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12-31-2003, 11:08 PM
This is based on Jedi War (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=115573), except instead of the Jedi, the Sith are the main characters. You can be just about anyone: Normal soldier with guns, bounty hunter, mercenary, neutral Jedi, Jedi, Dark Jedi/Sith, or droid, for all I care. :p
Name: Kilmor Katarn
Occupation: Dark Jedi, apprentice of now-dead Jerec
Weapons: Red lightsaber, Dark Side of the Force
Bio: Kilmor is only 23. He started training at the Jedi temple since the age of 3, but when he turned 17, he had a disagreement with Master Yoda and left the Temple. He wandered as a bounty hunter for a while, slowly losing his force powers. Then he met Jerec, and became his apprentice. He witnessed the murder of his uncle, Morgan, and often tried to assassinate his cousin, Kyle. Finally, Jerec was killed, and Kilmor has devoted his life to avenging his master's death against the Jedi.
Kilmor woke and looked out the window. The sky was blood-red from the sunrise. He pulled on his black cloak and boots, hurrying out of his quarters for morning meal. He was currently living in the Sith temple, where the ancient Sith of legends used to live. This is where the Dark Jedi are currently staying to plan their attack against the Jedi.
Whenever he thought of the Jedi, Kilmor would feel anger flood through him. His powerful master, Jerec, was killed by one puny Jedi. He felt so angry, he had devoted his life to destroying all of the Jedi. That is why he had decided to become involved with the massacre...

12-31-2003, 11:43 PM
Name: Dakan Sarahsyn
Occupation: Dark Jedi
Weapons: Orange lightsaber.
Bio: Even though he may look like young human boy, Dakan is only 1,020 years old. He was the apprentice of Xanatos, a Dark Jedi Master, and former Jedi apprentice of Qui Gon Jinn, a master saberist who was slain by the late Darth Maul. Xanatos's manipulation persuaded Dakan, then a former student of Master Yoda, to join him in corrupting the Old Republic. Xanatos died at the hands of his former master a few years later. Dakan has survived many hard fought battles and has now recently joined Kilmor Katarn and his quest for the annihilation of every Jedi in the galaxy, all in order to thirst his own quest for revenge.


"We are ready, my lord."

"Good. Prepare the troops for the assault, and tell the commander to activate the cloak and raise the shields."

"Yes Master Dakan, sir."

Looking out the main view, without a single movement, he was deep in thought, telecommunicating to his ally who was aboard the other Star Destroyer.

Everything is going according to plan, my lord. We shall be there in a while, and then we will be ready to crush and desecrate the entire Jedi Academy, then we shall destroy those who have dared to oppose our masters and the Dark Side.

01-01-2004, 03:51 AM
Kilmor is striding through the corridors of the Sith transport, giving orders to the officers at the consoles. He looks out the viewport and smiles. "We've arrived."

Sudenly, a blinding light rips through the corridor. Kilmor is thrown from his feet and slams into the wall. Shaking his head to clear the roaring in his ears, Kilmor looks down and sees only smoke. He slps forward and realizes the ship is falling downward. Damn, he thinks. The Jedi have installed anti-aircraft guns. We're hit!

Pulling himslef to his feet, Kilmor begins climbing the steeply sloped corridor. Justa s he reaches the top, a defeaning roaor shakes the ship and Kilmor is blown from his position. He falls down, down, into the rapidly rising flames....

01-30-2004, 09:02 PM
Name: Jirkan Remos
Occupation: Mercanary, Ex-Dark Jedi
Weapons: 2 Red Lightsaber's, Modified Blaster Rifle
Vehicles: Sith X-3(Modified Sith Infiltrator), Modified Speeder
Bio: Jirkan is a 55 year old Mercanary that used to be a master Dark Jedi and is now a "hired gun" for the Sith, he does everything from smuggling missions to assasinations. He grew learning the ways of the force from Yoda, but when he reached the age of 20 he turned to the dark side. He is now part of the attack force that is striking the Jedi.


Jirkan comes speeding out of the hanger on his ship the Sith X-3 and begins his decent towards the planet below

"I'm headed down to take out the Anti-Aircraft Guns to reduce some of the fire."

at full speed he swoops down and passes by to drop a bomb, he launches it

"1 down, 4 to go"

he goes by for another pass and hits another but on his way by 10 Jedi Starfighters come speeding by and Jirkan is blinded by the light of the constent fire upon his ship

"I've been hit hard, 1/3 of my Deflectors are down, i'll try and take out some more Anti-Aircraft Guns but i'm taking alot of fire"

rick ulo 11103
02-07-2004, 01:20 AM
name: jiga ordani
dark jedi knight
no bio


flying out of the stardestroyer that had been hit jiga went to assist jerkan

*flys behind the ship and fire upon them destroying 2*

Xizor's killer
02-08-2004, 06:49 PM
Name: Tirathen Mordrakdan
Occupation: Ex-Dark Jedi Gladiator, Mercenary
Weapons: 2 orange lightstaffs
Vehicles: Dark Hell (Prototype of Slave 1)
Bio: Tirathen is an Sith gadiator liberated from slave camps of the jedi's. He wants to settle a score with the jedis that imprisoned him. He moves his arms extremly fast

Dark Hell lands on the floor of the battle Tirathen steps out.
Tirathen: Well this is hell unleashed, just how I like it!

