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01-01-2004, 08:57 PM
Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums here, as I'm sure you can tell.

I've been looking around everywhere and I can't find any mods for KotOR. I was just wondering, are there even any out? I was also wondering if there are any skins/models of Darth Revan and Darth Malik for JA. I've looked around but haven't found any of those either. Personaly, I don't even know how hard KotOR is to mod, since I haven't even tried at all yet. I've modded some on JO and JA, so if there's any simularity between them, I'm sure someone could make some mods for the game.. at least some new equipment items and new lightsaber hilts.

Well, just kinda wondering..
See ya,
--Darth Johnny

Captain LeChuck
01-02-2004, 01:16 PM
Modding IS possible. But the community hasnt come very far. There are less than a handful mods out there, as far as I know. I found one mod that looked interesting, but unfortunatly, the whole site was in Russian. So I couldnt understand much:p

01-02-2004, 03:54 PM
the game is nothing like JO or JA in terms of modding at all. so gaining an understanding of what is needed to mod in this game is slow going. i know that i have seen a malak someone was working on for JA, and i will see if i can find the link.

01-02-2004, 05:33 PM
Hey all.
Yeah, thanks, I'd really like the links to any mod sites for KotOR or any KotOR mods for JA, if you can find 'em.
I've been looking around at the major JA sites (jk3files.com, force-temple.com, ect.) and I haven't found any yet.


01-02-2004, 06:32 PM
hey. here's the only link i could find for anything to do with malak in JA.


as for mods for kotor i suggest you scroll down to two topics in this forum. the first one is "we gotta start modding" the second is "the pc version is here. what about mods?" i think both those contain info about mods for kotor.

01-03-2004, 06:24 AM
Hey all.
Yeah, I'll be watching for that one if it ever gets completed.
There is one thing I'm kinda wondering about KotOR.. can you get Darth Revans mask? Maybe it's in the game somewhere and I haven't found it but it would be sweet to get the Star Forge robe and Revan's mask.

Well, thanks.
See ya,

01-18-2004, 02:40 PM
I don't think you can get Revan's mask, but I know that some people refer to the Sith Mask as Revan's Mask, I don't know why, it looks nothing like his.

Anyhoo one mod I would like to see is one that lets you use the robes that Revan uses in the dream movies. Not those robes you get on the starforge they don't look nearly as cool as his originals...I'd like to see revan's robes complete with his capes and his hood up....

01-18-2004, 04:49 PM
Ugh, I can't get the image to work.


If you check out the Holowan Cloakworks topic, you can play as the Revan model that you want.