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rick ulo 11103
01-05-2004, 10:00 PM
alright this is the second part of there is no peace and if ur not in it please read the first one in dantooine theatre comapny ignore the third page.

rick was thinking about his friend who had died to save him as somone walked in to join him for breakfast

01-14-2004, 03:19 PM
Brittany took a seat across the table from Rick and smiled her greeting.

"How are you?" she asked.

rick ulo 11103
01-22-2004, 01:16 AM
"im fine i was just thinking about shado i miss him alot i still wonder why that person attacked us it dosent matter any more atleast were safe here on _________ anyway, how are you?"

01-24-2004, 11:32 PM
"Safety," Brittany spat bitterly. She did not agree. "Ever since we landed here on Tatooine, I have been attacked five times. Safety indeed."

She sighed. "Other than that, I guess I'm fine. I am constantly wondering what happened to Shado. I lost track of him in the battle, but I don't think he died. I certainly hope not."

01-25-2004, 06:24 PM
*OOC* Hey! I read most of the old thread - I breezed threw page three, not that it matters. And I was wondering if I could join? And be the new villan. Do not worry, I won't do anything stupid or absurd like the last...

01-27-2004, 06:23 PM
((I don't see why you couldn't. It's certainly not too far into the story for you to join.))

01-27-2004, 07:57 PM
*OOC* Hehe, sorry it took so long, I had to make sure I did it right! I hope I did, anyway. I wasen't sure if the posts on page two that where made by Black91 happened or not, so I simply avoided in this post, untill I can be 100% sertan. =)

As he slowly makes his way threw the rubble of the now devistated sith base, shifting his way past the many remains of the complex, and past the many soldiers killed by Shado, smirking slightly as he comes across the body of the Ex-Sith Lord Darth Hadeous.

"Shado used his own power againts him, did he? I shall have to be careful not to underestimate them, as he so clearly did."

Moveing past him, he slowly makes his way threw what remains of the base, growing closer to the room Zera himself fell in.

"In terms of sheer power, I cannot compare to Zera, not yet, atleast. I must take a less...brute force approach, should I hope to gain victory over them."

Moveing over to the computer, wich still brightly flashes in the back of the room, he types a few passwords into it, shifting threw the files there.

"I am fortunate that it is still active. Let me see...Ahh, so thats where they are."

Turning, he walks away from the computer, an evil grin slideing across his face.

"Well, you may have survived both Zera and Hadeous, but I shall not make the same mistake. You shall grow to fear the name of Sukura Delwynn!"

*OOC* There you go! I hope that was fine, I decided to not make him all powerful-god like right away, if at all. It just seems a bit over used. :)

rick ulo 11103
01-30-2004, 03:13 PM
ooc: good one hiroki, lets just say shados dead and if he comes back well be like oh shado your back yaaaaaaaaaaaay:)¨

"so so you think me should go somwhere else i mean we have almost no credits and we cant find work here so..."

01-30-2004, 04:00 PM
*the Battle Cruiser arives over the planet of Tatooine, Sukara slowly walking twords the window, gazeing down at the desert world*

"Scan that planet. Find any sign of humanoid life down on the dust ball!"

"Yes my Lord." A commen soldier states.

*after a few hours pass, they lock onto the small mineing town of Anchorhead.*

"Sir! We are detecting around 5000 sentiant beings within the settlement, they could be anywhere within there. I also detect many huminoids within the vast dunes of the planet, though I suspect they may be the planets native life. What are your orders?"

"Hmm. I am tempted to just bomb the worthless dustball of a world, though I would hate to alert the Republic in our weakend state by takeing such a harsh course of action. Deploy a sqad of 30 sith trooper's down to the surface. Dispatch two Dark Jedi with them aswell, that should be enough I imagen."

"Yes sir!"

*A transport is dispatched from the hanger, quickly makeing its way twords the Anchorhead space port, the troopers marching down the platform along with there two Dark Jedi companions*

*Dark Jedi 1* Though it might be faster to split up, they are formidible enemys, it would be in our best intrest if we can find them together, where we may all strike at once. Remember, they are to be captured.

*With that said, they march threw the gates, as they begain to search the mineing town for there targets*

Darth Renoux
02-02-2004, 03:58 PM
=?= Is that all that you are going to send down there? They are going to fail you, and you shall pay the consquences for that. Why send children to do a man's job?

Coming from the shadow of the space ship, whit dark jedi robes with a hood, a man that had a very white skin. His face was hidden behind the great hood, you could only see his white could mounth moving.

=Zera= What do you suggest we do Master Renoux?

=Sith Renoux= Quite simple my padwan, go down there yourself and lead the team. I will take care of the spaceship.

=Zera= Yes Master, I shall do that. But what if i run into a weak jedi?

= Sith Renoux = You never learn do you? You cant take the jedi/s out with the assistance of the dark jedis, not to mention that I will aid you with my dark Powers.

=Zera= As you command my Lord

Zera went and joined the team in the search down in the pod, giving out the to-do orders.

=Zera= Alright, we are going to go down there. We are only going to spend 5 hours in that worthless planet, if you are any later than that, I WILL leave you behind to die. I have to put our mission in first place and right now, I do not need people slowing this mission Down. Understood?

=Everyone= Clear Master.

[To be Continued]

Darth Renoux
02-02-2004, 04:00 PM
*oops TYPO!!!


02-02-2004, 05:02 PM
"Yes, I know," Brittany sighed. "I almost got a job, but the guy changed his mind. Our ship is out of power, we have no money, to repair it or buy passage on another ship. As much as I hate it here, we'll have to live with it for now."

02-03-2004, 06:24 AM
*OOC* Hey Reunox...Zera's dead isn't he? Who are you talking too? o.O I'm confused...

rick ulo 11103
02-03-2004, 03:13 PM
Originally posted by Hiroki
*OOC* Hey Reunox...Zera's dead isn't he? Who are you talking too? o.O I'm confused...

(((Shado and Zera were now engaged in a battle of lightsabers and Force powers. Shado used the Force to try and push Zera to the ground, but Zera was powerful in the Dark Side of the Force, which made it possible for him to resist the attack. Shado then used the Force to boost his speed. He swung his lightsaber, clashing it with Zera's. A spectacular display of sparks came from the clashing lightsabers. Zera used the Force to strike at Shado with lightning. Shado succumed to its effects and fell to his knees in pain. Zera laughed and swung with his lightsaber to behead his opponent, while he still used his Force lightning powers to keep Shado on his knees. Shado fought the pain and blocked Zera's crimson blade with his own. Infuriated, Zera kicked Shado, knocking him down onto his back. Zera lunged forward, raising his lightsaber in the air, he stabbed down at Shado, but wasn't fast enough to kill the Jedi. Shado quickly rolled out of the way, then leapt to his feet. He roared a battle cry, and with uncanny strength, sliced the unexpecting Zera's midsection in two.

umm yah reunox can you edit that so we can reply )))

02-03-2004, 07:19 PM

Um, also, Zera was lord of the sith, not a Padawan, and neather am I. :)

rick ulo 11103
02-03-2004, 07:53 PM
yah same thing he said

"well maybe we should hide our lightsabers they might be afraid you know" he said with worry beaming from his face

02-04-2004, 03:40 AM
((Maybe our lovely Darth Renoux is referring to someone else named Zera? ...*coughcough*


02-04-2004, 02:07 PM
The sith troopers quickly make haste threw the houses and buisnesses of the citizens of Anchorhead. Roughing them up for information, and when they find none, killing the weak fools and moveing on.

As they walk by a small Cantina, they spot Rick on his way in, the troopers, being sent down prepared, knew his face, the two Dark Jedi with them instructed one of them to get his attention.

*Dark Jedi* Distract him while we attack from the other side.

*Trooper* Yes sir!

The trooper, most likely knowing it ment his death, fired his blaster carbine at Rick loyally, Rick quickly spinning around and pulling out his saber, the blast bounce off the blade of light, and impacting the trooper in the chest, blowing a hole threw his armour, killing him.

This however, provided time for the Dark Jedi and the rest of the squad to move into position, as the two Dark Jedi along with 15 troopers ( Well, 14 on the left seeing as one had been killed. ) suround him from the right and left, ready to fire, the Dark Jedi with there crimson blades already blazeing.

*Dark Jedi 1* You are surounded, Rick Ulo. Surender.

rick ulo 11103
02-04-2004, 02:56 PM
rick was starteled and imediatly started running he warned britany and he jumped on to a crate then on top of a building and jumped down behind the dark jedi who had been following him. he quickly swung at ones neck but he had al ready turned around and blocked it the other one swung at rick but rick blocked it scorching his arm, he pushed one away and jumpep high in the air and cut off his arm when he realised the extreme pain rick was already swinging for his neck. standing over the decapitated jedi, rick felt all his organs hunch up and he realised that he could not breath when he saw britany run around the corner...

02-05-2004, 12:51 PM
The remaining Dark Jedi had locked Rick in a powerful force Choke, squeezeing his neck as hard as the force would allow him too, angered at the loss of his comrad.

A Sith Trooper raises his blaster in Ricks vulnerable state, quickly fireing off three stun blast, all wich hit Rick squarely in the chest, incapacitateing him.

*Sith Trooper* Should we bring him back?

*Dark Jedi* You bring him back, the rest of us will go for Brittany, we will return to the ship when we have her. Thoughs are your orders.

*Sith Trooper* Yes sir!

The Trooper hastily makes his way back to the transport, Being covered from Brittany by the rest of his squad. Returning to Sukara's ship while the remaining forces quickly turn to Brittany.

*Dark Jedi* Now its your turn.

The Dark Jedi gazes into her eyes and with a quick flurry of his lightsaber gets into a combat position.

02-05-2004, 04:29 PM
Brittany ignited both of her lightsabers and faced the dark Jedi. She decided that, if she could get away, she most definitely would.

02-05-2004, 08:18 PM
The Dark Jedi rushed at her, locking sabers with her, this Dark Jedi being more skilled than his now dead partner, manageing to block the attacks from both of her sabers, though not gaining any ground himself.

Takeing the moment of distraction, the Sith troopers manage to move behind her, she see's them however, and blocks the blasts that they fire, killing several of them with the deflected bolts, capatiliseing on this however, the Dark Jedi manages to cut one of her sabers hilts inhalf, swinging once again, but being blocked by her.

The troopers quickly fire once more, Brittany spins and deflect the blasts back at them, killing yet more sith troopers, the Dark Jedi swings down at her, but is blocked, however, he holds her saber in place with his own, as the remaining Sith Troopers fire there stun blasters at her, knocking her out as Rick was.

*Dark Jedi* Damnit. We've lost alot captureing these fools. Let us hurry and return to the ship.

With that they bring them back to the now waiting transport, flying back to Sukara's ship.

*Sukara* Ah. I see you have sucseeded, despite great loss. Throw them in a cell. Make sure and take there sabers, and make sure you post a guard who is NOT vulnerable to there mind tricks. I will have a meeting with them when they come to.

*Dark Jedi* Yes my lord.

The Dark Jedi bows, before instructing the troopers to disarm them, and lock them in there cells.

02-08-2004, 02:07 AM
(Followed the link from the last TiNP.)

Jamis Yon sighed and looked around at his squalid surroundings. When the ship he and the Jedi had been on just barely made it to the dustbowl of a planet they were on now, he'd gone off to see about finding work on his own. He'd given the Jedi a chance to escape, and quite frankly, he wanted to experience life a little on his own now.

He didn't want to join the Jedi. Having been a part of the Sith since he was a lad, he'd had enough of following cult-like religious orders. From now on, he followed his own rules.

Which was why he was walking down the street and using the Force to persuade people to give him money. Jamis wasn't all that good at telekinetics, or at lightsaber fighting, but he was one of the Sith Academy's most promising in the field of telepathics.

He pocketed the spare change he had now, into the folds of his new garment, which had been bought from a local store. He looked more like a local, nowadays. He decided that he now had enough, and that soon, he'd steal a ship and get off this depressing spot.

That was when he noticed Rick, who after the few days or so on this planet, had not changed his Jedi garments for those of a more local flavor. Then several Sith came along. Jamis immediately cut down his connection to the Force, and watched like most of the other pedestrians as the fights went on.

He watched as the two Jedi were hauled away. He owed them, for opening his eyes to the shallowness of the Sith, anyway. But hadn't he repaid his debt when he rescued them the first time?

Growling under his breath, Jamis stalked away, the better to find a ship. How the hell was he going to get on the Sith ship? More importantly, why was he doing this?

Maybe he'd find the answers to both those questions soon.

02-08-2004, 12:48 PM
Sukara was enjoying a nice cool corellian ale as he waited for his prisoners to awake, riseing it to his mouth as he begains to take a sip, but spilling it, as the ship rocks slightly.

*Sukara* What?!

*Sith Trooper* Sir! Its a Republic Interdicter!

*Sukara* How did they find us? Well, no matter, we're more than a match for it. Blow it away.

*Trooper* Yes sir!

The powerful Sith capital ship turns to engage the Republic vessle, as they engage in a fire fight, the ships fighters deploying, danceing across the endless depths of space as a hail of red and green lasers fly from both sides.

The captial ships now hovering close to each other, exchangeing direct fire while the Sith fighters keep the bombers from getting too close.

*Trooper* We're going to win I beleave sir, but we will be heavily damaged, unless we opt for a better stratagy.

*Sukara* Very well, lower our altitude, move closer to the planet, the Republic will hesitate to fire with it right behind us.

*Trooper* Sir!

With that, the massive ship moves downwards twords the tan surface of Tatooine, a few bombers trying to intercept, but are quickly halted by a barage of fire from a random Sith fighter, the ship positioning itself so that any shot they made had a chance to hit Tatooine itself.

*Sukara* Good. Give it everything you have.

Sukara turns, sitting back down, a content grin on his face.

02-09-2004, 03:05 PM
A single Sith fighter flys to close to engines of the Sith Cruiser, the rookie pilot screaming as his ship is flung uncontrollably to the planets surface, the shields preventing any truely heavy damage as it slams into the dunes near Anchorhead, the pilot unconciouse inside as he ship lays there, the engines smokeing slightly.

The loss of the ship went un noticed by the Sith Cruiser, or the other star fighters, both being far to busy with the Republic forces to worry about a single missing fighter.

02-09-2004, 07:42 PM
Jamis was flying his newly-stolen Correlian ShipMaster 200 when he spotted the out-of-control Sith Fighter.

Or more accurately, he was not so much flying the ship as barely keeping it aloft. He knew now why the ship had had no locks- no-one besides him wanted it. From the creaks and groans of the ship, he wondered if it was even spaceworthy.

All that was solved, though, when he spotted the fighter. He actually did spot it, as opposed to his sensors spotting it. (The sensors, like the rest of the ship, were junk)

Either the Force was with him, or some deity he didn't know about was watching out for him, because here was the perfect oppurtunity. He followed the fighter down, set it down much more gently than the fighter had come down, (He still winced at the groans of metal that encurred) and disposed of the Fighter's pilot.

A while later, after checking the fighter for damage, he was aloft, pleased somewhat with his new ride. Due to his training at the Sith Academy, he knew the oddball formations and slang of the Sith Navy, and soon landed his fighter. He got out, and looked around, trying to remember from the single time he'd been on a ship like this where to go.

02-09-2004, 08:20 PM
A Sith navy Commander walked up to him, looking him up and down, aswell as his ship.

*Commander* Why have you landed? Your ship seems to be in no serious condition. Do you think you need to land every time the hull gets a little scorched? And what is with your cloths? Where is your uniform? What is your rank?

The commander eyed him suspiciously as he questioned.

02-09-2004, 08:43 PM
Jamis straightened himself up like a somewhat damaged sodier, saluting suddenly. "Flight Officer Norman Svall, sir! I landed because of a concussion I believe I suffered during a collision. About the uniform, well, see, there's a bit of an embassing storying behind that..." said Jamis, thinking quickly. he adopted a sheepish manner.

You ninny! I knew I forgot something! But the uniform, for Zarquon's sakes? His inward commentator screamed at him again.

"I'd like to discuss this in private, with you sir. I think it would be best for all involved." He planted a small, or actually, a very large suggestion in the man's head that there was obviously going to be a very good explanation. Oh, and that Security would be totally unneccesary.

"Very well. My office." The commander, who was obviously somewhat high-ranking, stalked off. Jamis followed him. Inside the man's office, there was a brief moment's attack, and the Commander fell down. Jamis tried to put on his uniform. The shirt was tight across his chest, and there were seveal inches of socks showing, the pants were so short.

Damn, thought Jamis. Oh well. At least he blended in a little better. he grabbed a datapad from the Commander's desk, and checked the location of the incarceration cells. He paused. No, that was wrong. he wanted the other cells. he was glad he'd sort of paid attention during that tour he'd had of one of these ships. He wanted the Jedi incarceration cells.

Good. He clipped the datapad to his belt, then looked around the office for a prop. Seeing none, he pulled the datapad off his belt again, and went out through the halls, pretending to check something on his datapad, and muttering agrily to himself. No-one wanted to get in his way, because you simply did not interrupt someone that high up the food chain who was looking peevish.

02-09-2004, 08:57 PM
Sukara looked up once more, he had been watching the battle as it raged outside, dictateing orders to the fighter squadrans when he saw fally in his own commanders orders.

*Sukara* "I sense that someone, someone who is very strong in the force no less, has just boarded our ship."

A sly grin crepped apon his face.

*Sukara* "I think I shall go greet our new guest."

He walked slowly twords the power that was eminateing from his target, he could tell he was struggleing to hide his connection to the force, even forceing himself to struggle to keep track of him.

*Sukara* "Hmm. This one is very good at hideing his powers. I sense much anger in him, however. Perhaps he could be useful."

He continued to walk, passing by the ex-commanders office, looking in to see if he knew about any recent boardings, but instead only found his dead, naked body.

*Sukara* "Hah, I like him already."

Stopping a trooper who passes him by, he turns to him.

*Sukara* "Have you seen the Commander today?"

*Sith Trooper* "Uh...Yes sir! He was heading twords the Jedi prison complex I beleave sir."

*Sukara* "Oh, was he now? Continue on your way then."

Sukara quickly made his way to the Jedi cells, spotting the Commander about to enter the detention area.

*Sukara* "So, what brings you down here "Commander"?

02-09-2004, 09:58 PM
Jamis turned to see who was addressing him. He saw the lightsaber on the man's belt. Oh no... he thought. That, and the man's tone of voice when calling him 'commander' told him his cover was busted. He decided flippancy in the face of almost certain death was the answer.

"Well, planning on running a few checks, get my slacks lengthened... the usual. Oh, that, and bust a couple of prisoners out of your holding cells."

02-09-2004, 10:24 PM
When Brittany woke up, she moaned. She was in a lot of pain and decided that being stunned was not a good idea. The human body was not made for it.

She opened her eyes and looked around the room. It was small and very typical of a holding cell. She could tell that she was on a ship and most likely in space heading for some unknown destination. She wondered where Rick was and how they would get out of this mess. What did the Sith want with them anyway, that they were so insistent on coming after them?

02-09-2004, 10:40 PM
Sukara slowly steps twords Jamis, looking him up and down.

"Hmm...a couple of prisoners you say? Would they happen to be Rick Ulo and Brittany? I beleave I recognise you now, you where the Dark Jedi that betrayed Zera wern't you? I suppose I should thank you, you are one of the reasons I'm in my current possition."

*Sukara turns, walking away slightly before turning around again* "I'll give you a choise here, you can re-join the Sith, and aid me, or you can die right here. If you choose to help me of course, I'll need you to do a little test, just to prove your loyallty."

He walks twords Brittanys cell, smirking as he see's she is now awake.

"Hello, Brittany, I'm glad to see your around and about now. I trust you found your acomidations hospitable given the cercumstances? I hate to interupt you, if you where busy, but, I only really need Rick, so I think you will be the perfect test."

He turns back to Jamis "Your test, should you choose to join me, is to kill Brittany!"

02-10-2004, 02:18 AM
"Actually, that wasn't me. I just freed Rick and Brittany and handed them over to Shado." Jamis felt that this little bit of clarification was needed.

He looked around, as Sukara outlined what he wanted Jamis to do. Jamis looked at Brittany, considering his options.

"I was a Sith," he said. "I believed that power was always the answer. But I was assigned to alter Brittany's memories. To do that, I had to look at her memories. I found things I had not believed in before, like happiness. Happiness derived from good company, happiness and contentment derived from not always trying to be the most powerful." He straightened up a little.

"That's why I think the Sith way is not my way. I'd rather just be a humble person, not needing power. And that's not the Sith way." he paused and considered. "By the same token, I don't think that I want to be a Jedi, either. I've had enough of institutions and Orders and rules." He looked at Sukara.

"I came on board to rescue these two, because they freed me from the cloud of the Sith. Because I feel an... attachment to them. I'm not just going to change my goals." He pulled his lightsaber out of where he'd hidden it in the Commander's boot.

Unsurprisingly, Sukara's weapon was out too. "Mildly disappointing," the Sith said, "but not wholly unanticipated."

Jamis took a step to the side, and sliced open the holding cell. First things first, he thought. I need help...

02-10-2004, 02:47 AM
Sukara looked at him as he freed Brittany, laughing to himself slightly.

*Sukara* Do you honestly think you, and that half-awake Jedi stand a chance againts me?

Sukara quickly flurrys his saber, maybe showing off a bit to much, but none the less showing that he is a very capable saberist.

Jamis quickly raises his hand, sending a jolt of lightning at Sukara, however, he camly raises his saber, the lightning entering into it, and disapateing within the violet blade.

*Sukara* I'm afraid you will need to do better than that.

02-10-2004, 04:14 AM
Brittany stood there, half awake as Sukura had said and it could hardly be expected that she make any sudden movements, but hearing Sukura's challenge prevented her from doing anything else. Without warning, she unleashed a kick that sent him reeling backward into the wall.

"Surprised?" she challenged and grabbed both of her lightsabers, which for some reason were still with her.

02-10-2004, 04:39 AM
Sukara, clearly suprised to see her still with her sabers growled under his breath.

*Sukara* Someone will pay for such an abviouse lack of compotense. Well, nomatter, half awake or not, neather of you stand a chance.

Moveing forward with a stunning burst of speed and power, he slashes his saber down at Brittany, wich she blocks with her own, swinging with the other, however Sukara anticipated this, ignighting the other end of his Double bladed lightsaber, blocking her blow, delevering a swift kick to her gut, sending her flying back.

Turning to Jamis, who's saber was almost on top of him by then, quickly rolling out of the blades way and locking sabers with him, Jamis may have been one of the greatest telipaths in the Galaxy, but Sukara had dedicated almost all of his strength to his saber skills, though the few force powers he possest where scertenly powerful, he did only posses few powers, other than the neutrals.

Brittany had gotten up by then, and was rushing twords him, quickly seeing her, he smacks Jamises saber away, kicking him in the head, couseing him to stumble back slightly, as he reaches his hand forward, sending a blast of force lightning twords her.

