View Full Version : *new* Zabrak Male skinning contest

01-05-2004, 05:14 AM
That's right. A Zabrak Male species is in the works! Aaron Smith sent me a beta of this model since he has other projects ATM, and while I'm working on torso/legs skins, I figured this would be a great chance for the community to contribute! We're currently searching for folks to skin Arco's default face for the Darth Maul model. (Aaron mapped his new Zabrak head the same way) Right now I have nowhere to host the jpg, but if anyone has a place to host images other than Geocities, I'll show you the progress on the Zabrak, as well as place the template there to d/l. The current model we have has some clipping issues and whatnot, and a new model is ready to be weighted and ingame (with 3 heads, 3 sets of horns, 4 torsos, 2 legs) Anyhow, until I can get the pics up, if you want to participate, send an email to smmelton@iupui.edu, and I'll send you the template.

01-06-2004, 02:46 AM
Hullo, well i would like to help you guys out but first i have to get done with my Twi'lek skin :D(see my first post), anyways here is a good site to post pics and even get them rated ^^, http://www.picturejudge.com/ just dont place any url in your pics.