02-10-2004, 11:33 PM
Kilmor grunts as he falls towards the flames, fumbling for a grappling hook. Just in time, he fires it, slamming his body into the corridor floor. He knows there are seconds before the ship explodes. Holding his breath, he deactivates the hook's grip and leaps over the flames...

...and lands safely in the hangar. Fighting his way through the blinding flames and smoke, Kilmor scrambles into a fighter craft, thankfully magnetically attached to the floor. The engines roar to life and he blasts out moments before the cruiser erupts in a gigantic explosion, firing flaming shards of steel in all directions. sighing with relief, Kilmor turns his ship and dives down towards the planet below...

02-11-2004, 02:19 PM
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Name: Nom Vilnov
Occupation: Mercenary/ Assassin
Weapons: An assortment of blaster pistols and rifles. Sniper rifle on his back.
Bio: Nom was 16 when he saw his parents killed by a man who was high up in the leadership of the New Republic and vowed revenge. He got it a little over a year later. He had constructed six blaster pistols and was carrying four at the time. By that time, he had also bought the sniper rifle. With the best secrecy he could muster, he an and ran. What made it worse is that his sister was away from the house when it happened, so he feared that something had happened to her. He was relieved when he found out that she survived.
Nom, now 27, has his own ship and has been darting around the galaxy, making it impossible to find him. He is wanted on more than 60 planets for his various mercenary jobs and his first assassination. The authorities still don't know who did his other assassinations. He is helped by his sister.
Though he doesn't realize it, Nom is force sensitive, very much so.


"Well, lookee here," Nom said as he dropped out of hyperspace. He took in the entire battle. "Looks like the Sith are having a little spat with the Jedi. I guess I'll leave them to their problems."

"Why do you want to do that?" a female voice asked him from behind. He half turned to look at her.

"Because of the power of their ships," Nom answered. The woman behind him laughed.

"Your ship is much more powerful," she reminded him. He nodded.

"I know," he replied, "and that is exactly why I won't fight." A smirk crossed his face. "Wouldn't want to embarrass either side."


Character No. 2

Name: Tarila Vilnov
Occupation: Mercenary / Assassin
Weapons: knives, daggers and swords.
Bio: Tarila was away from home on an overnight school field trip. When she returned, she found from her brother what had happened and she, too wanted revenge. While Nom was on the building top, Tarila went inside and made her way secretly into the office of the man, but she was caught. Nom's shot, distracted the guards holding Tarila and she was able to get away, but only after providing a good cover for Nom to get away.
Since then, she has become good enough that she can get into any building and sneak up on somebody, close enough to do the dirty work with her daggers. When she uses her swords, she is very deadly. She works in a spinning, flipping and rolling movement that makes her almost impossible to hit and does this until she is close enough to kill somebody.
Tarila is only 17.

02-11-2004, 11:24 PM
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Kilmor glanced through the viewport and his breath caught in his throat. He established a connection with his captain Wolf.

"Look at the size of that ship!" he muttered into the mike.
"Which ship? We've got a lot of big ships here, Kilmor."
"That ship! The black one, with no symbol on the hull!"

There was a pause. Kilmor heard his captain swear under his breath.

"Could be a mercenary's ship, or worse," Wolf murmured.
"Want me to check it out?"
"Negative, Kilmor. Don't you dare go in there yourself. I'm going to."
"Captain, we can't afford to lose you. I'll be aided by the Force anyway." Kilmor sounded impatient as he watched the mammoth ship, sitting there like a shark ready to strike.

Another pause.

"Fine, but keep in touch with me. As soon as I lose contact, I'm sending in a team."

Kilmor didn't bother answering, instead he whipped his ship's nose around and shot for the huge ship like a bullet.

Xizor's killer
02-13-2004, 05:23 AM
Tirathen ran across the landing bay.
Tirathen: What's going on?

02-13-2004, 07:57 PM
Tarila glanced at the battle before looking back to the controls. She frowned.

"We've got a visitor headed our way," she told Nom. He just shrugged.

"Boy will he get a surprise," he said. "Let him come aboard, but signal the crew to wait for him. They'll give him quite a surprise when he can't harm them. Then, they can grab him and bring him here."