02-10-2004, 06:22 AM
*OOC* I think Sukara's profile is well over-due. :) So here go's.

Name: Sukara Delwynn
Race: Human
Hight: 5'11
Weight: 160
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red/black, a combination.
Lightsaber: Double bladed Violet colored lightsaber, 5th generation.
Force powers: All basic powers, force lightning, force rage, force absorb.
Rank: Current self proclamed Lord of the Sith.

Profile: Sukara's past is somewhat shrouded in mystery, only he knows the truth, though everybody knows he was once a promiseing young Padawan, what they do not know, however, is how he became a Sith, while on a mission with his Master, he simply vanished, most assumed he was killed, untill reports of him, wich stated that he was now part of Zera's newly organised Sith Armada begain to sprang up.

With Zera's death, Sukara found the perfect opertunity to take the lead, and with Zera's apprentice, Hadeous dead, who would oppose him? Sukara, though currently dedicated to the Dark Side, never liked Zera or Hadeous.

Though Zera, thru over all balence could be considered stronger than Sukara, Sukara is defenatly the best saberist to come along in many years, the deaths of many Jedi Masters, Knights, and Padawans hanging over his head. Sukara always beleaved he should at the very least be Zera's apprentice, as he is in every way, a more powerful Jedi than Hadeous.

Angered when Zera chose Hadeous over him, he deeply resented them both after that. When he got word that the Sith main base was under attack, his ship happened to arive "late", and Zera and Hadeous had already been killed. Now free from the will of the former Sith Lords, Sukara seeks to build his own ideal Sith Empire, one wich that fool Zera could never even dream of!

*OOC* There! Hope you like it. :)

02-10-2004, 01:37 PM
Jamis stumbled back from Sukara. Some people who had double-bladed lightsabers didn't know how to use them.

Unfortunately, Sukara did not fall into this group. Jamis could tell he'd devoted much time to working with his lightsaber, and recalled now some of the fame that had been beginning to spread about the man's reputed prowess.

Jamis flinched as the lightning blasted out from Sukara towards Brittany. She stopped it with ehr lightsaber, though. Jamis took the oppurtunity to send another blast of his own lightning at Sukara, and then jumped forward, stabbing very quickly, and very close to the handle of Sukara's lightsaber, trying to score a hit on the man's body.

02-10-2004, 05:43 PM
Growling in anger, Sukara quickly blocked and dodged Jamises skillful jabs, haveing cought the lightning blast in his hand, absorbing its power, however, Jamises speed suprised him, couseing him to leap back out of his strikeing range.

*Sukara* I am...suprised at your skill Jamis, it really is to bad you didn't wish to join me. But there is no sense dwelling on the past, if I must kill you, than I will.

Turning to Brittany, he grins sheepishly, before quickly ripping the door to her ex-prison free from its henges useing the force, throwing it at her, Brittany skillfully cuts it in two.

Blocking Jamises saber attack, wich he made shortly after Sukara threw the cage at Britanny. Sukara raises his hand, sending another bolt of force lightning at her, still recovering from the slight shock of haveing the door thrown at her, she is struck in the chest with the attack, the jolts of electricity sergeing thru her, couseing her to drop to her knee's.

*Sukara* There, that should keep you both off me long enough for me to kill you, Jamis.

With a determined look, he launched rapid sucsession of slashes, cuts, and jabs at Jamis, his attacks blurring somewhat, as he uses the force to hasten his attacks.

02-11-2004, 02:39 PM
Brittany's breath left her when the lightning hit and she dropped to the ground, trying to regain it. Sukara came over and stood just above her, prepared to make the killing blow, but she wasn't done yet. Her foot was close to his shin and the two connected very quickly, allowing Brittany to roll away and get up. She was still panting from the lightning, but was more than ready to fight more.

She ripped the door off of Rick's holding cell and used the force to throw it hard at Sukara.

02-11-2004, 03:01 PM
Seeing the door comeing, he quickly cuts it into three pieces, useing the two blades of his lightsaber, when the cage falls at his feet, he looks up just in time to see Brittany chargeing him, raiseing his lightsaber, as it clashes with her own, the three blades crackleing againts each other as he keeps his body firmly in its place, looking over his shoulder slightly to see Jamis standing up, he quickly pushes againts her, letting his anger fuel his strength, his body starting to glow slightly red as his mind is dominated by rage.

The increased power couseing him force her two sabers back, her left leg moveing further back to try and gain her some leverage againts his powerful assault, however, Sukara quickly forces her own sabers back againts her, and with one powerful push, couses them to singe her arms, the cloth above them setting fire slightly, as his foot rises, giveing her a powerful kick in the gut, sending her back a few feet, and onto her side, smirking slightly as he walks over to her, raiseing his saber.

*Sukara* And now, you die!

As he is about to bring it down on her, he completely forgets about Jamis, who is now chargeing him, seeing him just as he is about to strike againts him, and parrieing him with his lower blade, the suprise catching him in the a lock, as he struggles to break it, but there awkward position gives Jamis a great advantige, and he holds steady againts him.

*Sukara* Grrr...Damnit!

02-11-2004, 03:04 PM
Brittany decides to ignore the fight and slips into Rick's holding cell. She tries to wake him up, but when she is not successful, she picks him up and carries him out of the cell, running off to find the hangar. She hopes that Jamis will be able to hold Sukara off long enough for her to get away and then get away himself.

02-11-2004, 03:08 PM
Sukara turns to Jamis, who is still holding strong againts there saber lock, neather of them gaining, or loseing any ground.

*Sukara* You see? They have abandoned you, she would have tried to strike me down if she cared anything about you Jamis! Why do you continue to fight againts your ally's, when your so-called friends couldn't care less?

02-11-2004, 04:46 PM
Brittany tucked Rick safely away into a small shuttle and came back. She felt that she couldn't just leave Jamis alone. Disarming a stormtrooper along the way, she picked up his blaster to shoot at Sukara's unsuspecting back. The only problem is that, unsuspecting or not, he managed to block the bolt. She dropped the blaster and picked up both her lightsabers, charging to attack.

02-11-2004, 05:57 PM
Sukara with every ounce of his power, managed to break Jamises lock, spinning, giveing him a quick round house kick to the side of the head, couseing him to spin to the ground, raiseing his saber to stab down at him, he thrusts downwards, only to be forced to jump back at the last second as Brittany throws one of her sabers at him.

As Sukara is about to continue his assault the ship begains to shake violantly, the sounds of explosions being heared on the outside.

*Sukara talking into his com* Whats going on?

*Sith Trooper* There is a second Republic Interdictor class that has just emerged from hyperspace, from behind us! They're both fireing on us, our sheilds have been broken in several key poi-AGHHH!!

*Sukara looks back up at them* Damn Republic! I guess I'll have to finish you both off quickly then. I never thought I would have to use this againts anybody...But I have little choise, I need to get out of here quickly. You should be quite honered to force me into such a spot.

With that he clutches his saber tightly, standing in a ready position, growling slightly at first, before the tone of his voice deepens, a dark red aura surounding him, as he unleashes the full power of his Force Rage, combinding it with his Force Speed, and Force absorb.

*Sukara* I...will kill you both now...Then I must hurry...and rest...This will drain me past my limits...

With that, Sukara launches a blindingly fast assault, chargeing twords both Brittany and Jamis at lightning speed locking sabers with them both, his saber blazeing betwean them both, as they struggle to just defend, much less attack, Sukara's heart beating rapidly inside of his chest, feeling as if its going to explode, but he forces himself to continue, despite the pain his own assault puts him under.

02-12-2004, 02:04 PM
Outside the ship, the two Republic Interdictor's fire down at the already heavily damaged Sith vessal.

*Republic Officer* They won't last very long againts this assault. We'll have that ship crashing to the surface in no time. Don't worry, we made sure it was not over any of Tatooines three settlements.

*Admiral* Good work. Continue fireing till its engines are destroyed, if its still in orbit after that, then prepare to boared.

*Republic Officer* Yes sir!

The powerful turbo lasers of the republic ships beat down on the battered century old Rakatan ship, more corridoors explodeing as they impact, a chunk of the ship colapsing on some unexpecting Sith Trooeprs.

Despite all of this, Sukara continues to fight his oponents in the burning vessal, the chance that it might come down around them growing with each passing second.

02-13-2004, 12:53 PM
(( Welcome! That was a very good, and well thought out post. Nice one! :) ))

As the once mighty ship is battered more with each passing second, the Jedi who fight in its prison area only fight harder, pieces of the ship crumbleing down around them as they battle with all of there might. Sukara slowly pushing the two back, as his own imense attack slowly does harm to his own body, but not to much to prevent him from finishing what he has sworn to do.

02-13-2004, 04:52 PM
Suddenly, Jamis, realizing that this fight was near hopeless, decided to try some other tactic.

But what? He thought quickly. He couldn't use one of his mind tricks. They required more concentration than he could summon in the midst of this wild fight.

Even jsut thinking about that, he nearly had his head lopped off. He ducked in the nick of time and performed a back-hand slash that caused Sukara to hop back. And then Jamis realized what he needed to do.

He fought around to Sukara's side, slowly moving away from Brittany, but making the Sith have to cover himself even more. Fighting two opponents, the last thing you want is for them to get either side of you.

All of a sudden, Sukara was thinking defensively, even if with his inhuman speed he still had the offense. And that was what was needed. Once an opponent started thinking defensively, he started moving defensively. He had to respond. And that was what Jamis was looking for.

A moment as the Sith Lord forced himself to back up, away from the two Jedi, and Jamis had his chance.

In a normal fight with melee weapons between normal people, the fight is decided in the first few seconds. All that is needed is one mistake.

However, during a fight, Jedi tend to pick up emanations from one another about what an attack is going to be, because in the middle of a fight, even the most trained of Jedi has difficulty not letting some of their thoughts out to others.

So Jamis fed Sukara a false emanation about his next attack. He pretended he would go to one knee and stab straight forward, while Brittany went around to the right for a quick slash at the Sith's head. He fed this emanation to Brittany, too, and a moment later, she began the execution of her movement and attack.

Sukara had already begun to block Jamis' attack, and was setting himself up to block Brittany. Jamis, though, jumped and brought his saber around from the left, a fast and wicked blow aimed to seperate the top two inches of Sukara's shoulders from the rest of his body.

Sukara did the natural thing and ducked... and Brittany, reacting off of a second thought that Jamis had sent her way, stabbed, hitting him with her saber.

02-13-2004, 06:22 PM
Sukara gasped wide-eyed as he felt the blade enter his body for just a split second. stumbleing back, the wound not deep enough to kill, but certenly enough to distract him.

Looking down at it in suprise, and gazeing back up just in time to see Jamises blade comeing down on his, raiseing his own blade to block it, but the sharp jolt of pain from his wound couseing the position of his arms to shift slightly, Jamises blade comeing down right in the middle of his saber, just missing his fingers, but cutting threw one of the blades force crystals, destroying it. One blade deactivated, and the other end of the saber was release from his suprised palm as he falls flat on his back.

*Sukara* I-I can't beleave the both of you managed to defeat me...

Standing up, he slowly walks over to his now normal saber, picking it up, Jamis and Brittany both instantly raiseing there defence, but to there suprise, Sukara gets on his knee's.

*Sukara* You have fought well. I am not longer worthy of the title Lord of the Sith.

With that, he points the saber end at his chest, and lowers his finger down on the activation button.

02-14-2004, 03:36 PM
As the Republic transport boards the smokeing Sith vessal, they are greeted by a barage of laserfire from the surviveing Sith Troopers, fire already bombarding them as they open the door, the Sith Troopers not going down without a fight.

*Sith Trooper Commander* Kill the Republic Dogs!! They won't take us alive!!

02-14-2004, 05:28 PM
Brittany and Jamis ran back to the shuttle and found that Rick had still not regained consciousness. Brittany sensed a fight nearby and ran to help. She attacked the Sith troopers from behind, sometimes even deflecting the blasts of the Republic soldiers into Sith troopers.

02-14-2004, 05:36 PM
As hard as the Sith Troopers fought, they where outgunned and out classed, the Republic troops pushed forward, the Sith retreating into the hall running past the body of Sukara, the sight of it though, no doubt lowering the already distressed moral of the troops.

As it appeared that the Republic had cleaned everything up Visona looked down at the fallen body of Sukara, a burnt whole thru the very middle of his chest, made from his own saber, wich he chose to kill himself with, when he lost the right to be the Lord of the Sith.

However, this being one of the area's of the force she is strong in, she felt a small spark of life still within him, appearing that in his rash suicidal attempt, he missed his heart. A choise being presented to her, on what she should do. Should she finish the job, perhaps?

02-14-2004, 10:58 PM
Stairing at her thru slightly opened eyes, he watched her colaps on the ground. Shruging off the dizzying feeling he recieved the first few seconds after wakeing, he slowly rises to his feet, looking down at her.

*Sukara* Why...? Why did she save me? She is a Jedi...isn't she? Yes, I should kill her, even though I am not worthy of being a Sith Lord, I should...

Raiseing his now single bladed saber, he prepared to lower it down on her, but found that his arms would not obay the commands sent from his brain.

*Sukara* Why am I hesitateing?! She is a weak servant of the light...she deserves no mercy, right? Grr...

Hearing Republic troops approaching, he quickly turned to her, makeing his choise, picking her up, putting her over his shoulder, the approaching troops surely would fire on him if he stayed here, alerting a whole ship of no telling how many enemy forces.

*Sukara* Well, if she has saved me, she will just have to come with me...so I can interogate her, of course.

Looking back and forth, he makes his way thru the battered Star Ship, the sparks and smoke that bursts from its ruptured whole showing the damage it had sufered in the recent battle. He manages to sneak past any guarding Republic Officers, and up to a Republic Snub Fighter.

He quickly uses the force to pull the pilot over to him, impaleing him with his lightsaber, though, it was thru his stumach, and while most likely painful, it was not faital, growling at his weakness, fearing her healing left traces of light in him, moveing up to the fighter, and laying her in it, before getting inside himself.

*Sukara* I hope this thing works something like a Sith Fighter. Ahh, yes. There we go!

The fighter lifts off, Republic troops hearing it, and apon seeing the injured pilot, opening fire on it, however the shields easily withstand there blasts, as it bursts from the battered Rakatan vessal, the ship itself to damaged to even fire at the escapeing fighter.

*Sukara* Bah, I never liked that ship anyway.

Finding the nearest hyperspace root, he zooms off in its direction.

A few hours later, he manages to land on the remot planet of Lok. Its only inhabitants being a spars population of thugs and bandits.

*Sukara* Well, this is the safest place I can find at the time. And they shouldn't follow us...me here.

Laying her on the ground, he sets up a camp, sitting down cross legged on the ground, why he puts her in the sleeping bag.

*Sukara* I can't go to sleep, she might make off with all my food. I'll have to wait till she wakes up. Besides, after that healing, I feel like I could stay awake a few hours longer.

With that, he sat in his camp, waiting for her to wake.

02-15-2004, 12:59 AM
Brittany and Rick had been removed from the Sith ship as well and Brittany ran to the bridge of the Republic ship. She went directly to the highest ranking person she saw.

"Admiral," she said, "did you have any others aboard that ship?"

When he answered that he had, she reached out with the Force and sighed.

"She is alive, but very weakened," she said. "Her signal is leaving the area."

02-15-2004, 01:20 AM
Sukara looked at her as she slowly sat up, lifting his hood back. A smile on his face. Yes, a smile, it had been a long time since he had smiled, he didn't even realise that he was himself. When she healed him, she also managed to light the spark of light that was still within him, though at this point, you'd be lucky to get him to admit it under slow torture.

"Here, this will make you feel better." Sukara hands her a small cup of strange, green liquid. "Don't worry, it will help you regain your strength, it doesn't taste very good though, so prepare yourself before drinking it."

She slowly raises it to her lips, sipping of it, and already, some of her lost strength flows thru her.

"We're on Lok, its the only planet I could think of that the Republic wouldn't look for us on."

Sitting his own drink down, he staired at her.

"I have a question. What did you do to me? You healed me clearly, but I feel strange now. Alot differant than before."

He continued to look at her, awaiting an awnser.

02-15-2004, 03:33 AM
Sukara looked down at his feet thinking.

"Perhaps you are right. I cannot say for sure. How are you feeling?"

Suprised by his own question, he frowned slightly. Now he was showing concern for another, had he become so weak in such a short amount of time? He had not felt this way since he was a Padawan...

"We will rest here for the night, we do not want to stay in one place for too long. Large groups of bandits roam these planes. And I do not beleave they care for Force users."

With that, he layed back on the ground, closeing his eyes. Turning his head to look back at her.

"Oh, and by the way. My name is Sukara Delwynn, what is yours? We shall be stuck on this planet for a while, and I would like something to call you other than Jedi"

02-15-2004, 04:22 AM
(( Where's Rick Ulo anyway? o.O I guess he'll just have to stay KOed untill he gets back... ))

02-15-2004, 02:42 PM
( Well, Uber_Saber and Wild Jedi are still here, they posted just yesterday, but Rick Ulo has vanished, he hasen't posted in I guess 7 or 8 days...No matter, the show must go on. :) )

The next morning Sukara rose slowly, rubbing his eyes tiredly as he watched the planets Sun shine in the sky, the planet around them consisted of mostly jagged mountain ranges, violant sulfer pools, long expanses of desert, and harsh and desolate flats. The kinda place you would expect Pirates and bandits to live on, really.

Sukara walked over to her, nudgeing her slightly, waiting for her eyes to open.

"I think we should move now, as I said, remaining in one place on this planet is not wise. My Star Fighter was severly damaged in the entry, I underestimated the atmisphear of this world. We will have to walk..."

With that, he begain to gather there things for the journy ahead. Not truely knowing where they where going to go on this alien, hostile world.

02-15-2004, 04:31 PM
Jamis fretted as he stayed on the Republic Ship. With Brittany vouching for him, the Republic had not thrown him in the brig. He had made no secret of his Sith past, and the Republic Admiral was more than worried about having someone who could be a Sith on board.

So Jamis had a couple of bodyguards. More accurately, watchdogs, to make sure he didn't do anything unauthorized. He could go from the temporary quarters alloted to him, to the mess, and to the Medical Bay where Brittany was spending most of her time and Rick was spending all his time.

Rick was unconcious, in a coma, and would not respond to anything they'd yet tried. As powerful as the galaxy's technology was, few things could elude their knowledge, but a grasp of the human brain was still beyond them.

"Give it up, Brittany," said Jamis. "Sitting there fretting won't awake Rick." Brittany looked up at him, with a part glare. "Besides, you have another Jedi to retrieve, maybe." He recalled a conversation that they had had last night, once the Republic officer had been done debriefing him, and really, interrogating him. (Fortunately, it had only been a verbal interrogation.)

"You lost a Jedi," he'd said to the Admiral. The man had bristled.

"It was her own choice to go- her own choice to revive a fallen Sith. I cannot go gallivanting around the galaxy looking for her. I have a ship and crew to think of. I have to get back, get my people that are injured safe, get the ship repaired, some new crewmembers, some more fighters- I need it all. I can't go looking into a hostile area with a damaged ship and crew."

Jamis relayed this conversation to Brittany. "I could just start a Jedi-rescuing business," he said, trying to relieve some of the tension.

02-15-2004, 05:01 PM
Sukara and Visona slowly made there way across the planes, the Republic fighter unfortunatly haveing no Speeder with it, forceing them to walk. Sukara studied his suroundings constantly, on the lookout for any unsavory characters.

"There is one town here that I beleave we may find a temporary haven. Long enough for us to book passage off of this world atleast." Stated Sukara, gazeing to the north.

As he was about to take another step forward, he quickly spun, shoveing Visona to the ground as a blaster bolt nearly struck her in the back, quickly looking up at where it came from.

"Aqualish bandits...damnit! I don't know how they found us so soon...Never mind though, prepare yourself!"

Ignighting his lightsaber, he got into the ready combat position, deflecting the lasers as they flew at him, sending a few of them back at the bandits, killing a couple of them.

"We should be able to take care of these guys easily!" Sukara once again stated, with a excited smirk on his face.

02-16-2004, 12:02 AM
"Yes," Brittany said, feeling as if she could sit around no longer. "Jamis and I will look for your lost Jedi."

02-16-2004, 01:33 AM
Sukara once again looked down at the Dark Jedi, shrugging his shoulders slightly.

"You can choose not to beleave me if you wish, but this Dark Jedi did not work for me, I am a Sith Lord no more. When I fled that ship and left the remaining crew the Republic, I lost all standing with them. Again, you may choose not to beleave me, if you think you can survive out here alone." Sukara said, an eye brow raiseing.

"As for why he was working with thoughs thugs, I can not say, perhaps he followed us, and came to seek revenge on me for leaveing them behind...Wait..."

Sukara walked over to the corps of the dark Jedi, pulling his mask down. "It is! This is the surviveing member of the two Dark Jedi that I used capture Rick Ulo and Brittany, strange that he would be here..."

Looking around with new found caution, he turned his attention back to her. "More Sith might have followed us here. I can not say how many survived the destruction of my ship, I'm afraid. But, no doubt, if they are here, they are here for me. We should make haste, and find shelter. Follow me, unless you still refuse to trust me, that is." With that, Sukara turns and quickly continues on his way.

02-16-2004, 02:08 AM
(( Oh, and I think you did great on the combat scence, good one! :) ))

02-16-2004, 06:00 AM
Sukara gazed into the distance as she asked her question, guessing at the distance.

"Not to far, perhaps 20 or so miles, we should be a view soon. Lets hope we can get there without any more interuptions."

Continueing to walk twords the location he stated, they soon saw the flashing lights of the Haven in the distance.

"Ah, here we are. Be careful what you say in this town, its friendlier to Force users than the rest of the planet, but I wouldn't flaunt your powers around them."

Sukara and Visona enter into the town, the moons of the planet hanging in the nights sky, as Sukara enters the local cantina.

"Ahhh...its alot warmer in here!" He said with a slight smile on his face, looking around the room as the patrons laugh, drink, play Pazaak, and all of the other things that happen in this sort of place.

"Again, this is a rough crowd, watch what you say and do."

Sitting down at a stool on the bar, he lowers the hood of his cloak, reveiling his face to the bartender. "Corellian Ale." Sukara plainly states.

The bartender nods, slideing him a glass. Sukara picks it up, sipping from it before turning back to Visona. "We need to find a good sturdy ship to get us off this planet. We should ask around this cantina first."

rick ulo 11103
02-18-2004, 01:34 AM
(((great posts ninir :thmbup1: )))

rick arrised from his coma in the early morning and started ripping of various cords as the doctors started running in. britany and jamis were waken after rick had beed tested and surprisingly he felt perfect. britany and jamis explained everything to him.

((( iiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack lol:D )))

02-18-2004, 11:49 AM
After asking around the Cantina for a bit, Sukara was recomended to a man who sold personal fighters for reasonable prices.

