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01-05-2004, 08:05 PM
It was pointed out in this thread (http://boards.theforce.net/Games:_Board_and_Videogames/b10005/11648461/p2/) in theforce.net's games forum, that after a loooong time with no new info (not since the press release & E3 cutscene trailer) a little new info has come to light;

http://cargobay.starwars.com/webapps/cargobay/item-detail/12247 (http://cargobay.starwars.com/webapps/cargobay/item-detail/12247)

Expected for release summer 2004, Star Wars: Republic Commando will present a dramatic military-style action experience from the point-of-view of an elite squad member of a Republic Special Operations unit. Players will step into the role of a Commando performing precision operations deep behind enemy lines in this brutally realistic Star Wars combat experience. Some teams of Republic Commandos fighting side by side with XXXXXXX (contains a reasonaby large Episode 3 spoiler, so click the link for the rest).