Tarila nodded and went back to her control panel, transferring all of the holographic crew to the docking bay.

Xizor's killer
02-14-2004, 02:16 PM
Tirathen stepped into the landing pad to be greeted by the holographic crew.
Tirathen: I am Tirathen Mordrakdan an ex-gladiator. I wish to speak to your captain! Take me to him!

02-14-2004, 05:33 PM
((I was expecting Kilmor, but perhaps you came in unnoticed.))

The chief engineer stared at Tirathen and nodded.

"Our commanders are on the bridge," he said. "Follow me."

He led Tirathen to the bridge of the ship, a rather long trip, for the docking bay was at the back of the ship and several levels down. When he got there, he left Tirathen alone with Nom and Tarila, not even bothering to introduce them.

"Your ship is not the one we detected coming this way," Tarila spoke up. Nom glanced at her.

"What do you want, ex-gladiator Tirathen?" Nom asked. "And where is the man we saw coming here?"

02-15-2004, 12:38 AM
Kilmor's ship slid into the hangar bay and Kilmor leapt out, ladning in a crouch. He called on the Force to turn invisible and began crawling towards the door near the side of the hangar...

02-15-2004, 01:31 AM
The crew did not see Kilmor (of course) and he managed to sneak all the way to the bridge. There, he saw, Tirathen facing a man and a woman. The man's gaze left Tirathen for a moment, brushing over Kilmor and he grinned.

"And now he has joined us," the man said to Tirathen. Turning to the woman, he said, "So what do you think of all this, Tarila? Here we are, having two visitors, neither of them invited."

"Nom," the woman said, a sparkle in her eye. "You forgot to introduce us."

"Have I?" Nom asked, faking surprise. "Well I'll be darned if I have! My apologies gentlemen. I am Nom Vilnov and this is my sister, Tarila."

02-15-2004, 01:45 AM
How I hate the Jedi, thought the dark lord Dakan.

"Lord Dakan", Commodore Veers commed,"there's an unidentified ship on the radar screen.What should we do, sir?"

"..........tell them to prepare for boarding. I sense a Jedi......"

"Yes, sir."

And with that said, Veers did as he was commanded and waited for a reply.

Xizor's killer
02-15-2004, 06:35 AM
Tirathen looked at the two commanders
Tirathen (To him self): This should be fun.
(Back to normal): Well I'm here to avenge my slavery. Will you help my case against the jedi's? I hate them so much!
Tirathen grips his two lightstaffs eargerly. Tirathen quickly turns his head to the sky.
Tirathen: Do you sense that? It's a powerfull force whatever it is. Could be useful to us.

02-15-2004, 07:39 AM
"That, my friend is the second visitor I spoke of," Nom answered. He stared right where Kilmor was. "You can stop hiding yourself now."

Tarila stepped forward. "As for helping you, we do anything, so long as it pays well."

Xizor's killer
02-17-2004, 06:32 PM
Tirathen: Can you get me into the Republic acadamy? I can get you unlimited ammounts of credits. I just want revenge.

02-19-2004, 06:00 PM
A voice echoed out of the air. "I don't care if you can see me, I think I'll stay like this. I'm not really in the mood to be shot down by some of your security gaurds."

02-19-2004, 06:15 PM
"Suit yourself," Nom said, but then turned and nodded to Tarila. She moved to a control panel and informed the holographic crew of the new visitor.

"Don't worry now," she told Kilmor, though she didn't know where he was. "I've told the crew not to bother you."

"As for you, Tirathen," Nom said. "Tarila specializes in getting into places she shouldn't be, but getting somebody else in there might be a little harder."

Xizor's killer
02-24-2004, 05:55 PM
Tirathen: Well I wont be a problem why don't you just try?

02-27-2004, 10:37 PM
"Very well, then," Tarila said thoughtfully. She was thinking about how difficult it would be to get into the Republic Academy, but also how much fun it would be to actually come back successful. She knew she could do it, but having a tag-along wasn't her favorite thought. She'd had tag-alongs in the past and they had compromised her stealth, but she had a feeling Tirathen would not.

"Well then!" Nom said happily. "That's all settled."

Turning to Kilmor, he said, "So what did you need?"

03-09-2004, 07:25 PM
Kilmor by now and moved halfway across the room and stood, invisible to the non-Jedi eye, before Nom.

"What are you doing in the middle of this battle? Which side are you on?"

03-14-2004, 07:58 PM
"We will decide whose side to be on once both sides have offered to hire us," Nom said.

03-15-2004, 09:41 PM
That was all Kilmor needed to know. He began to back towards his ship.