"Thank you. We will be on our way now." Stated Sukara after dropping a few credits on the table for his information.

"We should waist no time in getting a better ship, Visona. The longer we are on this world, the easier it will be for the Sith to find us." He said as he quickly exited the cantina, makeing his way to the shop that the man directed him too.

Slowly opening the door, he looks back and forth, spotting a somewhat elderly man tinkering with some spare parts. "Um, hello? Are you Valk Durgyn? I am looking for a Star Fighter suitable for two. Do you have anything along thoughs lines?"

"Hmm...Well lemmie see what I can do for ya there son." Said a smileing Valk Durgyn as he made his way over to his records with a slight limp in his step.

"Hopefully this won't take TO long." Said a slightly heavy lidded Sukara as he watched Valk slowly limp his way to his records.

02-18-2004, 08:26 PM
Relieved that Rick had awakened, Brittany insisted that he come on the search for the missing Jedi and the Sith she had helped. Brittany had taken a mental note of the direction their small ship had gone and now followed it as best as she could.

02-18-2004, 09:13 PM
The half-decrepid Valk Durgyn had finally managed locate an ideal ship for the two of them, after a few hours of pushing buttons, and re-ajusting his glasses.

"Huh...? Hrmm...Ho ho! There we go! The perfect ship for you two love birds, heh heh!" Said a smileing Valk, winking to the two of them.

"What? I'm afraid you're mistaken about us, old guy. Look, how much is this going to cost? We're not exactly rich at the momment..." Sukara said in a somewhat disapointed tone, checking how many credits he had. "Do you have any spare credits on you, Visona?"

"Hrmmm...well lets see. She has a good, sturdy hull, a decent deflecter sheild, two forward mounted laser canons, and a top-notch life support system. Its a fine ship lad, and worth every credit!" Valk said with great confodence.

"You want to give us a good deal." Sukara said plainly, waveing his hand infront of the old mans face.

"Do I now? And why is that, son?" Valk said, a questioning look on his face. Valk, though old and slightly decrepid, clearly is very wise, and has a healthy mind.

"Damnit...look, I only have 18,000 credits. If we don't get out of here, there will be Sith comeing to this city. And they won't leave unscathed. They'll rip it to pieces trying to find us." Sukara stated with a stern look on his face.

"Well then, maybe its you who needs to ajust there morals, son. If they are gonna ruin our nice little town, then maybe you should go?"

"Even if we did leave, they would still pass thru here, and they will still kill the ones they deem unworthy, thats just how they are. They'll most likely detect us leaveing the planet though, and will follow us. Your town will be spared that way." Sukara said, a slight hint of plea in his voice.

The old ship building sighed heavily, but finally spoke once again. "Fine, fine. Have it your way son. 18,000 credits it is. Now hurry up and get out of here! I don't care to have a blaster hole in my head!"

"Very well. Come, Visona, we don't have alot of time to waist."

Sukara quickly payed Valk Durgyn, climbing into there new fighter, the ship lifting off smoothly, as Sukara brought its engines, shields and weapons online, flying from the planets surface, and into the air. Now above the planet, he scans for a hyperspace rout.

"We should be out of here in no time now. Lets see...What? Its a small transport...a Republic transport!" Closeing his eyes for a second, he opened them back up. "Damnit...Brittany and Jamis, aswell as Rick Ulo are there. This will be hard, but they won't get us without a fight! Get ready, I would hold on tight." Sukara gripped his controls tighter, and begain guideing his Star Fighter away from the transport.

"Escape will be our first option, if that doesn't work, then I guess we'll have no choise but to fight our way out of it..."

rick ulo 11103
02-18-2004, 10:40 PM
rick senced two auras in a ship one light the other dark he sent a message to the light one "visiona?"...

02-18-2004, 11:02 PM
(( Visona, I do beleave this is happening before the Galactic Civle War, before Episode 1 even. But we'll just say that the Empire found some old Sith TIE models and improved on them. Just please, no Star Destroyers or anything. :) ))

Concentrateing deeply, Sukara narrowed his eyes. "You line the ship up with the fighters, and I'll fire, don't worry, I always got high marks for my gunnery."

With that, Visona manuvered her ship skillfully across the black void of space, the Sith Fighters hot on there tail. Visona quickly loops upward, lineing the TIE up with Sukara's lasers, pulling the trigger, the crimson blasts erupted from the Fighters canons, blowing the fighter to pieces.

"Thats one." Stated Sukara as they manuvered behind another, Sukara once again fired the fighters powerful lasers, another Sith Fighter explodeing. "Thats two! Keep up the good piloting Visona. They can't keep up with us, I doubt I can say the same for the transport though."

Around the Republic Transport, 6 of the origanel 12 TIE's flew. There lasers hammering down onto the ship. The slow transport fireing back, but missing, the ship not ment for combat.

"Thats three, only three more chaseing us, the old guy was right, this is a good fighter!" Sukara exclaimed excitedly, somewhat enjoying the battle.

The transport rocked slightly as several more lasers struck it. "Damnit! Forward shields are almost out!" Shouted one of the transports pilots.

"Thats four, and five! Nice one, if I do say so myself." Said a confodent Sukara as he angled his shots, couseing one of the TIE's to crash into another. "One more left, and then we'll be out of here."

rick ulo 11103
02-18-2004, 11:15 PM
(((i invite you all (ninir, hiroki, wild jedi, and uber_saber) ro an RPG i am going to create i am not sure what it is going to be called but it will sort of be an introduction to a new character of mine please join!!!)))(((ummm im kind of in a hard position so my reply is going to be simple)))

"me might not be their for him to explain if you dont help us out!!!"

02-18-2004, 11:20 PM
(( Sure Rick, if its half as good as this I'll happily join. :) ))

The last of the Sith Fighters explode in a shower of sparks, Sukara letting go of his trigger and sighing. "That does it, and the other TIE's are busy with that transport, escape will be easy! Come on Visona, before the TIE's finish."

rick ulo 11103
02-18-2004, 11:25 PM
(((ok ill make it now)))(((what?!?!?!?!:eek: :eek: :eek: your just going to leave us there to die

:D :D :D )))

02-18-2004, 11:30 PM
The TIE's continue to bombard the Republic transport, several lasers strikeing the now unshielded engines, couseing them to explode, the whole transport shakeing violently, another shot causeing sparks to explode from the piloteing control panel, killing one of the transports Pilots.

"What are you waiting for Visona?" Asked Sukara, worried that the fighters would be done soon.

02-18-2004, 11:36 PM
Sukara growled under his breath, but gripped the trigger of the starfighter once more. "Have it your way, Visona. They're too badly damaged to pose a threat to us anyway." Reasoning the situation untill he came to an awnser that wouldn't hurt his pride, he launched another volly of laser fire, takeing out two of the unexpecting Sith Fighters.

"Hey, you there!" ( Sorry couldn't resist :p ) Screamed a angry Sith Pilot, the other fighters turning to face this greater threat. However, just as before, the expert piloting of Visona combind with Sukara's expert gunnery made short work of them.

Sighing heavily, Sukara looked at Visona. "There, they are safe. I'm sure some Republic capital ship will pick them up eventually. Can we go, now?"

rick ulo 11103
02-18-2004, 11:43 PM
(((alright go checkout the thread)))

rick sighed in relief as he saw the ship with visiona came and helped them

02-19-2004, 12:00 AM
Looking at Visona he thought for a second. "Corellia. Its not really remote, but we won't be in constant danger, eather. I good trade off, if you ask me." With that, the ship quickly made its way to its next destination. "It'll be a welcomed stop after Lok." Sukara says, a slight frown on his face as he remembers there experiance on the planet.

02-19-2004, 12:01 AM
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02-19-2004, 02:31 AM
Jamis leaned back in his seat as Rick and Brittany fought the flames. He watched the sensor screen as the fighter in which Sukara and Visona were in made the leap to hyperspace. Jamis made a note of their trajectory, and recorded it onto a bit of flimsy that he tucked into a pocket.

"How's the comm gear?" asked Brittany, looking back at him. Jamis checked it out. It appeared functional.

"What about the engines? I can send out a distress signal to The Republic, but if we don't have engines, we won't maintain our orbit."

02-19-2004, 08:57 AM
After finally emergeing from hyperspace, there ship drifted over the world of Corellia. Both Sukara and Visona where asleep in there respective seats, the ships sensors wakeing Sukara as they alerted them that they had arived. Giveing the back of her seat a light kick, he woke Visona, telling her they had arived.

"We're here, finally. Hmm...try and set us down in Coronet. We should be safe there, and we will easily blend in." Sukara said. Knowing the city of Coronet was always heavily populated.

The ship made its way to the planets surface, approaching rapidly, as it sat down at one of Coronet many spaceports. Climbing out of the ship, they are greeted by the landing official. Paying the fee they continued on there way.

"This city alone contains two times as many people as that dust ball Lok, atleast." Sukara looked around, wondering where they should go next. "Maybe we should try and earn some credits, I am almost broke after buying our ship..." Turning to see himself in the glass of a store, he looks at the black robe he still wears. "I need some new cloths, aswell."

rick ulo 11103
02-19-2004, 02:59 PM
rick knew a little about machanics and was able to make the engines put in to orbit before they went out again " there all we can do now is wait"

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02-19-2004, 03:04 PM
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02-19-2004, 03:49 PM
After searching around a few clothing shops, Sukara emerges in his new set of cloths. Dressed in the latest Coronet style for men, he took a moment stretch and get use to his new cloths. "Ahhh, this is much better. And I won't stand out so much, anymore." Turning to look at Visona he asks "Are you going to keep wearing thoughs Jedi robes?"

02-20-2004, 12:50 AM
Jamis watched on the sensor screen as the Republic Light Cruiser closed on their position. "They've got a lead," he said, but checking the navigation board, he found the recorded trajectory of the fighter Visona and the SIth Lord had been on.

Checking that trajectory, he found it led onto a much-used trade lane from Corellia to Lok. He pointed this out to the others. "On Corellia, they could easily disappear."

02-20-2004, 04:44 AM
There heavily damaged Transport, though given patch repairs, had been stressed beyond its limets. The hyperdrive of the ship exploded, litterly as they drew closer to the planet, the transports auto pilot kicking in, and useing what little power it has left, guides them to the surface for a crash landing.

"Is everybody alright?" Rick asks, looking around.

"I'm okay, I think." Jamis states.

"I'm alright too." Brittany says.

The three of them made it down safely, along with the 12 remaining Republic soldiers that went with them.

"I and my troops have suffered no heavy injurys sir!" The troop commander states firmly. "All troops are checked and acounted for."

As they step outside, they notice that they have landed in the wildlands of Corellia, outside any city.

02-20-2004, 08:20 PM
"Nice of the Republic to drop us off here," said Jamis, semi-kiddingly. He looked at the crash-landed vehicle. "Literally." He looked at the 12 troops and their commander, and then to Brittany and Rick. They had more authority with the Republic than he, a Rogue Jedi, did. He let them issue the orders.

"It'll be difficult to find those two, even if they reveal themselves as Sith and Jedi. Or maybe not. People know how to read the signs. A Sith and jedi travelling together would draw attention. Maybe if there's some information broker we could find..." his voice trailed off.

02-21-2004, 12:02 AM
Both Sukara and Visona had now bought civilian cloths, nothing special. Just what they needed. Not sure what to do next, they mostly visted the places that Coronet had to offer. Sort of haveing fun actually, something that for Sukara expecially, was almost completely forgoten.

"Its been a very long time since I got to do stuff like this..." Sukara said, something of a smile on his face. "Are you hungry?" He asked Visona.

02-21-2004, 05:57 AM
Sukara nodded at him. "Yeah...I got a little carried away with the hot sauce I guess." He said, still smileing slightly. "Whats our bill?"

"20 Credits for the meal, sir." The waiter states. Sukara pays him, and they exit the resturaunt. Continueing there trip thru the city till the sun begain to fall behind the tall skyscrapers, and the sky begain to dim. "Wow, we've been out all day, and we forgot to get a room..." Sukara rubbed his head in a slight state of embarassment at his forgetfulness.

Looking around he was unable to spot anywhere to get a room. "You'd think in a city so big they would have alot of hotels..." They continued to explore the city for any place to stay, finally comeing across a Hotel called 'The Kaadu's eye'. "This looks okay, for the night atleast." He said as they walked twords it, entering the building, he conversed with the man waiting at the desk. "Two rooms please."

Not to far away at all, Three Jedi, and 12 Republic Soldiers had just entered the town, dead tired from there long trip from there ship. Entering Coronet, the lights of the city being a warm welcome, after what they had to go thru in the wild, one of the soldiers was almost eaten when he got to close to what can only be discribed as a carniverous zit...

"We need to find some place to stay for the night..." Insisted Jamis, as they made there way deeper into the city. "Yeah, I'm dead tired, we've been travelling for a whole day straight..." Brittany said with a slightly groggy tone. Spotting a hotel in the distance, Rick alerted them. "Hey, over there! That place looks pretty nice, for tonight atleast."

They all looked at it, and agreed thats where they, and the soldiers would stay. Entering the hotel, they made there way to the man at the counter. "16 rooms, please." "16? My, thats quite a group you have there. Well, we have enough. Welcome to the Kaadu's Eye, gentlmen."

02-21-2004, 06:09 AM
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02-21-2004, 07:06 AM
Happily asleep in his bed, Sukara enjoyed his suroundings, peacefully slumbering, untill atleast, the nagging, dry feeling in his mouth woke him. Groaning in slight iritation, he went to get a glass of water, turning on the handle on his sink however, produced none of that ever so wonderful liquid substance. Spying the holonote above the sink, "Out of order, we're very sorry for the incoveniance..." He read outloud.

Groaning again as he stomped outside his room, twords the beverage droid, passing Visona. "Couldn't sleep eather?" He said, smileing tiredly at her. "What can I get you, sir?" The droid asked politely. "Just give me some water, please."

As he waited there, Rick Ulo came up the stairs, the others still waiting down in the lobby, passing Visona, who he had never seen before, and moveing twords the droid. Standing by Sukara, who had also never met. Sukara had not noticed him yet. "I'll have a Kryat Blast." "Yes sir!" The droid said with its typical enthusiasim at serveing humans.

Sukara slowly turns, his eyes bugging out as he saw Rick practicly face to face with him. "Uh...I...um..." "What? Is something wrong?" Rick asked him. Quickly remembering that Rick was had never seen him before, he composed himself. "Oh, um, nothing! I was just wondering if you could lend me...5 credits, for a drink for my friend there!" He said, looking at Visona. "Oh, hmm, I think I have it on me, ah! Here you are." Rick said, returning to the lobby. "Damnit, that was close, if he is here, the others must be aswell, and they WILL recognise me!" Sukara said to Visona.

Looking back and forth, wondering what to do. "They'll be up here soon, we need some plan." Sukara looked desporate as the two walked up the stairs. "Damnit, we can't fight in here, theres a ton of inn guests in here." He stated, starting to get used to his new found concern for life, barely even flinching from it. "Besides, even I can't take on all three of them AND 12 Republic soldiers..."

Looking at Visona, seeing her look of uncertanty, his face came over with a bit of slight shock. "You, you felt them, didn't you? You came out here, to tell them that you and I, that we where here, didn't you..." He said, trying to hide some of the hurt in his voice. "Do you want to go back to them, so badly? I guess I can understand, I mean, you are still a Jedi, right? You need to be with your kind...I just sorta, well thought we where friends...I guess nobody wants to be friends with an Ex-Sith Lord though, do they? Heh."

They here the group growing closer. "Well, what are you going to do now?"

02-21-2004, 03:11 PM
Trying to think, he paced back and forth infront of there door. The ex-Sith Lord thinking hard about there situation. "I can keep track of them, useing the force, but we must try and hide our own powers, or they'll feel us here."

Walking twords the window of there room. "We could jump out the window there, I suppose. But where would we go? We have a very limeted suply of credits on us..."

Sighing heavily, he sits down in the floor crosslegged. "We'll just have to wait till they go to sleep, as you said."

02-21-2004, 05:20 PM
Brittany glanced over as Rick stopped to get something to drink. Her eyes took in Sukara and Visona and she thought she recognized Sukara.

"Where have I seen him before?" she mutters to herself, but gives it no further thought and shuffles away to her room. "I'm dead tired," she whines to herself, just before she flops onto the bed and falls into a deep sleep.

The sleep was not restful, however, for she kept having dreams of the fight with Sukara. Suddenly, she awoke with a start. "That's who that was! I guess the lost Jedi was successful in reviving him."

Feeling slightly nervous about staying in a hotel near a Sith Lord, she decided to stay awake for the rest of the night. She was feeling very well rested now and began using the Force to scan the hotel.

"He must be masking himself," she thought, but strangely, she felt no fear of him.

02-21-2004, 05:42 PM
Sukara felt Brittany outstretching her hold on the force, most likely to search for him, but he held strong againts it. Wanting to outstretch his own power to find exactly where they are staying, but knowing that doing so would give himself away to her.

"Hmm, it would seem we have trapped each other at a stalemate of sorts. As of now, she has not been able to sense me, but I can not outstretch my connection with the force, in order to detect them, less they also detect me. Quite a situation, wouldn't you say, Visona?" He turned to look at her. "Eh?" Visona had been sleeping peacfully in her bed the whole time that he was talking. "Man, can't a guy have a dramatic moment here?" He jokeingly asked himself.

02-21-2004, 06:08 PM
Originally posted by Ninir
As for Uber_Saber, dude your character is seriously cool... very intriguing.

(Aaaw... I feel special!)

Jamis stretched out in his bed, unawares of the encounter Rick had had with the Sith Lord he'd been fighting just a day or two ago. (Time had passed too quick for him to really figure out when it was he'd been fighting last.)

He quickly fell asleep, and resolutely stayed that way for some time.

02-21-2004, 08:24 PM
The night passes, Rick, Visona, and Jamis all sleeping well, while Sukara and Brittany stay up the whole night, haveing a battle of Force seeing vs Force clouding. As Visona sters behind him, the sun of Corellia shineing down on her eyes, he continues to make sure Brittany sinse is clouded, while he greets her.

"Good morning, Visona. I do not think they have detected us yet. We should get out of here, though. Its still not safe."

In there own rooms, Rick and Jamis also wake up, going thru the standered morning rutien.

02-21-2004, 09:21 PM
Sukara did just that, think it over. Had he changed that much? Yes, he had, clearly. But the fact is, only two where Jedi, what about Jamis, for example. Would he be so forgiveing? Plus its safe to asume that Rick and Brittany could be considered Mavrik Jedi, who knew how they'd react. The 12 Republic soldiers he KNEW would not be happy to see him.

Clenching his teeth slightly, he didn't know what to do, they couldn't keep running forever, the Jedi would keep following them, and they would have to eventually confront them. There was no avoiding it really...But how would he even begain to approach them? He could see them drawing there Lightsabers at the mere sight of him. Hell, he would do the same if Jamis or Brittany suddenly appeared in his room.

"What do you want me to do, Visona? Do you really think two Jedi and a ex-Dark Jedi would really be happy to see the man who tried to kill them not so long ago? Would you?"

02-21-2004, 09:43 PM
Jamis had met Rick, and now they were walking along the hall to the rooms. Jamis took a look at one of the doors. "Have you seen Brittany this morning?" he asked.

Rick responded that he had not, and Jamis thought it was probably time to wake her, if they were going to start the search soon. When he knocked and heard Brittany call to come in, he hesitantly opened the door. She was seated comfortably, her eyes half-closed.

"The Sith and Visona are in the hotel," she said, giving them a half-lidded look. "I've been trying to find them, but he's been clouding my sight all night."

Jamis nodded slowly and looked around alertly, as if the Sith was liable to jump out of the closet. "How long have you been at it?" he asked her.

"Most of the night," she responded. "He's good at keeping me away from contact." Jamis nodded. He would have to be, as high as he climbed, he thought to himself.

"Rick, I suggest you start combing the hotel, bottom to top." He nodded. "Those Republic Troopers should be useful for something." he paused. "Brittany, I'd like for you to keep the pressure on the Sith, to keep him distracted. I'm going to try moving around the hotel to get a better fix on his location. I know most, if not all the tricks he's using to cloud his presence." With that, he waited long enough for Rick and the troops to get to the bottom floor of the hotel.

He entered the metaphorical stream of the Force lightly, slipping a toe into the water, and taking a small peek around the hotel, in a very generalized, light sort of scanning. He found that above them the clouding was more, and left the metaphorical stream as lightly as he had entered, hopefully without the Sith any the wiser.

He left the room, and started climbing the stairs.

02-21-2004, 10:06 PM
Jamis grunted. "It's quite all right." he noticed her watching his lightsaber like it was about to bite her. Then he noticed the lightsaber hanging off of her belt.

"You must be Visona," he said, and then realized what a stupid thing to say that was. "We've been looking for you," he continued, and realized that this was no better than his previous comment. "And... for the Sith. I assume he is with you? And why are you free, wandering the halls?"

02-21-2004, 10:21 PM
Sukara's voice sounded in Visona's mind. "Whats going on? I don't like what I'm getting here, its getting harder to keep my barrier up for some reason. Have you found one of them?" Sukara said, afraid to let even a fraction of his cloud mind power lax, as he could feel Brittany still trying to push thru.

02-21-2004, 10:51 PM
Closeing his eyes tightly, he strengthens his cloud, determind to keep Brittany from finding him untill Visona finishes what she set out to do. "Damnit...do I gotta take a piss or what..." He said, as he was begaining to feel the affect from not going in the last 8 hours.

"Brittany sure is going all out to try and find me, I hope Visona will be alright with them, they better not try and bring her back to the order, or things will get rough."

02-21-2004, 11:17 PM
"I'd also like to meet with... Sukara, did you say his name was? The Sukara?" Jamis felt impressed. He'd heard tales of Sukara while at the Sith Academy. The man, it was said, was without equal with a lightsaber.

"You see, Sith have some nasty mind tricks and other things they can use. Also, seeing as how I'm not a proper Jedi, I can relate better to a Sith than probably anybody else in this whole mess. I'll take you to Brittany and call Rick." So saying, he turned around and led Visona down a few floors to where Brittany was waiting.

Once in the room, he called to Rick telepathically. I've found Visona- come back to Brittany's room.

He looked at Brittany. "Visona is with us. And I think you may as well let up on trying to find Sukara. I hope that our errant Jedi here will tell us where he is. Then I can go talk" he sensed Visona about to say something "-and I mean talk in the literal sense of the word-" he waved at the young Jedi to remain calm, "to him. I've called Rick back, too."

02-22-2004, 12:11 AM
Jamis coughed. "Well, as one who's been in a rather similar situation before..." he looked to the other two. "By all means, let him alone, but... I'd like to meet him first. I mean, we've met before, but it was just a little bit of witty repartee before trying to kill each other."

He thought of the salvation that had come his way when he'd met Brittany, even when she was in her unconcious state.

