. "Two..." The bath breth of Jeff was smellable on T's nose. "Three..." Angry grunt and Jeff backed off.
"Good..." T sayd and pushed a button on the side of the cannon. It got little and T put it back to the headlight, climbing back to his bike.
He saw Ap when he was driving away from the subway.
"Hey! Ap! You got a new partner yet!?" T shouted and drove next to him. They were old buddies from training.

12-31-2003, 09:32 PM
"No my last one got off the leash and hangs around that old guy."*Sigh* "maby J knos somthing.HEY J!"
J turns around "Whats up!"
"You know anything about frank?"
"Dont worry just let him go he's a foo"
"True, well thats a negative then T"

Black Knight of Keno
12-31-2003, 10:53 PM
"Ok..." T sayd and gassed back to HQ.
"Zed... Culd i have Ap as my partner" T asked when he got to Zed's office.
"You should ask him first... But why the hell not..." Zed answered soon.