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bantha poo doo
01-01-2004, 10:17 AM
Cast of Characters


Yuthura Ban


Jedi Knight (Guardian), Formerly Second in Command of Sith Academy on Korriban

--Weapon of Choice--

Lightsaber (blue), The Force


Correllian Transport


Yuthura was a slave to the cruel master Bochaba the Hutt on the outer rim world of Sleheyron, until she killed him and swore to herself that she would kill slavers and free slaves where ever she saw slavery. She left the world of Sleheyron, and wound up on a barren planet, where only the power of the force helped her stay alive, until she was discovered by the Jedi. She thought that by joining the Jedi she would finally be able to gain revenge on Slavers, but she was never at peace, and she felt the Jedi were holding her back from her goal. She joined the Sith, and eventually became second in command of the Sith Academy on Korriban, under the tutelage of Master Uthar Wynn. One day she was approached by a mysterious Jedi, who claimed that he wanted to be a student in the Sith Academy. She befriended this student, and plotted with him to overthrow the master of the academy Uthar Wynn. During the final test of the Student, Yuthura turned on him, although he was able to overpower her and convince her to return to the light, that the dark side never gave her what she wanted. She went to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, where she was deemed fit to return to the Jedi Order, unfortunately a few hours later, the Sith decimated the enclave, and Yuthura was lucky enough to survive. When the sith landed, she found refuge in the home of Shen and Rahasia Matale, and using their transport, Shen, Rahasia, Yuthura and Shen's protocol droid 54XT1, they escaped Dantooine, and went on their way to coruscant, what will happen next, we will see . . . . . . .

Supporting Cast

Shen and Rahasia Matale

Shen Matale married Rahasia Sandral, shortly after their parents finally made up, however their joy would not last, as both the Sandral and Matale households were destroyed, and Alhan and Nurik were both killed. They took a jedi survivor of the attack, and miraculously escaped dantooine aboard the Sandral transport vessel. Now their ship has set off to coruscant


A newly activated protocol droid, the servant of Shen and Rahasia Matale, not much of a backstory behind him.

more characters to be added . . . . . . .



::thinking:: The sith, I cannot believe I was one of them, I cannot believe I would have been capable of such evil, I guess that is what makes the dark side so insidious.

[enter Rahasia]


How long until we reach Coruscant?


It will be at least 2 more days in hyperspace. I have never been there do you know what it is like?


No, I've never been there either. Say, you helped us escape the Sith, and we do not know anything about you?


I do not think you would want to know about me, about my past.


Why not?


I was sith, alright, not just any Sith, I was second in command of the Sith academy at Korriban. Most of the dark Jedi in the landing party, were former students of mine. The one that especially stands out in my mind was Mekel, very strong in the force. Ruthless, and efficient.


You were sith? I can handle this, but I better not tell Shen, he's taking Alhan's death pretty hard.


A lot of people I know died there, ironically, most of them were sith. Anyways, I do not wish to talk about this.