But why did he not really care for the Jedi Order that much? True, he had come to care for Rick and Brittany, felt a bit protective of them, as if because he had freed them before that he could not let them be.

I like these Jedi, he thought, But I have no particular desire to join another order.

He knew he might end up at the Jedi Order. Then again, he might not. All the same, he wished to meet with Sukara, and see what he could find out. What was it about meeting a Jedi that had turned them both? Had it been the memories in Brittany's mind for him? Had it been the healing that Visona had performed on Sukara?

02-22-2004, 12:33 AM
Feeling that Brittany had stopped trying to find him, Sukara had quickly dashed to the toilet... "Ahhh...Damnit, thats the last time I do that..." He said with a releaved tone, as he stood up and walked out, sitting back down in the chair. "I wonder if Visona's doing alright."

Reaching out, with his now free mind, he easily contacts Visona thru the force. "Visona? What is happening? Brittany has stopped trying to find me. Are you alright?"

02-22-2004, 01:53 AM
Brittany sat silently, listening to the story Visona had to tell. She doubted that Visona had made it up, but she couldn't help but wonder if Sukara was feeding a story to Visona. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the thought.

During the 8 hours of her mental battle with Sukara, she had grown extremely weary and was in a mood to agree to nearly everything.

"If he is truly as you say," Brittany finally said, "then I cannot hold his past against him."

She stood and stretched, but quickly sat down on a bed and slipped into a light sleep, flopping quietly down onto it.

02-22-2004, 03:43 AM
"If he will be comeing alone, I will meet with him. Atleast that way, I know if he trys anything, I can subdue him by himself. His friends have to stay away from me till we have talked, make sure he understands that, okay, Visona?" He said to her calmly thru the force.

02-23-2004, 12:50 AM
Visona opened the door to the room, and Jamis entered. There, sitting in one of the two rather uncomfortable and not well-made chairs that was provided along with the room, was Sukara.

Jamis settled himself down in the other uncomfortable chair, across the faux-wood table from the other man.

"I'm here to make sure you've not been working on Visona, tricking her, etc.," he said at first. "And I must say it's much nicer meeting you this time than last time."

The Ex-Sith seemed genuine enough, not opening up much, but that was to be expected, given his Sith training. On the other hand, the fact that he had opened up a little, even in the short time he'd had with Visona was a good sign.

"Tell me, Sukara... I'm interested- Why are you not with the Sith? Why are you keeping company with a Jedi, and from what I've heard from her, trying to experience a semi-normal life?"

02-23-2004, 03:27 AM
Sukara looked up at Visona. "I see you've been giveing him the extended Low-down..." Turning back to Jamis. "Well, the Sith, for one thing, have tried to kill both of us. On Lok they attacked us, and among them was one of the Jedi that I had sent to capture Rick Ulo and Brittany." Pauseing for a moment, he continues. "I think there is a new Sith Lord, and he wants me dead. I do not know who it is, or even how he got the tital, but if there is no sucsessor, the Sith generally flee back to there side of the galaxy and hide."

"Why am I keeping company with a Jedi? Why are you keeping company with TWO Jedi, Jamis?" He said, smileing slightly. "Same for the third question. Don't you want to try and have a normal life? I would have thought that one would be abvious."

02-23-2004, 04:02 AM
"I am keeping company with two Jedi because I keep having to help rescue them. I rescue them because they showed me the error of my previous ways..." he trailed off.

"I'm not sure that a normal life really appeals to me. I might try it. All I know is, that I don't want to rejoin the Sith, and I don't particularly care about joining the Jedi."

He looked at Sukara. "But you didn't really answer my question. Why are you travelling with Visona?"

02-23-2004, 05:13 AM
Sukara looks at him. "Well, from I can tell from her now, she does not wish to return to the Jedi order. Isn't that right, Visona? I'm travelling with her becouse she is my friend, the first one I have had in a very long time."

Sukara thinks for a moment. "I'm not sure what we'll do. Maybe just explore the galaxy, and adventure around. Okay, so maybe thats not such a 'normal' life, but its something I never got to do with eather the Jedi or the Sith." He stops to gather his thoughts before continueing.

"And I'm sure Visona hasn't gotten to do it much eather, being in the Jedi order almost all of her life. How long where you a Sith, Jamis?"

02-23-2004, 02:18 PM
"They caught me when I was just a kid," admitted Jamis. "About eight or so. I'm twenty-five right now, so... seventeen years. Most of my life, really."

He understood right now, that Sukara was no threat, and was in fact, much like himself. He nodded to himself.

"I understand you a bit," he said. "I hope you two have a good time wandering the Galaxy." He looked around the room. "I'll reccomend to the Jedi to just let you two go your way."

02-23-2004, 03:40 PM
Sukara smiled at Jamis, and nodded. "Thank you, Jamis. That takes a heavy burdin off of us. Here, take this." Sukara walks over to him, pulling out his ex-double bladed lightsaber. Giveing Jamis the still working part of the hilt. "Don't worry, I've made a new one, I don't need it. But sinse you are the one who broke it, I want you to have it, as a symbol of respect, on my part."

Sukara walked back twords Visona and thought for a second, before speeking again. "We should probably not stay here to long, Visona, even if the Jedi are not chaseing us, that won't stop the Sith."

Turning back to Jamis, and sitting down in the chair infront of him again. "Speaking of the Sith, I would watch out when you're leaveing this planet...they might have a capital ship waiting for you."

02-23-2004, 04:42 PM
"Thanks for the tip," said Jamis, still holding the lightsaber that Sukara had given him. "Be careful yourself. The Sith probably won't mind a small-to-medium sized traitor like me, but an ex-Sith Lord would be high on their list of priorities."

He got up, and left the room, and started towards Brittany's room, where he sensed the two Jedi were.

Inside, Rick was still worriedly hovering over Brittany, who was still out cold.

"She'll be okay," said Jamis, taking in the two Jedi. "However, it's likely that you might want to leave the planet soon." he clipped the lightsaber that Sukara had given him onto his belt.

"I have met with Sukara, and believe he is genuine. He and Visona are probably leaving the hotel as we speak. You might want to be careful getting off-planet, as the Sith may be hovering around, ready to get Sukara."

Rick looked up. "We might want to be careful?" He looked a bit suspicious. "Aren't you coming with us?"

Jamis looked at the floor. "No. Not yet. The day may come when I go to the Jedi Temple, and join the Jedi order, but today is not that day. I'm going to stick around here for a while, I think." he looked down at his waist, at the two lightsabers clipped to his belt.

"I'm going to wander."

02-23-2004, 06:50 PM
As Jamis walked Rick and the Drowsy Brittany out of the hotel, they hear the buzzing sound of rapidly approaching swoop bikes. The Speederbike Swoops quickly zoom, twords them, Rick pushes Brittany out of the way, rolling out of there path himself, Jamis doing the same, the bikes quickly spin, fireing there explosive lasers at the group, fireing at the ground near them, rather than at them, to avoid there deflection.

"Death to Sukara, death to all traitors, death to all Jedi!!" One of the Swoop riders, clearly a Sith screamed, as he and his three other compantions rushed twords them again. Fireing there lasers at the ground directly infront of Jamis, so he couldn't block them, the lasers explodeing againts the ground, sending Jamis flying back and into a wall.

Another fires at the wall behind Rick, couseing him to fall on his face, quickly fireing directly at him while he is on the ground, hopeing for a kill, but Rick skillfully leaps out of the way. Another swoop fires at the ground on Brittanys side, couseing her to stumble slightly. The swoop rider speeds up, and atempts to impale her on his bikes forward blades, but she quickly leaps over him.

"You can't win, Jedi!!" Another Sith screamed.

02-23-2004, 07:20 PM
Jamis stood back up, reached across with his right hand, to the left side of his belt, and pulled out the lightsaber Sukara had given him. He threw it, not having the telekenises to guide it, but it was an accurate throw anyway. A swoop bike fell apart, and the rider jumped off.

Jamis ran up and it was a race to see who would get their lightsaber out first. Jamis reached down, not even bothering to unhook the lightsaber, and just swung it from his hip while igniting it. It cut through the Sith's leg. That man, still struggling to get his lightsaber off his belt screamed and collapsed.

Jamis reached down, grabbing Sukara's lightsaber and throwing it at another swoop. The rider, seeing what had happened to his companion, darted away. Jamis grabbed the Sith's lightsaber and threw it at the other swoop. That man also darted away.

A Sith leaped down from a nearby roof, landing with his saber on. The man was tall, and powerfully built. He flashed an evil smile at Jamis. Red blade crashed against red blade as the swoops returned.

Jamis jumped back and sucked his gut in as far as it would go, and the Sith's lightsaber barely missed him. He stepped forward and parformed a backhand slash, taking the Sith's right hand off. His opponent, though, took that in stride, and threw his left hand back, still holding the lightsaber. He picked off a stab by Jamis and twirled it around, expertly, with one hand.

A moment later, the man's boot was in Jamis' face, and he stumbled back. The man strode forward, towards him, and Jamis began to stand up. Then, he felt something hard beneath him. He rolled backwards to get up, grabbing hold of the lightsaber he had thrown earlier.

The sith was close when Jamis stood up. He brought his lightsaber in a series of quick darting movements. Jamis swept it aside, then stepped forward and ignited the other blade right into the man.

The Sith fell down, and Jamis checked which saber it was he was holding in his left hand. Sukara's. He grinned. having a second saber was useful. He looked around. Brittany, still tired, had just brought one of the Sith Swoops down. Rick had already brought the second down, and was battling that Sith.

Rick was pushing the man back, battling him hard, but coldly, without losing control of his emotions. Jamis nodded. That was the thing about Jedi, they kept their head in a fight. Usually. He watched as the Sith Brittany had just unseated started striking at her with powerful blows, and started running that way.

02-23-2004, 07:40 PM
As Jamis ran twords her however, he forgot about the forth Sith Swoop rider, who had circled around a building when he tried to throw his saber at him, quickly rideing out from behind the building while Jamises back was turned, heading straight twords him, as he was almost on Jamis, he quickly turned to see the Swoop, twisting rapidly twords the right, he narrowly evaded the blades of the bike.

But the Sith had extended his hand and bald it into a fist, his knuckles colideing with Jamises face in a loud crack, the punch powered by the speed of the swoops engine. Jamis backflips onto his face, as the swoop quickly turns to finish him off.

"I've got you now, traitor!" The Sith mockingly said, a smirk on his face, as he quickly zooms twords him. As he approaches however, a figure leaps from a building at the mans side, slamming into him and knocking him off his bike. Quickly rolling to his feet, he ignights his new green double bladed lightsaber, revealing himself to be Sukara.

The Sith roars angrily, rushing twords Sukara, ignighting his lightsaber, the red and green blades locking, but the Sith soon finds out that he is over matched, as Sukara gives him a swift kick to the head, throwing him off balence, before he kneels, spinning around, and cutting the stumbleing Sith in half at the waist. Turning back to Jamis.

"Are you alright, Jamis?"

02-23-2004, 08:15 PM
Jamis rolled onto his back, to take the pressure off his abused face.

"I thig my gude loogs are gob forebber," he cracked, touching his nose, which had been the portion of his face that the Sith had hit. Fortunately, the man had hit it sideways instead of from the front.

"I bight need a dogdor to ged dis strabeddened out," he continued, feeling the way his nose had bent out of whack. "I thig id's definidely brogen."

He looked past Sukara, with a slightly dazed look on his face. "Brddany mighd need sub hep," he said, pointing past the Ex-Sith.

02-23-2004, 08:51 PM
Sukara looked at Brittany, seeing as she was in trouble. Turning back to Jamis he nodded and begain to run twords her, before looking back, and grining. "Leag ig up to me." He said, snickering slightly before continueing.

Sukara yelled at the Sith to get away from Brittany, motioning a challenge to him. The Sith pushed Brittany back and looked at Sukara. "Ah, so the ex-Sith Lord thinks he can still stand toe to toe with me? Even when surounded by the weakness of the light!" The Sith screamed, running twords him, his crimson blade glowing as it slams againts Sukara's. "I sugest that you stop this right now." Sukara said calmly, blocking his blows as the Sith swung him. Growing more angry with each blow, he begain to lose control of himself, simply swinging blindly in rage, finally, Sukara had enough, chopping the Sith's arm off when he made a miscalculation, and impaleing him on his saber.

"I think that should be it for them." Sukara stated, turning to see that Rick had just killed the Dark Jedi that he was fighting. "This is bad. That band was much more organised than the one that attacked me and Visona on Lok. Now I know there must be a new Sith Lord."

Sukara thought for a second. "Its impossible they could be so well organised without somebody leading them. But who could take up the mantle? Its not safe to be on this planet, and its not safe to leave it, eather. A Sith Fleet is most likely in orbit, hideing, and waiting for us to try and escape. And they'll send more down here, and more, till we're eather captured or defeated. I'm not sure what we can do..."

Sukara let out a long sigh and looked up into the sky, pondering who this new enemy could be.

02-23-2004, 08:52 PM
(( Hint hint, if anybodys been reading this besides us, then this would be a good time to make a villan character if you want to join. :) ))

02-23-2004, 09:00 PM
(OOC: Yes, new blood! We promise we won't bite. Or, at least, I do.)

"I thig maybe we need a bedder shib than before," said Jamis. "We should eider take one bery good shib, or take several smaller, fazter shibs." he paused and thought.

"Thad, or we need do be less diztinguishable." He looked to the hotel, and to the Republic Troopers now spilling out of the hotel, a minute or two late.

"We need do lose dose troobs, too. Chage clobes, hide weabons, maybe splid ub. Or make da run do space fast, before they have do much more dime do prepare."

02-23-2004, 09:40 PM
(I'll hold you to that promise Uber_Saber ;) )

She paced around the Lord Chamber, her glee radiating throughout the room making her attendants a lot more at ease. Oh her plan was going wonderfully, she thought as she stopped before a mirror. An alluring woman stared back at her, with an almost too beautiful face and perfect body. Her ruby red lips split into a charming crooked grin as she glazed at her reflection, admiring her long dark mane of silky hair.

Oh yes she wasn’t flawed and she made sure neither were her plans. When Sukara so eagerly seized the title of Dark Lord, she waited patiently bidding her time until he made the mistake she was so certain he would. She had congratulated herself on discreetly alerting the republic of his presence at Tatooine, successfully removing the thorn in her side and clearing her way to seize the throne. Or so she had mistakenly believed.

Her dark eyes narrowed, how she hated being wrong… Learning of that silly Jedi’s healing of Sukara, she had sworn she would undo that mistake. And so she was at work now, her plan working marvelously. She would make sure that stupid girl became dear Sukara’s downfall; she would work the weakling into her twisted little scheme.

She gazed at her perfectly manicured nails, flicking away an invisible speck of dirt. Dealing with that traitor though was just one of her goals, she was efficiently organizing the scattered Sith, and recruiting even more to her cause. How the republic would be startled when her Sith Armada conquered their precious galaxy, ruling it at her will. Yes, she liked the sound of Emperor Armala, everywhere people would know and fear the name of Doyen Armala, she would make sure of it.

02-23-2004, 10:27 PM
(( :D You've defenatly made a good villan there. The best kind, one that you can love to hate, hehe. Congrats! ))

Sukara raised his hand infront of Jamises face. "Here, let me try one of my new skills." As the force slowly moved thru Sukara's hand, and into Jamises broken nose, it straightened, the bones mending, and become right, as they should be. "Not bad for my first live try!" Sukara said happily.

Thinking about what Jamis said, he agreed. "Would you like to come with me and Visona? Atleast untill you decide on if you want to go back the order or not. Theres safety in numbers, and I doubt the Sith will be after your friends if I'm away from them."

Sukara once again gazed into the sky of Coronet. "We have a new enemy to deal with, and I know not who it could be..."

02-23-2004, 10:53 PM
Brittany frowned, hoping that her twin sister Marli had not somehow been resurrected once more. She could not see how that was possible except through cloning and Marli's body had been lost in the oceans. No, it could not be Marli. That was certain.

The fight had forced Brittany to wake up completely and she was not pleased with that. In fact, she was a little grouchy now, but grateful nonetheless for the help of Sukara.

"We can be glad that's over," she said, but suddenly frowned. "For now, that is."

02-23-2004, 11:05 PM
Sukara nods slowly and sighs, wanting to make sinse of the whole thing. "I just can't think of who - Nah, no way could it be her. Could it? I guess, she was a master of force attacks, as I was of the lightsaber."

Sukara was lost deep in thought, but his concentration was quickly broken by a voice. "Who are you talking about?" Asked Rick.

"Well...there was another student, Doyen Armala. She, like me, disliked Zera, and resented him for chooseing Hadeous over her. Honestly though, I can understand why Zera would, Doyen...Doyen was very very hung up on herself, to say the least. Though she was strong in the force, she often neglected the dutys asaigned to her by her supieriors, in favor of makeing sure that her hair was properly done, or that she was always dressed perfectly..." Sukara stopped, catching his breath.

"Well, I had not heared from her in a long time, I thought she must have been killed by the time I saw Zera himself struck down. I couldn't have guessed she was waiting to take the mantle of Sith Lord from me. She can have it though. I don't want it. But she is dangerous, and though its not my responcability, I sujest you and your Republic look into it."

Seeing the Republic troops nearing, he turned to Jamis. "I told Visona to wait by our Star Fighter, are you comeing with me? Or do you want to remain with them?"

rick ulo 11103
02-24-2004, 12:39 AM
(((ummm thanks and uuuhhhhhh have fun and uhhh.... yah! just that 'uhhh'
anyway next time i either
1. get caught up in a book
2.get caught up in XBOX
3.just dont feel like posting

and i dont post for a while just CC (control character). oh and Sulah great character, and welcome to lucas forums!)))

rick was curious about this doyen character and asked many quetions about her

(((somthing just occured to me, so far 2 people have gone from dark to light im just not sure what it is going to be like if 3 turn and i mean none of the characters can die (unless they want to)
and i would get bored if a battle went on for pages. just my thoughts)))

02-24-2004, 02:45 AM
(Nice post, Sulah. *Goes to bite, but then remembers his promise* Grumblegrumblemutter.)

Jamis, having been in a class behind Suakara's, had heard of such emminent Sith as Sukara and Hadeous, but had not known all the Sith. He drew a blank on the name of Doyan Armala.

He rubbed his nose. "Thags," he said, out of pure habit, and then corrected himself. "Thanks."

"I think that yes, I will go with you, at least for a while," he continued, talking quietly to Sukara. He looked at Rick and Brittany, the two Jedi with whom he'd been so closely involved recently.

"I have troubles with drawn-out goodbyes," he said. "I think we will probably meet again." He saluted the two Jedi, picked up his lightsabers, and bowed to them.

02-24-2004, 03:53 AM
Sukara smiled and nodded at Jamis, waveing to Rick and Brittany. "Lets go then, Jamis, before thoughs troops spot me!" Sukara said, quickly makeing his way to his ship, Jamis close behind.

They arive shortly. "Hey Visona, is it ready to lift off?" Sukara asked. "Yes, but what took you so long, Sukara?" Visona asked him, not sure why he took over 10 minutes to get there. "Oh...we had another run in with the Sith. Jamis will be going with us, though. So skoot your rather large toosh over!" Sukara said, grinning widely.

(( Oh and don't worry Rick, I don't feel that Sulah's character is the...type to become a lightside Jedi. She's bad thru and thru, right Sulah? ))

02-24-2004, 05:36 AM
(Yup! is it that obvious? :D I kind of have the end all pictured out...

Sukara manages to defeat Doyen Armala in their last duel. She falls to her knees and makes a whole long speech before finally dying, while Sukara listens to her babble patiently.... something like Revan and Malak in Knights of the Old Republic.

And imagine if I could somehow convince Visona to join the Dark Side, Oh the possibilities! Too bad she doesn't have battle meditation though... ;) )

"My Lord Armala", a Sith Officer hesitantly approached. She waited, reveling in the building apprehension around the officer, before slowly turning to face him.

The sith officer kneeled at her feet, awaiting permission to stand and relay his message. She didn't grant permission, she loved seeing them groveling at her feet in fear.

"What knews do you bring?" she demanded in a silky sweet voice, somehow managing to instill even more fear in the covering officer.

"The strike team has failed, my Lord. They were unable to kill Sukara and his weak companions. The fought bravely in your name, my Lord, and willingly gave their lives to fulfill their mission than return to you in defeat." the officer reported failing to keep the tremor out of his voice, no doubt fearing her displeasure.

Much to his surprise, Armala was not displeased quite the contrary. "Very well, everything is going as planned than. Leave me now."

Eyes downcast, the officer stood and bowed before backing out of her chamber.

She turned to regard the beautiful serene view outside, "Oh the surprises I have in store for you, dearest Sukara."

02-24-2004, 06:19 AM
Sukara thought on it for a second before decideing. "Well, its not the most wonderful place to visit, but I must see somebody there, someone very important to me." Sukara said, quitely. "Head for Nar Shaddaa." Sukara stated. As the fighter turned, entering hyperspace.

Sukara sat quite the whole time, thinking of this person he said he was going to see.

02-24-2004, 06:37 AM
(( Hey, I was thinking of maybe a little later, makeing a spin-off thread of TINP. Basicly, after Doyen has built up some of her fleet, her and the Republic go to war. In my thread I was thinking that we and anybody else who wants to join could make new characters. Basicly, the idea behind it was that you would be part of Admiral Katach's fleet, who is the primary Republic taskforce againts the Sith.

You CAN be a Jedi, but I would strongly sujest you make a commando-type character thats part of the Republic. As my character would be the captain of a team of crack Republic commanders directly under Katatch's command. I also decided to put something special and unique. :)

You can have a 'Primary character.'One that you will be useing the most, and centering most of your posts around. And a 'secondary' character. One who you use, and control, just like you normally would, but less than your primary. I was thinking, maybe the Ninir could control Admiral Katach, but still be a part of the commando team or whatever, this way. And we could all have other characters to play with. Sometimes I suppose, our TINP characters can make cameo's, but I would like to try and keep them from playing to large of a role.

The story is basicly a side story. While Rick, Brittany, Jamis, Sukara, and Visona are fighting againts the Dark Jedi elite, and Doyan's finest, these guys are doing the military war effort type of things, fighting the Sith fleet, fighting the ground wars, going on covert missions for the Republic to investigate Sith activaty. You know, that sort of stuff. Well, what do you all think? Does that sound fun to you? :) ))

02-24-2004, 06:54 AM
(I like it!! Mayb I could hav another character, whose part of the republic and not evil.... being twisted really gets to u after a while.)

02-24-2004, 06:59 AM
(( You're welcome to join, Sulah. Okay, I'll start writeing it now. Cya you all when its done. It might take me a while to write it all, hehe. ))

02-24-2004, 12:57 PM
(Excellent idea!)

Jamis sat there in the small, rather cramped fighter, thinking thoughts about Nar Shadaa. By all accounts, perhaps he could find a ship of his own there.