03-16-2004, 08:40 PM
Cyrus Malakai (Human)
Occupation: merc, pilot, sometime assassin
Weapon: Hvy blaster (2), energy sniper rifle
Begat by parents who had neither resources nor inclination to feed and raise him, Cyrus was an orphan from infancy. A childhood bereft of kindness, love , or charity produced a cold, emotionless man who has rarely spared a thought for anyone save himself. As soon as he was able he cast himself from the nondescript Outer Rim planet of his birth into an unsuspecting galaxy.
His (conscious) ultimate goal is power for its own sake. However what he really craves is acceptance and respect, things he has never known. This is rather obvious to anyone who cares to look, and has often been used by gang leaders, crime bosses, and assorted villains for whom he has worked to manipulate him for their own ends.
He appears to be in his early to mid twenties, but not knowing his birthday he has know idea of his true age. Unknown to him,he has a modest Force sensitivity.


"All fighters prepare for launch", chirped the slightly feminine, AI voice in Cyrus' earpiece. He sat strapped into the cockpit of his
fighter patiently awaiting the launch sequence. Nothing on his face betrayed the slight apprehension, and even the small pleasurable anticipation surging through him. "Commander, your squadron is tasked with termination of enemy AA installations in anticipation of planetary bombardment. You shall not fail", squawked Fighter Command over the commlink, "launch
in five, four, ..."
Even though he new it was coming the ejection was suprisingly swift and violent. He was thrust savagely back in his seat as the great carrier Black Nova disgorged Cyrus and his squad into the star speckled blackness of cold space. Before he even had time to be terrified of the bright, fat bursts
of AA flak flying up at him the horizon locator had oriented his craft and the targeting AI was assigning him targets. As he dipped below the cloud cover he calmly switched off his AI and began to power down his craft. Instantly his HUD began to flash and his commlink started howling at him. The last thing he heard before he switched it off was his commander desperately trying to raise him.
Flying with just enough power to stay in the air he began to search out a suitable landing site. He soon found a clearing about 200 meters south of what looked to be a pitched battle near some kind of temple or government building. As his craft touched down he began to go over his plan for the millionth time.
'I need a dead Jedi, or at least a grievously wounded one', he mused coldly, 'I'll finish him off and then take a little token, the head would be best but I'll settle for a sword arm if neccessary. The Sith will welcome me with open arms if I have a dead Jedi under my belt'
Warmed by this thought he unsnapped his five point harness, and crept carefully from the cockpit in search of prey.

03-17-2004, 12:07 AM
Name: Jivva Leea
Species: Mandalorian
Profession: Assassin employed by the Sith.
Homeworld: Unknown

Jivva Leea has been employed as an assassin for decades, sometimes serving Hutts, sometimes the Sith, and even once, the Republic Senate. His services are in great demand as he is known as practically the finest in the Outer Rim. He was taken from his family at an early age and sold as a slave to a Hutt on Sleheyron, later being trained as an assassin and finally killing the Hutt and embarking as a free agent. His brain has been implanted with two cybernetic devices, one translates languages, the other maintains a permanent link to the Sith and Jedi archives, giving him access to a wealth of information.

His training with weaponry and combat tactics is extensive, as is his knowledge of anatomy, Mandalorian or otherwise. He is a master of stealth and surprise. However, he hates to fly, and has no skills to speak of in piloting. He becomes incredibly space sick and takes several hours to acclimate to space conditions on every voyage. To show his hatred of flight, he enjoys taking pot shots at freighters and starfighters when they are in atmospheric range. Did he mention he hates to fly?

Equipment: 4 modified assassin's blasters, 1 vibroblade, 1 heavily modified blaster rifle. This rifle is mounted with a scope and configured for sniping. It also has several repititious amplifier circles that can overload the weapon enough to blast a small starfighter out of the sky. Though his missions are secret and demand stealth, he has several mass destruction alternatives: his datapad contains several forms of crippling computer virus, and he carries several vials of the Iridian Plague and Ardroxian Flu.

Likes: Women of many species, cash, weapons, the thrill of combat, his fellow Mandalore, and crushing the throats of formidable opponents.

Dislikes: Rodians, flying, Bith, flying, most Rebels, flying, Jedi, flying, merchants, flying, starships, flying, space stations, flying, weak adversaries, flying, being shot, flying, being told what to do, flying, and droids.
__________________________________________________ __

Jivva Leea scrambled onto the command deck of the Sith cruiser he was currently stationed on. Turning an interesting shade of green, he surveyed the view screens in front of him. They showed an immense battle at the nearby Jedi academy. He turned to the cruiser's commander, who he technically outranked.
"Take us there, now!" He clutched at his stomach as the ship lurched ahead into the fray. He prepared to be launched in a drop pod to the surface where he could do real damage.