02-24-2004, 02:43 PM
Sukara sat quitely, stairing outside the window as they pass thru the blue tunnel of hyperspace. "Visona, be very careful when we get to Nar Shadaa. In someways, it is worse than Lok. There are many criminals and Crime Lords on this planet. It is even run by the hutts themselves."

Sukara looked at Jamis, behind him. "Sorry about the cramped space, I doubt this fighter was made for such a thing..."

02-24-2004, 02:45 PM
(( Its up now! Its called Soldiers of the Republic. I hope you all have fun in it! :) ))

rick ulo 11103
02-24-2004, 05:24 PM
(((great idea im going to join right after im done with this post)))

rick took the chance to meditate. after a while he realised that there was going to be a war, he saw many deaths on both parts and he suddenly opened his eyes and said

"there is no peace"

(((hehe :D)))

02-24-2004, 09:43 PM
Sukara, Visona, and Jamis emerge from hyperspace over the world of Naa Shadaa, the star fighter landing on one of the many starports of the mostly city planet. Climbing out, Sukara stretches, tired of being cramped in the tight confines. "Well, this is it. Its hard to find a place with more trash in it." Sukara says, watching as an Ithorian hooker tries to saduce some unfortunate Rodian...

"Ahem...Well, you guys can go look around, be careful though. Try and not anger anybody here, it could couse us more trouble than we need right now. I'll be back later, I've got to do something." Sukara turned and walked off, leaveing them by the Star Fighter.

02-25-2004, 12:08 AM
"He's certainly got a knack for pretty spots. Get him to let you choose the next visit on your vacation." He frowned a bit, noticing the Twi'lek eyeing Visona.

He grinned. "Can't say I dislike the idea of food, though." He looked around. This involved looking completely around himself, up, and down. "I'm not sure where to find a good place to eat, but I'm sure we'll manage."

They found a small place that was alledgedly a multi-cuisine restaraunt, and Jamis managed to find something that looked and sounded vaguely familiar on the menu. (It was, in fact, an old Correlian dish)

When it came out, it was a little bit better than edible, and Jamis declared the incident a success. Then he looked at the entrance to the restaraunt.

"Your admirer is outside, trying to look like he's not," he told Visona. "And failing abjectly, I might add." She instinctively began to turn. "Don't." he said. "Let's just carry on with the plan, and look for a good time to either leave him behind or to confront him. I'd prefer to leave him behind. As Sukara said, we don't want to offend anybody this guy might be working for."

(OOC: Oh sure, edit and ruin my post. Go ahead, I don't care. :p )

02-25-2004, 12:13 AM
Sukara walked into a strange home, a man was sitting at the center, meditateing quitely. "I'm glad you have come, Sukara. It has been quite a long time." The man spoke in a calm, and soothing voice.

Sukara smiled, and nodded at him. "Its good to see you again...Master." Sukara walked over to him sat down on the floor. "How are you feeling?"

Master Dun'regi looked up at his old Padawan, smileing slightly. "I am doing okay, young one. Though I suppose you are all grown up now, arn't you? I knew the rumors about you couldn't be true..."

Sukara frowned slightly and lowered his head. "They are true, master. I joined the Sith, and killed many Jedi. I even took up the mantle of the Dark Lord..." Sukara said, a sadness in his voice.

Dun'regi put his hand on his ex-students shoulder. "I do not sense the Dark Side in your now, Sukara. So you must have turned your back on the dark." He said to him, softly.

Sukara looked up at him. "Yes, I have, master...but I still have done much, much that cannot be forgiven." "All can be forgiven, my Padawan. But you must first forgive yourself. The Jedi would not bare a grudge againts you. It is only you that would do so."

Sukara smiled slightly, and nodded. "I know, and perhaps one day, I may be able to forgive myself. I'm sorry for all the grief that I must have coused you..."

His master wrapped his arms around him and hugged his old student warmly. "There there. It is alright. You came back, and that is what matters now..."

02-25-2004, 12:17 AM
A slutty female Ithorian sitting beside Jamis extended her rather long toungue, lapping at Jamises cheek as faced the other direction. "Mmm...I always liked a big strong human." She said, winking at him with one of her goggle-eyes.

02-25-2004, 12:20 AM
"Did you?" asked Jamis. He looked at the Ithorian with a hard stare. A moment later, he relaxed and waved a hand in front of her face. "You want to leave me alone." Her face glazed over. "You want to go home and re-think your life."

She stood up and stumbled away. Jamis turned to Visona. "It's almsot too fun doing that."

02-25-2004, 12:28 AM
The Twi'lek walked into the resturaunt shortly after Jamis sent the Ithorian away, walking up to Visona, he took a seat beside her. "Lovely evening, isn't it, miss?" He said, giveing her a rather greesy smile.

02-25-2004, 02:16 AM
The Twi'lek grined widely. "Well I'm glad to hear it. My name is Dik'ars, a loyal servant of Nobadda the Hut. I'm very please...to make your aquantince. But, maybe we should get to know a little more about each other, yes? You would like that, wouldn't you..."

Dik'ars reached his hand over to her, placeing it on her and, and starting to glide it up just a little TO high. "Heh heh..." He cackled pervertedly.

02-25-2004, 03:22 AM
Dik'ars growled in rage. "How dare you refuse me, wench! You'll pay for that!!" He quickly pulls out his blaster, aiming it at Visona, but before he could fire it, a hole is blown thru his skull, he falls to the ground dead.

"No blasters." The bartender states coldly at his corps, holding a carbine in his hands.

02-25-2004, 03:55 AM
After a long while with his master, Sukara leaves the building, saying goodbye to his old friend and mentor. Makeing his way quickly thru the streets of Naa Shadaa, he meets up with Visona and Jamis. "There you are! I'm done with my buisness, I hope you two kept out of trouble, all we need is a Hutt on our tails along with the Sith..."

02-25-2004, 03:58 AM
"Indeed." said Jamis, somehow managing to keep a straight face. "That would be the last thing we need."

He looked around. "Do you happen to know where they sell ships here? Things are bit confusing to me."

02-25-2004, 04:04 AM
Sukara thought for a second. "Yeah, I guess things are getting cramped for us in that single ship. Hmm, I beleave I passed one on my way back here. Follow me, you come to Visona, we'll probably need thoughs credits." Sukara said, a slight tease to his voice.

They walked back from where he had just came, spotting a ship dealership, walking twords it, the man there, or rather, a Gamorean walked up to them. "Snort snort snort snort snort snort snort snort snort snort snort. (translation) Whut? You want to buy ship from Hurth, yeah? Hurth have good ships, fast ones! Gives you good deal on one! What type of ship yous lookin' for?"

02-25-2004, 04:08 AM
"Probably something like yours," said Jamis. "I don't know the type, and it should probably be for one person."

He looked around at the ships. There was one that caught his eye, as it looked much like what he needed. Utilitarian, boxy, and not much to look at, but it looked to have decent engines and some good armor. Weaponry, he couldn't tell about.

"What about that one?" he asked, pointing to it.

02-25-2004, 04:20 AM
Hurth snorted and wobbled over to it. "Snort snort snort snort! snort snort snort! snort snort snort! snort snort snort snort snort!! (translation...sorry, I just love doing the snorts :p ) That good ship! Hurth fix it himself! Make good fighter out of pile of junk! Hurth good at fixing stuff! That ship lasts you long time!!

The Gamorian thought for a second then turned back to Jamis. "Snort snort snort snort snort snort, snort snort snort. Snort snort! (translation) Hurth let you have it for, 18,000 credits, good deal. Agrees, yeah?"

02-25-2004, 12:28 PM
"Err, all right." said Jamis, pulling out a 10,000 credit chip, and then a 5,000 and three 1,000 credit chips. He'd exchanged all that loose cash he'd gotten off of Tattooine when on Corellia, for several large-denomination credit chips.

He noticed Sukara and Brittany watching him. "I was independantly wealthy," he told them. It was sort of true, anyways.

02-25-2004, 02:17 PM
"Snort!! snort snort snort, snort snort! (translation) Good!! You pay Hurth real good, you enjoy ship!" Hurth oinks to Jamis, as he unlocks the door to the ship. "Snort snort snort! (translation) It all yours now!" And with that, Hurth left them to look out for other custimers, looking at his new credits.

"Well, I'm glad that you have found yourself a ship Jamis. Tell me, will you continue to travel with us, or are you going to leave?" Asked Sukara.

02-25-2004, 05:02 PM
"No, I have somewhere to go." he frowned. "Home, or where it was. I just want to see..." his voice faded off.

"If you tell me where you're planning to go, I might catch up to you, though." he seemed to snap back to the present. "There's still an ornery new Sith Lord to deal with, it sounds like." he smiled. "No peace for the semi-wicked, eh?"

02-25-2004, 05:22 PM
Sukara nods to Jamis. "Good luck then, Jamis. I hope you find what you're looking for." He bows to Jamis and thinks. "I guess we'll be going to Coroscant. Yes, its the home world of the Jedi council, but its also the farthest away from the Sith, and it is VERY easy to hide in Coroscant."

02-25-2004, 06:23 PM
"Good choice," said Jamis, nodding. "Visona, maybe if you keep in contact with your master at the Temple, I can find her and meet up with you two that way." He climbed aboard his fighter and turned around to face them. "Until we meet again." He waved, and then dissapeared into his fighter.

The sound of engines powering up came soon, and the fighter slowly rose off the platform.

Inside the fighter, Jamis set course for a little-known planet on the Outer Rim, where he'd grown up. "Bakura, next stop." he said, and his leaned back in the seat of the fighter.

"I'm going to replace this seat when I get there," he said to himself. Why am I talking to myself? he asked, inwardly.

(I'm not planning for this to take place at the same time as Republic Soldiers. I'm planning for his tip-off to be what sends the commandos there in the first place.)

02-25-2004, 06:27 PM
(( Yeah, atleast for now, lets say that the events in here happen somewhat before the events in SOTR. ))

Sukara turns to Visona. "Well, lets get out of here, shall we?"

02-26-2004, 01:08 AM
Doyen Armala walked at leisure in her private garden. She bent to sniff a fragrant flower imported from Ithor. Sensing movement behind her, she turned to find her apprentice kneeling a foot away.

"Rise Shah'Raa, what brings you my loyal servant?"

"Master I bring news of the traitor."

"Go on." Doyen commanded, braking a flower of its stem and crushing it in her fist.

"My Master, all is going as you suspected. The traitor visited his former Jedi Master and is now preparing to leave for Corusant. One of his weakling companions has left, it is believed he may possibly be heading for Bakura."

"See the glory of my power Shah'Raa? Sukara stands not a chance against me, I can read him like an open book. I'll show him what true power is. Are the preperations in Corusant done with?"

"Everything is as you wished, Master"

"Good. Dear Sukara won't know what hit him. He'll regret the day he dared claim the throne, before one such as I, and dishonored the Sith with his weakness. Oh how I'll make his life miserable, torturing him till he'll beg me for death. Lets see how long it takes me to turn his weak 'friend' against him, shall we, into the embrace of the Dark Side." Doyen said gleefully with a charming wicked smile.

02-26-2004, 03:24 AM
Sukara was silent at her question for a few moments. "Well?" Visona asked again. "He was...my master. Before a became what I was when you found me, he was my Master, and I his Padawan..." Sukara said, looking down. "I had to say that I was sorry, for all the greif I must have caused him with my actions..."

Sukara sat there, quite, thinking about what had happened on the planet.

02-27-2004, 01:27 AM
Sukara let out a heavy sigh as there ship landed, both of them climbing out and onto the landing pad. A man walking up to them. "Hello, I'm afraid we do not have your ship regestered here sir. May I asked your name?"

Sukara thinks quickly. "Uh...My name is Mace Windu..."

02-27-2004, 04:20 AM
Sukara shook his head. "I don't know...I just spit out the first thing that popped in my head...And I thought it didn't sound very Jedi-like so..." He rubbed the back of his head, a bit embarassed.

The inspector walks up to her. "Ah! Hello, Jedi Visona, I trust you have your clearance papers? Ah yes! Thanks you for honering us with your presence. I hope you have a lovely stay here on Coroscant."

"I'm sure we will, thank you!" Visona said as the Inspector walked off. "Well, I guess they wouldn't recognise me, they arn't even force sensative in the least. But your master? She would surely know." Sukara said, still unsure about the whole thing.

They continued on there way, exiting the starport, the flashing city lights makeing Coronet city look like a small town with a well. "Its so huge..." Said a slightly startled Sukara.

02-27-2004, 06:22 PM
There was a bar on Bakura. It was not just the only bar on Bakura, of course. The planet had them in several points.

And it was not a particularly special bar, either. It was dirty and grimy, and the glasses did not look to be in the best state of cleanliness.

Jamis Yon wrinkled his nose at the drink that was brought to him by the pretty and rather flirtatious waitress. He didn't like being here, but this was where he remembered his parent's bar being. He felt almost... naked, though, without the lightsabers at his side. He'd had to leave them in a small storage compartment, hidden behind a lot of junk in his fighter.

He sniffed the drink. It smelled like a combination of droid oil and turpentine. He set it away from him, and looked around.

From what he remembered from his days as a youth, he'd sat behind that bar often, staying out of his Dad's way as he served the customers. His father'd been good about not giving anyone too much to drink. That wasn't the way he did business.

Of course, some had gotten a bit violent when he wouldn't serve them. He'd always been good about handling those situations, too. Jamis wondered what had happened since he'd been gone that had changed this place. He took his drink, untouched, with him and moved to the bar. The bartender came up to him.

"You got a problem with that drink, boy?" the man growled. Jamis looked at it.

"I'm not really interested in it." he said. The man blinked, confudsedly. To forestall any stupid questions, Jamis went on. "I'm looking for Grogrin and Halia Yon. They used to own this bar."

The man gave him a measured look. "Who are you?"

Jamis decided to lie. "I'm the executor of the will of their son, Jamis. The young man died recently, and I'm trying to locate his parents, who are the beneficiaries."

The man looked at him. "Man, that's gonna be tough. Losing a son."

Jamis coughed. "Do you know anything that could help me?"

The man shook his head. "Naw. Maybe Mr. Dreflo would know." seeing Jamis' confused look, he added "He's the manager."

Jamis nodded. "If you could tell me how to get to him?" The bartender called over the waitress and had her take him up a small set of stairs to the upper floor.

In Dreflo's office, Jamis coughed politely. Dreflo, who'd been doing some paperwork, looked up. He had a narrow face, messy black hair, and was as skinny as a rail. He stood up and took Jamis' hand for a handshake.

"Urich called up and told me about you. " he said, waving a hand when Jamis began to explain why he was there. "I've just been looking, and found the address you want out of some old public records." He handed Jamis a piece of flimsy with an address written down on it. Jamis thanked the man and turned to leave.

"I hope you find her. She needs all the help she can get." Jamis, about to leave, turned around. "Mr. Yon's dead?" he asked.

"Dead for nearly a decade and a half. That was when I bought the bar from Mrs. Yon. See, Jamis Yon was kidnapped one day, jsut lifted away. They never did find out what happened to him. Although," he paused, and a crafty look came into his face "Seeing as how you're the executor of his will, you must know what happened to him."

Jamis nodded. "Yes, I do. And no, I'm not at liberty to tell you. There are laws I must abide by." Dreflo nodded. Jamis held up the piece of paper. "Once more, thank you for your help." He walked out the the door, holding the piece of flimsy like it might explode.

02-27-2004, 07:09 PM
As Jamis walked down the stairs, he noticed that four Sith officers had now entered the bar, they where ordering there drinks.

"Give us some drinks, and they better be on the house! We're Sith." Said one, smirking as he patted the Sith Assasin pistol at his waist. "Err...Y-Yes sir!" The bartender quickly cleaned the glass to perfection - Something he rarely ever did, and poured them there drinks. "H-hear, I hope you enjoy it! On the house of course..." The Bartender stuttered.

"Good. I think I'll let you live then." The Sith said. The bartender whiped some sweat from his brow. "Actually, I reconsider!" The Sith spoke again, a wide grin on his face, pulling out his assasin pistol and blowing a hole right thru the bartenders chest. Several people gasped in horrar and backed up againts the wall.

"Thats right! You better fear us! We're Officers of the Sith empire! For haveing to share the same room with scum such as you, I think we deserve a donation, don't you agree?"

Several of them nodded with fright in there eyes, throwing there credits on the ground. "What? Do I look like a dog? Do you expect me to fetch it?! Bring it to me!!" He said, shooting one of the people who threw there credits.

02-28-2004, 01:38 AM
Jamis paused. What was there that he could do? He thought about it. Well, the Sith were here, that much was obvious. Maybe the Republic could use a tip as to where the Sith were holding locations. He thought about it. That was it.

He could do nothing for the people immediately, not against these four. He didn't even have a blaster pistol. And furthermore, he didn't know who would tell the investigators afterward who had done it.

However, once he was finished here on this planet, he would make his way to the Republic and report that the Sith were active here. In the meantime, he stayed hidden in the back of the crowd.

02-28-2004, 02:08 AM
Meanwhile, back on Coroscant, Sukara and Visona made there way to the council hall, Sukara of course didn't much care for the idea, but Visona insisted that he meet her master, for some strange reason. "So, why exactly do you want me to meet your Master, Visona? What good could come of it?"

Sukara couldn't even begain to know what she was thinking by doing this. It put him at great risk, and he didn't even know this woman she was bringing him too. He shook his head slowly, letting out a heavy sigh.

"I just hope she doesn't freak out and start trying to convince me to join the order or anything. I doubt if I could ever become a Jedi again. ...And if thats what your planning, then you can forget it!" Sukara yelled, sticking his toungue out at her.

02-28-2004, 03:37 PM
Sukara winced at his reverse speech to shook his head. "Err, yes. I'll help you. I think I know who this new Sith Lord is, I was in the same class as her in the Sith Acadamy. Her name is Doyen Armala. I'm sure you know her? She has taken up the mantle of Dark Lord." Sukara looked out the window of the Acadamy.

"She has been gathering and organizeing Zera's fleet, wich he had been building over the past 15 years. Waiting in secrecy to strike at the Jedi Order and the Republic. It has reached a staggering size, to say the least..." Sukara stated with a gloomy tone to his voice.

"I do not know where she may be hideing, Looba, but she is defenatly out there somewhere. I can smell her all the way here." He said, twisting his face into a discusted look.

02-28-2004, 07:55 PM
Jamis knocked on the door to the apartment he'd been given the address to.

There will be no rest, he thought to himself.

The woman who answered the door had more lines on her face and in fact, looked much older than the last time he'd seen her.

"Yes?" she asked, her grey eyes (That was what he'd gotten from her. The eyes.) peering out from under unrulry brown hair.

"Mrs. Yon?" he asked.

"Yes. What do you want?" She was highly suspicous of him.

"I'm the executor of the will of your son, Jamis." he decided to keep up the facade. He wasn't sure that he actually wanted to be here now, or that there was anything here for him.

"My son's will?" a pained look crossed her face. "Come in, Mr..." she trailed off.

"Sukara. Sukara Delwyn." he said, using the first name that came to mind. She opened the door, and stepped back.

"I don't really have much to offer you to drink besides water," she said, settling down in a chair. "If you want some, there are some glasses in the kitchen."

"No, I'm allright." he said, likewise sitting down.

"Well, maybe you can tell me what happened to my boy," she said, looking at him with a sharp look he squirmed a bit under.

"He was taken by the Sith, Mrs. Yon." he told her. "He was trained by them, because he was force-sensitive. He recently decreed that he'd like his will to be executed, although he's not dead."

"Not dead?" she asked, her eyes brightening. "Where is he?"

"He's turned renegade. A bit aligned with the Jedi, Mrs. Yon. In other words, it would be stupid for him to come here right now, considering that the Sith hold this planet." She nodded.

"However, he is here anyway," he said. "But... he's fairly convinced he's going to die soon. He's going to try to contact the Republic and let them know, but he thinks he's going to do some even more dangerous things soon, and wanted his will to be carried out." She blinked.

"So, as per his instructions, I'm giving you all the money that he left to you." Jamis unloaded what money he had with him, (He had left some in his fighter) and gave it to her. She looked at him.

"I want to see my son," she said.

Jamis remained quiet. "You may see him. Maybe not. I cannot speak for what he plans to do." She sat there. "In the mean time, he wants to help take care of you."

A few minutes later, Jamis was gone from the apartment. Whatever it was he'd been looking for there, he hadn't found it.

He watched a couple of Sith Troopers walk down the street in their shiny armor. He had, though, found a purpose while on this planet.

02-29-2004, 02:37 AM
Sukara nodded, turning to her. "Looba told me we could stay at the Acadamy aslong as we are here. Aslong as they won't try and capture me, or convert me, I don't see why we shouldn't take him up on her offer." He stated, continueing to look at the Acadamy.

"Its been a long time since I was last here, Visona. I remember walking these halls with my old master..." He looks around him, lost in thought, enjoying the memory of the time he and his master shared. "It seems so long ago..."

He snapped out of it quickly, as he remembered that they needed to find a place to stay. He walks over to a Jedi, who was watching his Padawan train with a practice droid. "Excuse me, could you direct me to a vacant room here?" He asked the Jedi, trying his best to sound polite.

"Why yes. Just go up the hall on your left, and take a sharp right. It will be the second door on your right, it was just made vacant." The man said, smileing politely at Sukara. "Thank you very much." Sukara said, continueing on.

They followed the Jedi's directions, ariveing at the room. Sukara approached it, and the door hissed as it slid open. Walking in, he was suprised at how much room there was inside, remembering them to be alot smaller. "Well, there acomidations have improved, without a doubt." Sukara stated.

02-29-2004, 08:40 AM
Sukara's eyes shot open, as he felt a sudden jolt in his mind. It felt like somebody had stabbed him. He tried to shake off the pain, but as he was doing so, one word came to his mind. "V-Visona!" He shouted as he dashed out of his bed, quickly donning his robe, he ran down to the garden where he was sure she would be.

Growling as he found she wasen't there he was about to leave, when he found a red Sith Lightsaber crystal, apperantly dropped by the man who attacked her. Growling even louder than before, he quickly reached out with the force, finding the man who had her.

Quickly makeing his way twords it, useing force speed to its maximum affect, he found the man standing there with the unconcious Visona. "You! Give me back Visona!!" Sukara roared at him. The Sith laughed, and pulled his hood and mask down. Sukara's eyes widened at the sight, and realised it was Gordan Valash, one of his classmates back when he was a Jedi Padawan.

"G-Gordan...you joined the Sith?" Sukara spoke with suprise in his voice. "Yes, I did. As did you. However, unlike you, I didn't return to the weak and pathetic light! I am a true Sith, and I am here to take her to Lord Armala, and kill you Sukara! You made a mistake when you tried to take the mantle of Sith Lord from Lord Armala!"

Sukara growled. "Armala's nothing but a self-obsest, big headed, arogant bitch and you know it!" The Sith growled at him. "How dare you speak in such a way about my master! You will pay Sukara Delwynn!! You will pay with your life!"

Gordan inighted his saber and rushed at Sukara. Sukara ignighted one end of his own, and ran twords Gordan aswell, the two combatans clashed, there sabers hissing as they slammed againts one another, crimson againts green. "The Dark Side fuels my strength!!" Gordan yelled in the heat of battle.

They battled, seeming to lose nor gain any ground againts each other, but Gordan, thru his intense rage, begain to actually push Sukara back, giveing him a powerful kick to the jaw. "Ach!!" Yelled Sukara as he shook off the pain.

"The Light side has made you weak Sukara, you are no longer a worthy oponent for me. Perhaps your friend is just as weak?" He said, an evil grin comeing across his face. He extended his hand, and Visona suddenly had her breathe-rate constricted, his powerful force choke lifting her into the air, her eyes open as she is forced awake. "Well, it looks like you'll get to watch your friend die, Sukara!!"

"PUT HER DOWN!!" Sukara screamed, his eyes now burning with rage. "Ohh, testy, arn't we perhaps I shouldn't do this then?" Dropping her out of his force choke, he sends a wave of force lightning at the now awake Jedi, she screams as the jolts of electricity flow thru her. "THATS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!" Sukara yelled, his voice echoing slightly, even in the busy city-planet of Coroscant.

Sukara rushed at Gordan with blinding speed, smashing his saber into Gordans own, causeing the flow of lightning to stop. Sukara pounded againts Gordan with everything he had, Gordan was quickly being beaten back, causeing him to stumble, wich was just enough time for Sukara to cleave his entire right arm off. "AGHHH!!" Gordan screamed as he clutched the burn marks on the side of his body.

Sukara, still burning with rage walked up to Gordan, who was now scooting back, but was halted when he came in contact with a wall. Sukara leaped over to him, picking him up and slamming him againts the wall. "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!!" Sukara screamed into his face and thru him to the ground, raiseing his light saber, about to strike. Gordan shielded his face with his remaining arm, screaming in terror.

02-29-2004, 10:49 AM
While Sukara and Gorden were busy killing each other, Shaa'Raa sneaked up behind them and ran silently towards Visona.

He picked her up and summoning the force conjured up an image of Visona where the real one had just lay.

He watched silently from the shadows as Gorden tortured the so called Visona. Grinning malaciously he turned and headed for his awaiting transport. He had seen enough, the plan was unfolding perfectly.

The weakling traitor had taken the bait like the fool he was. By the time he realized the truth, they would be a long way off this acursed planet.

'Everything's going just the way Master predicted.' he thought with a wicked smile. 'Master will be so pleased.'

They boarded the transport and left the surface of Coruscant, entering hyperspace soon after. Down in the Jedi Temple garden, Sukara Delwynn strayed very close to walking the Dark Path he had just refused.

02-29-2004, 05:16 PM
(( Lets have Sukara catch up with Shaa'raa. And defete him in a duel before Visona can meet Armala. That would be his first blunder, the commando's at Bakura would be number two, and his death blunder. Hows that idea? ))

Growling as he swung his lightsaber down at Gordan, cleaveing the Sith in two. He quickly ran twords Visona. "Visona!! Visona?" The image of Visona faded out. Sukara realised he had been tricked. At that moment, he no longer could control himself, screaming so loud, that over half the Acadamy woke up. "YOU'RE DEAD ARMALA!! DEAD!!!" He roared.

He quickly made his way to his starfighter, wich was still docked in the landing bay. "I'm going to find you Visona. I can track you nomatter where you are, and NO amount of clouding can stop me." He said, his rage boiling to critical levels. The Star Fighter lifted off, following Shaa'raa's hyperspace wake.

He quickly arived on the planet that he thought Shaa'raa was on. Landing in a nearby clearing. "I know she is here, but where? Where exactly could they have taken her? I'm not sure..." Sukara calmed himself slightly, and reached out with the force. He searched deeply for Visona. "There!" He said, as he ran for where the feeling came from.

02-29-2004, 05:39 PM
Jamis stepped onto the landing pad where his ship lay. He hadn't found what he'd wanted, a purpose gave him something to concentrate on.

Why am I helping the Republic? he asked himself. Fortunately, he answered himself, saving himself the trouble of worrying about it much more. Because they stand against the Sith, he realized.

Well, that settled that. He stomped out towards his fighter, and too late, noticed someone coming around the side. Several someones. Several heavily armed and armored someones. Sith Troopers, and an officer.

"You there!" the officer called to him. "Is this your ship?" Jamis looked around, and it was obivous there was no other ship he could have been going to.

"Yes," he said, quietly.

"We understand that this ship belongs to a Republic spy," said the Sith officer. "here to find out the movements of the Sith Fleet.

"Me? No, I'm just a lawyer." lied Jamis, rather quickly. The Sith Officer took a look at his clothes, and then at the ship.

"Hardly the clothes or the ship a lawyer would take," he said suspiciously. The Troopers fanned out, covering Jamis while being sure not to get caught in the crossfire from their comrades.

"I'm not a normal lawyer. I was rather down on my luck until a man came in, wounded badly, and babbling about setting things aright. He had an incredible sum of money, and told me to take some for myself, if I merely delivered the rest to his parents."

The officer nodded. "Your name and the man's name?"

"My name is Helbert Mecken, the other man's name was Jamis Yon." said Jamis. "I was on Corellia at the time. My fortunes have changed a bit."

The officer looked at him. "You've seen that we've taken Bakura, though. You cannot leave the planet, not under pain of death. Be warned that we have a fleet orbiting overhead, so any attempts at escape will prove fruitless." he handed Jamis a piece of paper.

"We've locked your ship up and have sensors monitoring the lock. Any attempts to jimmy the lock will be noted, and Security will be here in a few moments' time." The officer gave the ex-Sith a scornful look. "You have been warned. Now go away before I blow your face off."

Jamis left, vibrating slightly in anger. If he had had his Sith robes on, that man would have bowed and scraped and done his best to toady to him... Jamis felt angry at the way he'd been treated, and angry witht he officer for his uncaring attitude.

Wait a minute... he thought to himself. He looked it over, and saw nothing wrong with it. He could pull it off. He needed some preparation, though. He headed for the nearest fabric store.

02-29-2004, 11:44 PM
( I don't know, i mean i want Visona to meet Armala at least. I thought maybe Sukara could come after Visona and rescue her and we could make Shah'Raa's mistake that he fails to keep Visona?? What do u think?)

"There's something fishy about that Helbert Mecken, don't you think Koth?" the Sith officer told his companian. "He was kind of fidgety no?"

"Naa, I think you imagine too much." Koth replied sneering.

"Are you making fun of ME??" the Sith officer yelled losing his temper.

"Oh so you do posses a brain! You had me wondering all these years!!!"

"THATS IT, YOU ARE DEAD MONKEY!!" the sith officer screamed taking out his blaster pistol.

"Oh yeah?? We'll see who dies today RAT." Koth screeched a battle cry also taking out his blaster.

After half an hour of fighting and screaming they both lay dead on their own pools of blood.

03-01-2004, 01:23 AM
(( Wha?! :eek: No of course not! :p Okay, have her meet Visona first then. ))

Sukara made his way thru the tree's rapidly approaching his target. "Grrr...just a bit more, I know it..."

03-01-2004, 05:19 AM
(Yaaay!! I finally get to torture Visona! :D )

"I have fulfilled your orders My Lord." Shah'Raa entered his Masters
chamber and bowed."The traitor fool fell for the trick just as you

"Rise apprentice you have done well." Doyen said sweetly. "You prove
yourself worthy of my trust and have also earned my appreciation."

"Master you give me too much credit." Shah'Raa responded blushing
crimson to the roots of his light hair."Had it not been for your
brilliant plan I would have been helpless."

"Hmmm..." Doyen surveyed her apprentice. "Honesty I like that."

"Thank you my Lord." Shah'Raa bowed again.

"Now the important part, where have you kept Visona dear?" Doyen asked smirking nastily.

"She is in the torture chamber my Lord." Shah'Raa replied grinning hideously. "Just as you had requsted. Will you like me to take you to her your Highness?"

"Yes I would." Doyen smiled her legendary wicked/attractive smile as she walked towards the door. "Lets see how much potential she has shall we? How long it takes to break her weak will?"

"Here she is Master." Shah'Raa had been leading the way to the tortures chambers, where Visona was being held. He now opened the door for his Master.

"Good, now leave us alone." Doyen ordered a crazy glint in her dark eyes.

"Yes my Lord." Shah'Raa bowed hastily and left. He had no desire to witness the scene anyway, he had better more pleasent things to do.

Doyen went in the torture chamber and the door hissed closed behind her. She walked towards Visona and looked her straight in the eyes.

"Now my dear Visona." the corners of her mouth turning slowly upwards in an amusing smile. "Lets have a little chat hmmm? What do you say?"

03-01-2004, 05:52 AM
Sukara dashed thru the jungle of whatever world he was on, he didn't know, and he didn't care. He only cared about finding Visona, and he was hot on her trail. He emerged from a clearing, seeing two Dark Jedi talking. "I hear the Master has captured that little Jedi brats, Visona!" One said, laughing evilly. "Yes! I hope she gets whats comeing to her!" The other one cackled.

Sukara growled loudly causeing them to turn and look at him. "Hey! Thats-" He was cut off when Sukara shotued. "You're the only ones who will be getting whats comeing to them!! DIE!!!" Sukara screamed as he ran twords them. The two Sith ignighted there sabers, but with Sukara so utterly pissed off, they lasted only a few seconds before being cut to ribbons by the angry ex-Sith Lord.

He growled as he continued running twords where he felt her force energy. "I will save you Visona! Hold on!!"

rick ulo 11103
03-01-2004, 11:56 PM
((( i haven found an appurtunity to post in like... alright i havent found an oppertunity to post at all. i feel kinda left out)))

03-02-2004, 12:08 AM
(( Just do what Uber_saber does. He's made up his own side-adventure while Sukara and Visona are elswhere, he is on Bakura doing his own thing. Do one for Rick! :) ))

03-02-2004, 12:20 AM
Brittany awoke after hearing Sukara's scream and immediately jumped out of bed. She hastily put on her robes and ran to find out what had happened. She entered the hangar just as Sukara's ship took off and watched as it rocketed into space.

"Definitely Sukara," she said to herself as she stared up after him. A frown crossed her face. "What was he doing here?"

03-02-2004, 12:38 AM
Brittany recieved her orders cooly and obediently. Then, she went back to her quarters to pack for the trip. She sighed, allowing herself to be distracted from packing and turned to look out the window. In some ways, she wished she didn't live in such a place, where the scenery was always somebody else's window. With that thought, she realized she wouldn't have it any other way, though and returned her concentration to packing.

03-02-2004, 01:23 AM
The alarm beeped on the Security console. The Weequay wh had been sitting in the chair with his feet up on the console suddenly snapped alert. He checked the message.

"Alarm 54-Alpha," he told one of the waiting Security men. "Take Zeebo and go check it out. Report to me when ya find out what it is." The man nodded, jerkily, and went to get the Rodian named Zeebo.

The two Security men made their way to 54-Alpha, which was a nondescript and rather ugly looking fighter. Outside it, they found a man waiting.

He was clad in Sith robes. "You two slime get out of here," growled the Sith at them. They paused, and then drew their pistols. Just because it looked like a Sith and talked like a Sith didn't mean it was a Sith.

The man regarded them with a steady stare. "Suspicious, then?" he sneered. "I'll show you the power of a Sith." he shot lightning from his fingertips, hitting Zeebo, and keeping the lightning up for quite some time. When he was done, the Rodian's green skin was cracked and black, smoking, looking much like a burn victim. He was sobbing, as well.

"I said get out. I am in command here." The man's arrogant attitude was just like the Sith's, and that lightning- the security man glanced at his companion. A decision was made. he bowed to the Sith, grabbed Zeebo, and hauled the semi-comatose Rodian away.

Jamis smirked and continued making his way into the ship. A moment later, he sat in the pilot's chair. He started the fighter up, and communicated to the Command Tower that their Security detachment should be clearing him for launch at any moment. He was soon cleared, and took off from the landing platform.

Out in space, he continued to get clearance from the same Command Tower to the Sith Fleet that was in orbit. Jamis whistled lowly. There were several Sith capital ships here. He smiled. The Republic would no doubt love to have this tip. He set the coordinates for hyperspace, and pulled the lever.

03-02-2004, 01:42 AM
Sukara dashed thru the tree's of the jungle, leaping past the fallen tree's, clearly cut with lightsabers to make a path, and running into the temple. He looked up at it, the temple was massive, reaching high into the sky. Sukara shakes off his amazement and pushes his way inside.

He looks back and forth quickly, growling. Three Dark Jedi, who where enjoying a stroll thru the large temple, spot him. Instantly recogniseing who he is, they run at him. Snarling at them, he fires a bolt of lightning twords them. Two leap out of the way, but one gets cought in it and is fried to a crisp by his powerful attack, his skin cracking open, and his blood boiling.

The other two rush at him, sabers raised, Sukara does a quick back flip, as they are almost on him, kicking one in the back, causeing him to be impaled by his own allies saber, Sukara quickly rushes twords the suprised Sith, and beheads him with a quick stroke. "Visona!!" He snarls as he continues to bash his way thru the temple.

03-02-2004, 06:27 AM
Doyen Armala sat in her chambers glaring at nothing. She had left Shah'Raa to guard the Jedi fool.

"I had planned to turn Visona to the Dark side, to corrupt her mind, make her see the errors of her way." she thought darkly to herself."Instead the insolent Jedi tried to decieve me into seeing things her way. How dare she show me disrespect when she knew her life was in my hands?? "

"No matter, the fool knew nothing of my affairs. Through her haze of pain, the weakling was likely spewing Jedi trash stuffed into her brain as a padawan. She had no idea of what she was saying."

"Yes that was likely it." she nodded to herself. "The pathetic girl's will was almost certainly close to breaking, she would work on her some more and use the stupid girl in her twisted plans."

While Doyen was convincing herself against the truth, Shah'Raa stood guard outside the torture chamber. He suddenly felt a disturbance to his right and turned to see.....

03-02-2004, 06:57 AM
Sukara's foot inveloping his eye sight as a quick boot to the head sends him flying across the room. Sukara turns to see Visona in the torture chamber and growls loudly at Shah'raa as he gets to his feet, growling slightly himself as his lightsaber hisses into action, soon followed by Sukara's lightsaber, wich he only lights one end of.

Sukara however, nomatter how angry he may have been, waited patiently for his enemy. Shah'raa, being a true Sith, rashly ran at Sukara, poised to strike him down in a swift attack. However, Sukara suprised him with a slash that almost took his arm off, Shah'raa barely blocking it. Seeing Shah'raa as he stumbles back, Sukara attacks him agressivly, slamming his lightsaber againts his own. Green saber againts Violet saber as Sukara and Shah'raa duel in the torture chamber.

Sukara however, was easily holding his own, though not really makeing any ground himself. Shah'raa manage to hold out againts him, barely, and certenly was not makeing any ground. Growling, Shah'raa grined at Sukara thru there saber lock. "You should have heared her screams of pain, Sukara, I thought she would die. A pity she didn't, or maybe not. I'd like to have a little fun with her myself when I'm done with you!" Shah'raa just made the wrong choise of words...

Sukara roared with an almost inhuman rage and slammed Shah'raa's saber aside, launching a flurry of attacks at him, knocking Shah'raa clean off his feet, rolling on the floor as he tried to stumble to his feet. However, Sukara was already apon him, Sukara, with his saber, hacked Shah'raa's own saber in two, narrowly missing his wrist. Shah'raa fell back, now disarmed, and at Sukara's mercy.

"Now you die!!" Sukara said with rage, raiseing his lightsaber over the terrified Shah'raa's head.

rick ulo 11103
03-02-2004, 06:52 PM
Originally posted by Ninir

"I'll give you your mission now." Master Gallia said. "Jedi Rick and Jedi Brittany, you'll be heading for the world of Faloo. Jedi Ganor and Jedi Loob you'll be heading for...."

(What do you think Rick? I'm sorry we kinda forgot about you... :( )

((( dont worry about it)))(((what are we supposed to on this mission, unless we were supposed to make it up as we go)))

rick packed up his bags happy he could get out of this place.

03-02-2004, 10:01 PM
Shah'Raa summoned a blinding flash of light and threw it in Sukara's face. Sukara turned away and covered his eyes with is hand, Shah'Raa seeing his chance ran for his life.

Gasping for breath Shah'Raa went straight for the alarms."I'll just turn on High Security alarm." he thougth to himself as he ran. "Then we'll see who escapes."

03-02-2004, 11:05 PM
Sukara shook his head after the blinding light, if not for Visona, who was still in her torture cell, he would have given chase to the Sith Apprentice. Running over to Visona's cell, he deactivated it, opening the class of the cell and takeing her out, gently laying her down on the floor.

"Visona? Visona? Are you alright? Can you hear me Visona?" He said, shakeing her slightly.

03-03-2004, 02:51 AM
Sukara looked up at Armala, his face bland and emotionless. Gently laying Visona down on the ground, he stood up. "I see you have brought helpers. It doesn't matter. For what you have done, you and all of your Dark Jedi will die this day, by my hand. Don't bother saying your prayers, you will get no redemption from me." With that, Sukara ignighted both ends of his lightsaber.

As the Dark Jedi begain to move twords him, Sukara used the force to quickly rip one of the torture pods clean out of the ground, growling as he flung it into two the of the approaching Sith. The other two stopped just long enough to see there two comrads being crushed by the large metal and glass pod, the glass shatering and cutting them badly. As they turned back, Sukara had raised his hand again, lightening blasting out of his finger tips, burning thru another two, there faces became chared and blackened from the powerful blast, as they where litterly set ablaze, dieing in a haze of painful wales and screams of agony.

The fith and final Sith looked at Sukara, and took a step back, shakeing slightly. He then let out a sharp yelp of pain, looking down to see a crimson blade sticking out of his gut. "You pathetic coward!" Armala hissed, as the Dark Jedi fell dead, killed by his own ally.

Sukara looked deeply into Armala's eyes, showing the hatred he had for her. "And now, Doyen Armala, I'll send you to hell." He said, coldly.

03-03-2004, 04:04 AM
"Not if I send you first." Doyen retorted frostily ignighting her own lightsaber. "Lets see who win's this battle dear, shall we?"

She stood in position lightsaber in place and her face emotionless, but if one looked closer they could see the fear and doubt in her attractive dark eyes.

They circled each other, each looking for a mistake in the other, waiting for a opening a weakness and suddenly Doyen saw her chance and lunged forward. She swiftly arched her saber and plunged it on Sukara's right flank. Too late Sukara had feinted, he quickly blocked the blow and threw one on her left but she hastily did a back flip his saber missing her by inches, and went in defensive mode.

"End it now Sukara for you stand no chance." Doyen shouted trying to distract him. "Oh look out, to your left!"

"Don't try childish games with me Armala." Sukara shouted back fiercly."Besides it's you who doesn't stand a chance, you're voicing your own fears. I can see the doubt in your eyes."

That did it, that hit the mark. Furious Doyen shrieked in rage and anger.

"WHAT DOUBT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" She screamed in hatered. "I don't doubt, I have never doubted, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DOUBT IN MY LFE."

Doyen Armala lunged forward with all she had. She slashed here and there blindly Sukara blocking her every blow, she summoned a forceball and threw it directly at Sukara.

Sukara fell back taken by surpirse the breath knocked out of him, Doyen cackled victoriously. "Now my friend you die!" she suddenly noticed movement and looked to see Visona. "Oh I had forgotten wittle Vishona."

She walked over to her all the time keeping an eye on Sukara. "I think I'll kill her first, you know 'torture' her so you can have some entertainment before dying." Doyen said enjoying herself immensely.

Just as she was about to throw lighting towards Visona Sukara lept and screamed. "Don't you dare touch her you B@&#*$."

Snarling he charged forward attacking Doyen. This time it was Doyen taken by surprise, she hadn't thought he had any strength left, but unfortunately it was too late, Sukara threw her down and stood with his lightsaber poised over her head.

Breathing heavily he said. " I think I will have some "entertainment" before I die. I'll-"

Before he could finish she put her hand in her pocket and threw sand in his face as his vision cleared he saw Armala vanish in a puff of smoke.

He stood there glaring at the place Armala should have been and heard a charming voice mockingly whisper in his ear.

"Your love for her will do you no good Sukara. Jedi do not love, or have you forgotten?"

03-03-2004, 04:15 AM
(( Nice fight! :) ))

Sukara sneered at the voice. "The taunting words of a coward who has just been defeted." He stated to himself. His anger and rage fadeing as he saw Visona. He turned his saber off and put it on his belt. "Its over Visona. Where do you want to go? Do you want me to take you back to the Academy?"

03-03-2004, 02:57 PM
Brittany was still packing when she heard a knock at her door. She called for whoever it was to come in and Rick entered, his bags entirely packed. He was trying to hurry her along, but she stopped.

"Patience, Rick," she said. "We'll get out of here soon enough."

She paused, causing more impatience to spring from Rick.

"I am not familiar with Faloo," she finally said thoughtfully. "Why don't you go to the Jedi Library and find out exactly where we are going?"

He raced out of her room and she gave a sigh of relief. Now, she could pack in peace... what little peace there was left in the galaxy.

rick ulo 11103
03-03-2004, 11:27 PM
rick ran to the library he looked for faloo and found that it was a big rainforest with some mountain ranges. there was supposed to be a imp base but the council were not sure, the mission was to search for the base and if it was found, blow it all the way to tantooine.

he ran back to britanies quarters annd told her what he found. she, being packed walked out and headed for the hanger, rick following close behind. when they reached the hanger they were surprised to see sakura and a tortured version of visiona.

"what have you two been up to" he asked looking at visiona in a consirned way

(sorry i made alot of grammar mistakes and all that but iwas in a rush)

03-03-2004, 11:40 PM
(( Yeah, I assume thats why you put imp base instead of Sith Base. :) ))

Sukara looked down at Visona sadly. "She was kidnapped by Sith, I had to rescue her, now move aside, I have to get her to a bacta tank!" Sukara said, pushing his way past them, carrieing her to the Academy.

03-04-2004, 12:09 AM
Brittany dropped her bags to help Sukara get Visona to the healers, much to Rick's frustration. He tried to prod her, hoping she would get moving. He was eager to be out on a mission again.

"Patience, Rick," Brittany said calmly. "The mission can wait a little. Get my bags to the ship. I'll be along in a minute."

On the way to the healers, she started drilling Sukara with questions. She wanted to know exactly what happened, but all she could gather was that they had seen Doyen Armala and fought with her. She disappeared and they came to the Jedi Temple.

When Brittany had seen to it that Visona was with the healers, she returned to the hangar, where Rick was waiting for her, though somewhat impatiently. She boarded the ship and they took off toward Faloo. If there was a Sith base there, they would find it and they sure as hell had enough explosives to make a good sized crater in the surface as well.

03-04-2004, 12:30 AM
Sukara sat by the bacta tank, watching Visona heal inside of it, keeping his eye on the health moniter, as it constantly gave feedback on her condition. "Come on Visona, hold on..." Said the worried Sukara, even though Bacta tanks had a 99% sucsess rate on non fatally injured subjects.

03-05-2004, 05:15 PM
Jamis sat down into the holobooth on the world of Kuat, which was under Republic control. He hoped that Visona had done as he had asked, and started using options to place his call to Coruscant. This would be a visual connection as well.

"Do you know the number with which you wish to collect?" said the woman who was in charge of placing his call on Coruscant.

"The Jedi Temple," he said. A moment later, someone at the Jedi Temple took his call. He realized it was a recording.

"Thank you for calling the Jedi Temple.
If you'd like to communicate to someone within the temple and know their extension, enter it now." Doing nothing, more options came.

"If you wish for information on the Jedi, please press one." he did nothing. "If you'd like to see about testing for your child, please press 2." He still did nothing.

Finally, he got the option to talk to one of the operators at the Jedi Temple. He used that option, not knowing Visona's Master's extension.

"Jedi Temple Operator. How may I help you?" The voice at the other end was young and happy and sweet. Jamis couldn't help but smile, and realized that that felt very good.

"I'd like to talk to Master Wasafi, please. A full holo connection, if it's possible."

"Just one moment." A moment later, Master Wasafi's face appeared on the screen. She was a surprisingly striking woman, but the intelligence and knowledge in her eyes was nearly overwhelming. He had a sudden reverance for this woman. He nodded once to her.

"Master Wasafi, I don't know if Visona told you about me or not. I was with the Sith when Shado Vorn, Brittany and Rick attacked the Sith Temple." she regarded him steadily, not making any motions really. Just watching, intently. He began to sweat a little under that gaze.

"My name's Jamis Yon, and I left the Sith. I rescued Brittany and Rick from the Sith Destroyer above Tattooine. I helped fight Sukara just before Visona found him and healed him. I helped try to locate Visona and Sukara as well. When our little merry band went its seperate ways, I went to Bakura to see if I could find my family there." he paused. Master Wasafi had not said anything yet.

"I have found that the Sith are in control of the planet, with a fleet around the planet, and ground troops on the surface itself. I thought it would be best to pass this along to the Republic."

03-05-2004, 05:36 PM
(( We can't really move it along till Ninir gets back, Visona sorta became one of the plot movers. :p ))

Sukara continued to sit by the bacta tank, looking at Visona, sighing as she floated there, slowly being being healed by the bacta inside. "I can't beleave I let Armala get away..." He muttered to himself, a bit of shame clear in his voice.

03-06-2004, 05:18 AM
Sukara sat by Visona's bacta tank, watching her slowly recover, letting out a long sigh of relief when he realised she was going to be out soon. Letting a small cough escape from his throat, he realised he had been up for 18 hours straight, just sitting there. He still refused to get up, however. He turned to look at him self, in the mirror that was beside him. "Ugh, I look like crap..." He muttered as he ran a hand thru his thick black/red hair. He turned his attention back to Visona tank however, as the alarm on it beeped.

"What? She's recovered? I guess I shouldn't be suprised, Visona's pretty strong in the force." Sukara said, smileing.

03-06-2004, 09:48 AM
It was a dark stormy night on Korriban, especially in th Dark Jedi Temple, through which people rarely passed. And in the very heart of that Temple hands folded behind her back paced Doyen Armala. General Percival Bosh stood next to the desk filled with papers and maps.

"We have the four scrolls in our keeping your Majesty." The General reported. "And-"

"We have already went over this!" Doyen snapped. She was in a very foul mood since the Jedi had escaped. "Is there anything else?"

General Bosh cleared his throat before continuing hastily. "We have located the fifth and last scroll on Faloo. It was rumored to be in the sacered tomb of Takhisis, our sources have managed to confirm this rumor." the General finished proudly.

"So we know the whereabouts of the scroll?" Doyen asked an eyebrow raised.

"Thats what I just said, my Lord." the confused General stated.

"Then why haven't 'we' informed their Lord of this earlier?" she demanded furiously.

"Your Highness-"

"Do 'we' know how important these scrolls are?" Doyen glared at the General. "Do 'we' know if I don't get my hands on all five scrolls, all my plans will wash down the drain?"

"Your Majesty we just cofirmed this today." The General spoke with surprising calm. "I came to you at once after my sources informed me about it."

Looking at the calm General, Doyen got even angrier, if that was possible. More than at the General though, she was angry with herself. How could she let Sukara escape? How could he defeat her in combat? And how could she lose control of herself so easily these days?"

"Excuse me General." Doyen replied more in control. "I haven't been acting quiet myself."

"Thats alright your Exellency." General Bosh replied bowing. "It is always a pleasure to serve you."

Doyen rewarded him with a charming smile. "Now for the plans, do you have everything worked out General?"

"Yes. We will leave at dawn my Lord. Will you be gracing us with your presence?"

"No, but my apprentice, Shah'Raa will accompany you."

"As you wish my Lord. Now if you will excuse me I have some last minute preperations to make." Bowing the General backed out of the room.

03-06-2004, 03:44 PM
Jamis shrugged. "Once you've been a Sith, it's surprisingly easy to pose as one to the common layman." Master Wasafi seemed a little surprised, and he shrugged. "I'll come to the temple," he told her, lacking anything else to do.


The boxy fighter landed on a platform of the Jedi Temple, and powered down. Jamis climbed out, looking at the grand structure.

He felt defensive suddenly, as if he wanted to leave. He had an urge to climb back into his fighter and leave. Where to? he asked himself. Anywhere but here.

He continued walking into the Temple and considered this. What was it about this structure that caused him to want to flee? He looked at it. No defenses. Just a towering, awe-inspiring building. Where the Sith Academy had been a dismal, cramped place, this spot looked more like a great cathedral. Spires swept up into the sky, a large cortyard struck through the building, with multiple walkways across the huge space.

It was lit well, with tiles with an unusual, but beautiful pattern on the floor. He straightened up, and realized he was inside now. That's how to get past one's fear, he thought. Think about something else.

This place unnerved him a bit. He wasn't sure why.

03-06-2004, 10:57 PM
Sukara smiled with relief as he aided Visona to her bed. Letting her lay down on it, he pulled the covers over her, takeing a step back, before he opened his mouth. "I know you don't want to stick around, but you're still pretty worn out from the ecounter with Armala. Don't try and deny it. So you need your rest." Sukara said, a bit of a stern tone to his voice.

He walked over to a chair and sit by it, flipping on the view screen, but turning the volume down, incase she wanted to sleep. Sukara watched the view screen half-heartedly, as he forced himself to stay awake despite how tired he actually was.

03-07-2004, 12:22 PM
Sukara lays in his bed, in one of the deepest sleeps he has ever been in. His body surely happy to be able to recover some of its lost inergy. He slept with a smile on his face, snuggleing againts the osft bedsheets.

Jamis and Visona, however, where wide awake. And they had there own problems to deal with, right now.

03-09-2004, 01:42 PM
Jamis looked about the gardens. Here and there, one could see Jedi strolling about the place. He'd gotten more than a few strange looks, being in the clothes he'd had from Tattooine. (The cockpit of his fighter had been big enough for him to change out of the Sith Robes, a move he thought most wise)

Fortunately, the looks had not transformed into anything else. Master Wasafi's presence had taken care of some of the oddballs watching him, but when she left, the eyes returned to him.

Or maybe he was imagining it. Maybe he had some left-over paranoia from the Sith Academy. He tried to breath in and out calmly, to keep his mind detached for a moment. The scent of some sweet berry got in his nostrils, though, and set him to coughing.

Once the coughing was done, he rubbed his cheeks. He seemed to be sporting a bit of stubble. He looked around, and Visona was approaching. He stood up quickly.

"Are you allright?" he asked, as she approached. He looked at her. She looked to be in good health, if a bit paler than he remembered.

She nodded, and smiled a little. "how about Sukara?" he asked her. His thoughts turned to the second lightsaber on his belt, the one that Sukara had given him.

03-09-2004, 02:40 PM
Sukara stured slightly in his sleep, his battle with Armala playing out over and over in his head, he had won, but he had also intended to kill her when he was finished, he remembered how angry he was at the loss of Visona. Could he have allowed himself to fall once again? Fortunatly Armala escaped, before he had the chance, probably for the best.

The sequence of events leading up to this moment continued to play thru his head, he remembered wondering the abandoned Sith base, he remembered giveing the orders to capture Rick and Brittany, he remember his duel with Jamis and Brittany on the ship, and he remembered when Visona revived him...He didn't want to lose the gift she had given him. He wouldn't fall again.

Sukara stired slightly in his sleep, but calmed down shortly afterwords, drifting back into his peaceful slumber.

03-09-2004, 06:08 PM
The ship carrying Rick and Brittany came out of hyperspace at the selected coordinates. Faloo was hanging silently in space just before them. Brittany led the ship down for a soft landing deep in the rainforest.

"That landing was too easy," she muttered, more to herself than to Rick, but still loud enough that he could hear what she said. They moved away from their ship and Brittany stiffened suddenly.

"There is a powerful presence in the Force here," she said softly. She motioned to her left. "That one is dark, but the other..." she motioned vaguely to her right. "I can't make out what it is. I think we should investigate that one first."

She turned to her right and began walking. Very soon, she found the mouth of a cave.

03-09-2004, 06:49 PM
Water dripped from the roof of the cave as Brittany and Rick entered. Small lizards scurried past there feet, as the light slowly fadded as they made there way deeper in. The strange presence that Brittany felt becomeing stronger, but still as mysterious as ever.

They soon found themselves in complete darkness, the light to far away to provide them any becon thru the endless void of black that they now staired at.

03-09-2004, 10:14 PM
Sukara, had in that time managed to catch four hours of much needed sleep. Though still tired, and sleeping heavily, he was awoken when he felt a hand touch his shoulder, opening his eyes and turning around, he looked up into Visona's eyes. "Uhh...Visona? Whats going on? Huh? Why am I in bed? You should be in bed!" He barked at her, slightly iritated.

But after some persistance, he was drug out of the bed, and onto his feet, shakeing his head as he tried to make since of his suroundings. "Whats going on here anyway?" He asked, looking at the Padawan who stood with them. "The council wishes to see the three of you at once." The Padawan stated calmly.

"The three of us...?" He said, looking over to Jamis. His eyes widen slightly in suprise. "Oh! Hey Jamis, how have you been?" Sukara said, smileing slightly. "I've been okay, its a long story though." Jamis replied. Sukara nodded at him and turned back to the Padawan.

"What does the council want with us?" He said, raiseing an eyebrow. "I'm sorry, but they did not inform me. They just said to bring you here." The Padawan said, lowering his head slightly. Sukara rolled his eyes slightly but stood up. "Well fine, lets go and get it over with then." He stated, stretching slightly.

They all turned, walking out the door and twords the council hall, ariveing thru the large doors, Sukara and the others walked twords the Councils meeting room. The Padawan turned to him and nodded. "We are here now."

03-09-2004, 10:15 PM
Jamis paused. "Jedi knights?" he asked. The Padawan was already leaving. Jamis stroked his cheeks. He was surprised to find he had a bit of stubble- he hadn't shaved, really, for the past several days.

On the way, he considered something. Visona's greatest fear was the Dark Side. What was his? He wasn't sure.

He followed Visona as they stopped at the room where Sukara was to bring him along. Sukara woke badly, having only slept for a few hours. He was calm, though. Jamis greeted him.

"Told you we'd meet again. I wasn't expecting it to be so soon, though."

Walking through the corridors of the Temple, outside of the green pleasantness of the garden, Jamis felt slightly cowed again. He wondered why.

Could it be that you're worried that someone here might judge you? The thought rose unbidden to his mind. He didn't like it, and cast it aside for a moment. Then he reconsidered. Maybe he was worried about that. Especially Master Wasafi, for whom he had a profound respect.

03-09-2004, 11:48 PM
"Help? Help with what? Tell me whats going on first, and then I'll tell you my awnser." Sukara said, a serious tone to his voice. Visona was slightly embarassed by his rashness, but most likely expected such a thing from him.

03-10-2004, 02:25 AM
Jamis nodded. "If the Sith had them, wouldn't Sukara have heard of it while he was the Dark Lord?" the eyes of the council turned to Sukara.

"Unless of course, if there was someone high enough up in the power hierarchy to keep the scrolls to themselves. The Sith are rather greedy where power is concerned." Jamis mused further.

"Sorry, just thinking out loud," he said, smiling wanly at the very serious council. "I'm willing to go."

03-10-2004, 04:35 AM
Sukara thought for a second and then shrugged. "Fine, I'll go with them, atleast it'll give me another shot at the Sith and Armala. I've still got a score to settle with her." Sukara said, still bit a angry that she got away from him.

"So, how are we suppose to get to the surface unoticed? If the Sith are already there, wouldn't they have set up defences around the planet to keep out unwanted guests?" Sukara stated, raiseing an eyebrow.

Also, Sith tactics would sujest that they would keep atleast 4 full regiments of troops on the planet. I'm not sure if Armala keeps them as in line as Zera did, but I doubt she would be full hardy not to place some Garrison on the world."

03-11-2004, 05:14 AM
Sukara walked thru the halls with Visona and Jamis, prepareing to board the transport. He groaned slightly, as the Jedi had only given him enough time to get two extra hours of sleep after his meeting with him, did they think he was some kind of droid? Sukara snapped back to attention when the Durosian transport came into view.

The three of them boarded the Durosian transport. Both Sukara and Jamis really had nothing they could take with them that they wern't already wearing, being on a world where they owned nothing at all. Sukara took a seat beside Visona while Jamis sat across from them.

Sukara was staireing at the floor, his hands folded in his lap, he looked confused, very confused. Why had the Jedi decided to trust him with such an important mission? He wasn't even a Jedi anymore, he never was a true Jedi, he was but a Padawan. And now they have given him a mission wich could affect the fate of the galaxy. Great.

Sukara cracked a slight smile at the thought and then looked up at Visona, noticeing she did not have her medication on her, he raised an eyebrow and spoke. "You thru them away, didn't you? I wish you wouldn't have done that Visona...you wern't fully recovered yet, I hope you'll be alright on this mission, it doesn't sound like an easy one..." Sukara said, letting a bit to much of his concern slip thru, mostly becouse of his lack of sleep, thus lack of concentration.

Sukara blushed slightly, after he realised what he was doing, mentally smacking himself in the head for letting himself get into such a sad and pathetic shape.

03-11-2004, 09:21 PM
(I hav been wondering for some time now, what does 'Hiroki' mean?)

Shah'Raa paced in the control room of the Death Eater. “I have to find that bloody scroll!” He thought for the 100th time. Ever since his blunder - not to mention his ‘first’ or ‘only’- when he had let the Ex-Sith Lord get the better of him, his Master had not found him reliable. As the apprentice of Doyen Armala he had always struggled to please her; to win her gratitude he could hardly make mistakes. Doyen had always despised mistakes and wasn’t very kind to those who made them “But then she did make me in charge of this mission. Why would she if -”

His thoughts were cut off as a Sith officer reported in.

“Sir, we have almost reached our destination.” The officer bowed respectably. “We are exiting hyperspace now.”

“Very well.” He nodded in response. Shah’Raa decided he would muse over his thoughts later, at the moment other pressing business demanded his attention.

03-11-2004, 09:26 PM
( Hiroki is simply a name as far as I am aware. :) )

03-12-2004, 12:38 AM
Jamis settled back in his chair and tried to nap. Instead, he found himself cogitating his situation.

I wasn't going to join the Jedi... he thought. Like many people, he provided an inward narration for his life. But here I am, doing a job for them. Why?

He thought and thought, but came up with no answer that he liked. Eventually though, he did slip into a deep sleep.

Outside, the stars rushed past in that beautiful display of lights that was hyperspace.

03-12-2004, 12:32 PM
Sukara sat there, his hands folded, he was thinking about what he was going to do when he finally arived at Faloo. He hadn't a clue in all honesty. He only knew he didn't want any of his...friends to be hurt. And he would allow it to happen.

He sighed to himself, and shook his head slightly, watching as the blue tunnel of hyperspace swirled around them, as they rapidly approached there destination. Sukara closed his eyes, and layed his head back, he might aswell get a little bit of sleep while they're stuck here...

03-13-2004, 06:26 AM
Shah'Raa entered the Sith transport, which would be taking them to Faloo, leaving the Death Eater floating in space. Suddenly his comolink beeped and he turned it on.

"Sir sensors picked up something." Officer Zeta stated. "But it blinked out before we could get a clear reading."

"What?" He frowned in thought. "Bah it's probably just the systems malfuntioning send the technicians to check it out. Besides who in their right mind would come to an isolated hell hole anyways? After all as we all know our mission is a highly guarded secret, we have noting to worry about."

Eyes narrowing suddenly in suspicion, Shah'Raa demanded. "Unless ofcourse you are suggesting we have a traitor in our midst?"

"No Sir! Ofcourse not Sir!"

"Than what are you waiting for Officer? Get back to your duties." Shah'Raa barked.

"Yes Sir! Officer Zeta out."

He glared at anyone who dare glance at him. Thinking of traitors didn't surface any pleasant memories. He sat through the whole trip in a foul mood, imagining all the nasty things he would do once he got his hands on Sukara.

"Oh and don't worry, traitor. You won't have to wait long!" Shah'Raa muttered to himself in a crazy fervor.

03-13-2004, 07:08 PM
Sukara had made his way to the front of the ship, and watched as the Sith ship finally disapeared, the ship moveing twords the other side of the planet, as they neared it, a blue aura surounded the ship, causeing it to disapear.

Sukara blinked with amazement as he read the cloaked status on the ships control panel. "This transport can cloak?!" He said, almost chokeing on his words vas he watched the large vessle move closer to the planet, no hostile ships takeing notice, or intercepting.

As they grew closer to the the world, it covered the whole view screen, the planet, free of tech of any sorts has remained untouched for centurys, untill now...now, they could sense a Dark Presence, yes, a Sith most likely, and where Sith are, machines are sure to follow.

The ship burst thru the lower atmisphear, makeing its way quickly to the surface, where it sat down rather harshly, causeing the still standing Sukara to hit his head on the top of the ship. "ACH!! Damnit...could you have landed any harder?!" Sukara barked at the pilot. "This is why we say 'stay in your seats PLEASE'! The pilot barked back at him.

03-15-2004, 05:31 AM
Sukara walked with them thru the tree's, keeping his eyes faceing forward, as he waited for them to hopefully emerge from the forest soon. Sighing heavily as he listened to the branches and leaves crackle under there feet, looking at Visona, who was actually enjoying this trip.

Sukara moved closer to Visona tilting his head slightly as he looked at her. "Are you actually likeing this place? I don't see how...I guess I've always been a more modern person, but I can't imagen a world in this day and age without some form of technology..." Sukara said, shakeing his head slightly.

Jamis walked slightly behind them, Sukara and Visona decideing to let him carry most of the heavy stuff while they concentrated on hikeing. Sukara turned and gave Jamis a closed-eyed smile. "Are you holding up okay back there? I hope none of that is to much of a strain!" He said, asking with an almost innocent tone to his voice, though a hint of the teaseing nature of the question still peeked thru slightly.

03-15-2004, 02:17 PM
Jamis waved a hand at Sukara, grinning like a maniac. "No, no need to worry yourselves on my account. I'm holding up fine. What about you, Visona?" He tugged on one of the straps for the pack he was wearing, tightening it up a little and keeping it from slipping.

He looked at the ferns with a suspicious eye. Some plants, especially ferns, which were usually an ancient sort of plant, had developed some nasty primal defenses along the way. He tried to step on earth or rock as much as possible. For such wooded terrain, this area had plenty of rocks.

03-16-2004, 02:51 AM
Brittany and Rick continued to go deeper into the cave, though they were not able to see. They could sense everything in the cave, but the Force was very nearly overpowering in this place. It was beginning to take a toll on Brittany.

"What's in here?" she gasped. It had begun to feel as if the Force was trying to drive her to the floor of the cave. Then, being unable to take it anymore, she dropped to her knees. She looked up at Rick.

"You keep going," she panted. "I'll catch up."

She watched as he stood still for a moment and then continued on into the cave. Then, she realized that she was getting more and more tired the more she sat there. At this, she staggered to her feet and tried to go deeper into the cave, but as soon as she stood, she collapsed into unconsciousness.

03-18-2004, 05:34 PM
Rick continued thru the cave, but he soon felt a wave of darkness washing over his body, the place was strong with the Dark Side of the force, stronger than any place he had ever felt before, the dreaded calling of it almost overwhelming his spirit as he struggled to resist.

He still could see no light, the cave being completely Dark, With no end in sight, forceing him to press on, however, the deeper he went, the stronger the calling got...


Sukara, Visona, and Jamis had finally emerged from the woods, the uphill climb finally over, much to Jamis's relief. The village was in sight, Sukara smileing slightly as they knew they had finally arived. "Finally, I just hope they do not consider soft beds a form of technology..." He muttered slightly.

The three of them made there way into the village, it was quite primitive compared to the usual flashing lights and busy streets that they where use to seeing, almost like stepping back into a past long forgoten.

03-19-2004, 04:47 AM
Shah'Raa sat in his tent drinking coffee, trying to banish sleep. They had arrived at Kakulukia 2 days ago and taken over the village, slaying the populace who rejected him. After the village was in his control they had set out for the Tomb of Takhisis. Knowing the location of tomb it had been easy to find, but getting in was altogether a different matter. They could not get the main door of the tomb to open no matter how much they tried. Two precious days had already been wasted he couldn't afford to loose anymore.

"Not that there was any threat to the scrolls." he thought to himself smirking. "But still, I would be glad to leave this hellhole.”

He really didn’t like this ‘Flu’ planet or whatever it was called it gave him the creeps, he liked Korriban much better. Modern technology, that was his style.

There was a knock at the door, or you could say the flap of his tent, at his consent Officer Pitt came in and bowed. “Sir, General Bosh requests your presence he has some pressing news.”

03-19-2004, 01:08 PM
"Sith?" whispered Jamis, whilst he was cutting himself off from contact with the Force. Judging Sukara's reaction, he continued. "Someone you know?"

03-19-2004, 11:44 PM
Shah'Raa entered the General's tent thinking what important news Boch might have.

"Shah'Raa." the General spoke with enthusiasm. "I think we may have found a way to open that bloody door." The General and Dark Jedi were good associates, they didn't go with formalities.

"That's excellent news Percival!" Shah'Raa replied sleep evaporating instantly. “We should try it at once! What is it anyways?"

03-19-2004, 11:45 PM
(Hey if anyone wants to control my characters, except Doyen since she's my main character, than you are more then welcome to do so...It really gets to me controling all those "evil" personals.... ;) )

03-20-2004, 01:29 AM
Sukara growled as he layed on his stumach on the floor of the forest, looking down at the town from there safe spot. Under his breath he muttered a name that was all too fermilier to both him and Visona.

"Shah'Raah..." He said, the words being spat out like they where poision, clenching his fists, he turned to Visona. "The Sith clearly have made it here first, this sorta puts a damper on our plans, doesn't it now?" He said, rolling his eyes slightly.

Sukara stood up, confodent that they where now out of sight of the two men that they had spotted. "We'll have to be careful about how we go about this, Visona. Shah'raah won't underestimate us." He said, giveing her one of his serious looks, which where only ever pointed her way when something was wrong.


Shah'Raah and the General moved twords the temple. Boch turned to Shah'Raah, prepareing to explain his idea. "It seems that all thoughs funny little ruin markings that are plastered all over the outside of the temple are a ritual, and the ritual is the key to opening the door." Boch said, stopping for a moment to catch his thoughts.

He smiled at Shah'Raah before continueing. "We could gather together a group of the Dark Jedi that have been sent with us to perform the ritual - as only force users have the power to call apon the ghosts of the past." He said, clearly suprised by his own words. Boch had never been much of an expert on the force.

Shah'Raah grinned with satisfaction, nodding approveingly to General Boch. "Good work, Percival. I will have a number of Dark Jedi put under your command at once. Do try and make this quick..." Shah'Raah stated too him, the wait clearly takeing its tole on his pacients.

Percival Doch nodded to Shah'Raah. "Will do, Sir." He stated, smileing back at him.

03-20-2004, 04:09 PM
"I'm not sure," said Jamis. "I would think, though, that if they had found those two, their state of alertness would be higher." he pointed to a pair of sith roopers who were watching the tree line. "See those two? They're not really concerned about what they're doing. You can tell from the body language. If they'd caught a Jedi, I think they'd be more watchful."

He pursed his lips, thinking about his escapades on Bakura. "We could try getting in to that encampment, but that probably wouldn't do us that much good. We'd likely be found out, and we don't know where the cave is. I suspect they might have found it already. If we watch and tail them, we might be able to find the cave, which is the objective."

03-20-2004, 10:16 PM
As the Dark Jedi gathered around the tomb to perform the ritual Shah'Raa turned to Percival.

"Why don't you take over for a bit?" He asked the General. 'I have some business that needs attention."

"My pleasure Shah'Raa." Boch replied. "But don't take long."

Nodding his acknowledgment Shah'Raa turned heading for his quarters. Reaching his hut he entered and went to his holoprojector. Doyen Armala's holographic image came into view and Shah'Raa respectably bowed before the Sith Lord.

"Master, we have nearly unlocked the secret to the Tomb's door." He reported breathlessly. "We soon hope to have the scroll with us."

"Very well apprentice." Doyen's voice was not quite pleasant; she didn't praise him, and merely glanced his way. "I expect the Fifth scroll in two days time." With that she vanished leaving behind a troubled apprentice.

Shah’Raa arrived to the ritual halfway through. The door was opening slowly and the dark Jedi could feel the power seeping from within. At last the ritual ended and the Dark Jedi stopped their chanting, the door now completely open.

“Nasha and Dura.” Addressing two of the Dark Jedi Shah’Raa ordered. “Go in and inspect the situation inside.”

Nasha and Dura nodded and entered the tomb both shivering ever so slightly. After a few minutes Shah’Raa heard terrifying screams and seconds later two Dark Jedi came rushing out.

“My Dark Master!” a flushed Nasha whispered bowing before him. “There is yet another door. And this time one without any hints to unlock its secret!”

Summoning lighting in frustration, Shah’Raa tortured the bringer of such foul news.

04-06-2004, 03:37 PM
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rick ulo 11103
04-06-2004, 04:40 PM
(((alright im really sorry i haven´t been posting for a while but i have an excuse [see sig])))

rick could not stop walking although he wanted to get back and attend to brittany but his legs forbided him and as he was going he triped on somthing landing flat on his face, he searched with his hands to see what it was and it was not to his great surprise that it was a skull, further feeling showed him that the rest of the body had been preserved, it then hit him: he was being drained of the force and if all of the force within him had gone he would die, die like the poor soul that lay before him. but still his arms pushed him up and his legs kept on walking he eventually fell asleep a sleep filled with nightmares and ones that brought back memorys of... sad events. he woke up with his hed on some wet soft surface, it was moss the first thing he thought was that he had gotten out of the cave, that wasnt soand he suddenly felt so confused; how could the moss live if it was constantly being drained of the force? he ate it, it tasted so horid that he was about to throw it out but he ffelt his power coming back to himhe shoved more into his faceand he soon felt as good as new, he continued on and soon he saw a small fliker of light as he got closer he the light got brighter, and brighter he found a peice of paper rolled around a stick, he had found the scroll and on it it said:

"he who has the five scrolls of ( i forgot his name help me!!!) will have power over all living beings..."

rick could not read the rest as it had decayed a little over the years

he ran put with the scroll. altough the power did noy drain the force from him he could still feel that the power existed and as he went he grabbed a bunch of moss thinking of britany hoping it was not too late

(((tons of grammer mistakes sorry)))

04-10-2004, 08:06 AM
Smileing slightly behind there cover, Sukara signaled to Visona and Jamis to move a bit closer. They had all masked there presence from the ablivious Shah'Raa, as they snuck closer, observeing the path that he had taken from the temple.

Sukara turned to Visona and Jamis, lowering his voice to a whisper. "We need to hurry and make our way to the temple before he figures out we're here. Be careful though, I'm sure he'll have guards, and most likely, Dark Jedi around it." Sukara said, turning back as he watched Shah'Raa's shadow sitting down within his tent.

The three crept thru the tree's, makeing sure that there shadows would not glare on the Sith Apprentices tent, continueing on thru the thick forest, as they soon came apon the temple. Sure enough there where Sith Troopers all around it. As well as a group of Dark Jedi, who appeared to be performing some bizare ritual.

"What the hell are they doing...?" Sukara said quitely as he looked on at them, raiseing an eyebrow slightly. The Dark Jedi had sat in a circle, there voices chanting loudly into the night. The Dark Jedi, haveing no other idea's, had decided to perform the ritual again, in hopes that it would open the second set of doors.

"It seems there haveing some trouble getting in..." Jamis said quitely as he looked at Sukara. "Yeah, and if they are, we will for sure..." Sukara replied back.

04-26-2004, 12:32 PM
(Sorry. These threads seemed to die, and I wandered off. Just as well, really, as I had some RL things crop up. I do hope you're all around still.)

Jamis examined the situation. They needed some way to get past the guards and Sith, preferrably without attack them all. As good as this group was, their luck wouldn't hold if they kept solving everything by beating a large group of people up.

04-27-2004, 10:14 PM
Brittany regained consciousness, but she was still feeling incredibly weak when Rick returned. He stuffed some of the moss in her mouth and she made a face at the taste. Nevertheless, under Rick's persistance, she managed to eat it. Strength returned to her and she stood.

"Let's get out of here!" she exclaimed. They walked back the way they had come. When they finally stumbled back into the light, Brittany had to squint. The sun was brightly shining overhead and its light penetrated the tree leaves.

"We need to get back to the ship," she whispered, suddenly feeling the need for her voice to be quiet. Instantly she realized why. The Dark Side of the Force was here. Her eyes fell upon three familiar people and she stopped.

"Visona!" she whispered. "Sukara, Jamis! What are you doing here?"

04-30-2004, 09:07 PM
Brittany nodded after Jamis's explanation and watched in amusement for a short time as the Dark Jedi performed whatever strange thing they were doing. She grinned and shook her head.

"Will they ever learn?" she asked, as if exasperated at the Dark Jedi. "It doesn't matter where you are, there's always more than one way to get in. Rick and I found it. Believe me, it wasn't a pleasant experience."

When pressed, Brittany continued. "Rick and I felt a presence in the Force, a very unusual one at that. We walked toward it until we found the cave. After a little while of simply looking inside, we decided to find out what was there.

"The cave grew darker gradually and, as it darkened, we began to feel a powerful strain in the Force. It was as if we were being drained of our power, which is not far from the truth. I got to where I couldn't handle it and told Rick to go on. After a little whlie, I thought of how unwise it was to send Rick on alone, so I got up and tried to go after him. Right after I got up, I lost consciousness.

"Rick returned to me and tried to shake me out of unconsiousness, but was not successful. He stuffed some kind of moss in my mouth and that revived me, but the moss was one of the worst tastes I'd ever known. I nearly spit it out, but Rick held his hand to my mouth and wouldn't let me. He explained that his strength had returned when he ate the moss, so I did my best to handle the taste.

"Rick and I have just come from the cave. He said that when he went deeper, he found this." She motioned to the scroll in Rick's hand. "We thought that the Jedi Council would like to see it."

04-30-2004, 09:37 PM
A frown marring her smooth brow, Doyen Armala paced in the Lord Chamber contemplating their situation. She wasn’t very thrilled with the progress in Faloo, and she had made her displeasure quite clear to that unworthy apprentice.

She whirled suddenly on her heel, her long dark cape swishing elegantly around her feet. Facing the ornate mirror behind her she gazed at her beautiful reflection. Always the sight of her splendor had brought satisfaction and delight, but not today.

When that wretched being had dared seize the throne she had spent hours gazing at her pleasant face hatching plans for glory and revenge, vowing her schemes would be as flawless as herself. ‘But it has not been so’, she thought gazing darkly at herself.

She had failed somehow. Her plans were not as flawless as herself. She hated the fact and she hated admitting it even more. She stepped back in a boiling rage, rage that swirled all around her, ready, eager to consume. Summoning a powerful bolt of lightening she blasted the elaborate mirror into a thousand sharp shards of broken glass.

She would not let her failure weaken her. No, instead she would use it to her advantage, letting the anger and rage strengthen her even more. Stepping gracefully over the broken mirror, she made her way to the exit. It was time she made a visit to Faloo, to her weakling of an apprentice. Oh she would blast the doors off the Tomb into oblivion, and come back in victory with the Scroll in hand.

04-30-2004, 10:01 PM
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Brittany watched the Dark Jedi for a few more seconds before turning to the others. "We should get out of here before they discover us."

rick ulo 11103
04-30-2004, 10:26 PM
(((then i should delete it)))

"i agree, no use waiting to be discovered"

05-01-2004, 01:46 AM
Sukara looked back down at the group of Dark Jedi, still chanting there hearts out. He turns to face Brittany. "Well, we have to find a way to get in there, if you have found some way thru that cave, I sugest you hurry up and show us the way." He said steadily at her.

He slowly stepped back from his watchful position, careful not to crack a twig or leaf. "Come then, we need to get inside for there abusrd little ritual actually works." He said, chuckling slightly at the idea that such a thing could even be sucsessful.

They made there way back to the cave with as much haste as possible, without giving away there presence. Ariving at the entrance of the cave, Sukara took a step forward and raised his hand. "I feel the presence of many spirits within here, evil, mostly...many perversions happened here at one time." He said quitely to no one in perticuler.

Taking a step back he turned to Visona. "Are you sure you are up for this? You must still be a little weary from your...encounter." He said, tilting his head slightly.

05-01-2004, 10:23 AM
Jamis took a look in the backpack he'd been lugging about all this time. Surely, with the weight of the thing, there must be something in there...

He dug out a couple explosives. Well, will wonders never cease? he thought, and grinned. He stuffed the explosives back in the backpack, a few ideas swimming around in his head.

He looked into the cave, and felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. A chill breeze washed over him, and he shivered. The sun, though it was out, and shining brightly enough to cause the beads of sweat on his forehead, seemed like it was behind a cloud, and that its rays were diminished.

He looked back to the others, and the sun seemed bright. There was no breeze, and he could relax from the suddenly stiffening of the joints that had occured to him.

05-01-2004, 05:18 PM
Sukara moved on ahead of them, careful to stay ahead of the other three. They all made there way past the mouth of the cave, the light from the outside world becoming dimmer as they made there way deeper into the caves black abyss.

The hairs on Sukara's neck where standing up, the skin underneath tingling intensly. He knew something was wrong with this place, but he did not care to find out at the moment, if this cave was a way into that temple, then they would press on untill they where thru.

Sukara turned to Visona, he could feel stench of the spirits of the Sith, he could feel there evil desires gripping at his heart, trying to lure out his own. He knew that she, and everyone else must be feeling the same way. "How are you doing?" Sukara asked her, as they continued to walk forward.

Her awnser was cut short, however, as light begain to shine from the other side of the cave...not natural light, however. More like torches, possibly illuminating devices, but it was clearly not natural. Sukara begain to walk faster, as the light grew, picking up the speed of his sprint with each step he took, as they finally emerged from the cave, they where clearly in an old stone temple...

Sukara gazed around them in suprise, his mouth dropping slightly as he looked apon the Dark, but at the same time beautiful temple. "Wow..." He stated simply.

05-02-2004, 12:59 PM
Brittany frowned suddenly, remembering the scroll that Rick had found. She took it from him and read it. Her face paled suddenly as she read.

"This is not the Fifth scroll," she whispered. "That scroll is on the other side of the planet... inside an active volcano!"

((I dunno... at first I thought Rick had found the fifth scroll, but everybody else seemed to think he hadn't. That's why I came up with this. Eventually, the Sith can probably get in and discover what we did, so we can have some kind of conflict over at the volcano... let's brainstorm about it as we run down this new path.))

05-02-2004, 02:30 PM
(( I say the temple is connected to the Valcano itself, and thru it we can get there, we will get there first and find the scroll, but the Sith will show up shortly after and we can have a brawl for it. ))

The four continued to walk deeper into the temple, the statues on the sides of the walls gazeing down at them as if they had a life of there own, holding torches in there hands as there hooded gaze seemed to follow them with each step they took deeper into the temple.

Meanwhile, outside the temple, the Sith where still chanting the hours away out at the base of the temple. The second door had not budged however, and it was clearly taking its toll on Shah'Raah. However, Shah'Raah's com link begain to beep. Picking it up, he brought it too his face. "This is Lord Shaah'Raah, it had better be good."

"Heeheehee..." Chackled a mocking and insane laugh, Shah'Raah knew right then who it was - Matorian Vourn. "Well well, it seems you are having a problem down there 'Lord' Shah'Raah." He said in a mocking tone. "Now now...what could trouble such a 'great' Sith Lord such as yourself? Surely not a mere door? Heeheehee...." Shah'Raah could almost see him grinning insanely on the otherside of his com link.

"Perhaps I should lend you one of my toys...though I do so hate when my masterpieces are destroyed by inept handlers...Well, No matter. If it is the scroll Lord Armala wants, I shall help her get it. Here, Shah'Raah, I am sending you a tank called the RT-938 Hellbore. It is of course flawless, being designed by me, though I am sure you would find I way to destroy it, so I better fully explain it to you." He said, stopping to catch his breath.

"You need to activate the power core of the tank first, before you start the actual engine, then you must CAREFULLY pilot it into that little temple of yours, there you may activate the tripple re-enforced durasteel drill. That should take care of any door you might find." Motorian finished, clearly confodent.

"Hopfully, the brilliance of my invention will outway the stupidity of your mind. Untill we next meet, my 'lord'. Heeheehee..." Matorians voice faided with his mocking laughter.

05-03-2004, 02:38 AM
(Thats some twisted character u hav got there Hiroki! ;) )

"How dare that piece of filth mock me?" Shah'Raa muttered angirly kicking a rock out of his path. "He thinks he's a brilliant scientist does he? I'll show him how brilliant he is, once I get my hands on his wretched old neck. I'll twist-."

"Calm down Shah'Raa!" General Bosh said hastily cutting of Shah'Raa in mid sentence. From what Pervical knew about the Dark apprentice once he got angry he lost all control and right now wasn't the best time to lose it. "When you go back to Lord Armala with the fifth scroll victoriously in your hands you will wipe that greasy smirk of his face. Now we have to concentrate and get the scroll safely home, ok?"

"Yes you are right." Shah'Raa replied regaining some control. "He is probably jealous of me, that i'm so close to Master and she trusts me so."

"Sir!" Officer Pitt broke thier conversation and saluted. "The RT-938 Hellbore has arrived sir."

"Already?" General Boch asked in surprise.

"The transport left Korriban shortly after we did sir."

"What?" Shah'Raa growled. "Impossible."

"There was a message sir!" Pitt continued. " Dr. Vourn believed we would eventually need the help."

"WHAT?" Shah'Raa roared. "That unworthy piece of @#$@!! He doubted my abilities? How DARE he? I'll -"

"Shah'Raa please - " Bosh began.

The General flinched as Shah'Raa turned to him with rage boiling in his eyes. "SHUT UP, JUST SHUT UP!!!" he yelled.

"Umm my Lord I also have a message from her Highness." Officer Pitt mumbled hesitantly, hoping he wouldn't be heard.

Shah'Raa's expression cleared somewhat. "Her Highness?" he said in a restrained voice. "Well? What is it?" he demanded.

"Sir!" Officer Pitt all but squeaked. "She wishes to have the Scroll in a day not 2 as she previously said."

05-03-2004, 05:26 AM
Several Sith Troopers rushed to the Hellbore, two climbing into the cockpit, while four others directed there movments, making sure to warn them if there was debre in the way, and clearing it if they could. The tank begain to roll up the staires of the temple, the special catapiler track making its way up the rough steps of the temple, as they where designed to do, where as a hover system, which is what tanks have been using for several thousand years now, would have had trouble moving up them.

It reached the top of the staires and slowly made its way thru the entrance. The tank continued ontwards till it finally reached the second doorway, stopping only a few feet before reaching it, as Sith Trooper hit a button on the panel infront of him, and the drill begain to spin, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed, untill its ridges where a blurr to the naked eye.

The tank then rolled onward, and the drill impacted the door with the thunderous crack of stone, the drill crushed the stone betwean the sturdy ridges that wrapped around the tipped cilender, the tip of the drill piercing the thick age old stone. After only a minute, maybe less, the drill had completely put a hole thru the door.

The beast of a machine continued rolling inward, moving deeper into the temple, finding yet another door. Once again, the drill went to work, the door not lasting much longer than its pretisesor.


Deeper in the temple, the sound of the drill rang loudly thru the temle, the echo of the durasteel carving its way into stone boomed thru the corridoors.

Sukara looked behind them, too there sides, and then to the front again. "What is making such a racket? It can't be natural, thats for sure..." He said, once again looking around warily. "We better hurry up and move on, whatever that is, I do not want it to catch up to us..."

Sukara continued on his way, closely followed by the rest of the group. One good thing about the temple was that the main path always seemed to be straight, sure, it had many corridoors on the sides, probably sleeping chambers or training rooms, but the farther that they made there way forward, the hotter things got.

Whiping trinkles of sweat from his forhead, he looked back at Brittany. "Does the scroll say exactly how far ahead this valcano is? We have walked atleast a couple of miles underground by now." He said, the heat causing him to grow tired faster than he normally would.

05-03-2004, 08:00 PM
"I think we've got a bigger problem than just how far we've walked..." said Jamis, staring into the darkness just beyond the torchlight. Then something clicked in his head, and he reached into the pack on his back.

A moment later, a bright beam of light shot out from the pencil-thin glow rod in Jamis' hand. The monster blinked its eyes in the light once, then made an incredible jump that carried it out of the light. Jamis twitched his hand, trying to keep it in the light, but when the cone of light reached the wall it had been jumping for, it wasn't there.

Nevertheless, they'd had a good look at it. About 2 meters tall, humanoid with long arms and long, powerfully built legs. The arms had biceps the size of Jamis' neck, and the fingers had long fingernails. A second set of arms, shorter, but even thicker, had long claws.

Jamis shuddered and looked at his companions. "Charming spot, this," he said.

05-04-2004, 01:11 AM
Sukara took a step back as the creature lept out of view. "Ugh...there is another reason why we need to hurry up and get out of here..." He said warily, shaking his head and looking at Jamis. "Keep that handy..." He stated camly, and continued walking, keeping his eyes scanning the entire temple.

05-04-2004, 08:47 PM
"No," Brittany replied. She continued walking, but her steps slowed as she passed a large arch. She felt as if something was pulling her through it and she followed. Visona noticed that Brittany had turned aside and ran back just in time to see Brittany disappear in a brilliant blue flash of light.

There, just past the arch, there was a small sphere of blue light. It was obvious that Brittany had run into it and had been transported somewhere else... but where?

05-04-2004, 11:25 PM
Sukara took a step back eyes wide. "Wow! Brittany?" He looked at the portal, and then at the others. "Well...what should we do...? Go thru? I guess that would make sense, we can't just let her stay in there..." He said, sighing slightly as he frowned.

05-05-2004, 01:32 PM
Jamis shrugged, and stepped forward, into the blue ball. A moment later, without any sort of dramatic swooshings, without any pleasant breezes (though they would have been most welcome), and certainly without any flashing lights, he was standing beside Brittany.

Thinking quickly, he stood aside for the next person, and tried to figure out how that thing worked. Wormhole? He shrugged, and started to play the light around, but realized he didn't need it. The light was very intense. Red, it was, and bright as the day. He looked over the edge of a ledge they were on.

They looked to be about halfway up a volcano, and some magma was running oozing out, not exploding, but definitely coming out. He checked the air, then realized that it wa clean. So- the volcano had not erupted recently then. Otherwise, ash would be thick. On the other hand, he was not sure if magma coming out meant that the volcano was ready to blow, or if it jsut meant some pressure had been released. He wished he knew.

"On the other hand," he said, looking around, "At least there aren't any weird monsters."

05-08-2004, 12:40 AM
Brittany heard Visona call to her, but she was powerless to respond. It was as if someone else was controlling her body. As she continued to walk, a red glow began to surround her. Visona rushed to Brittany's side and tried to stop her, but without warning, Brittany wheeled and threw Visona into a nearby wall.

The glow continued to grow until Brittany's body was nearly unseen inside it. The others followed her, watching her fearfully as she approached the Fifth Scroll of Sargonnas. She went up the steps to the pedestal on which the scroll was resting and grasped it in her left hand.

"This scroll is mine!" Brittany's voice boomed out of the red glow that now made it impossible to see her body. As she stepped away from the pedestal, the glow faded slightly and they could see her face. Her eyes were also glowing red.

In Brittany's right hand, she held her lightsaber. Once she had activated it, she took a swing at Visona, who barely managed to duck the blow. Brittany's next swing collided with Visona's lightsaber. There was a brief struggle of strength as their sabers locked together, but Brittany was able to overpower Visona. As she swung her lightsaber down to finish the blow, Sukara's lightsaber intervened.

"What are you doing?" he exclaimed. Visona rolled quickly out of the way.

"Getting rid of you Jedi!" Brittany smirked. Suddenly, she emitted a loud scream and shouted, "NO! I WILL NOT GIVE IN!"

She dropped to her knees and bowed her head. Her lightsaber clattered to the floor, but the scroll was held in a vice grip in her left hand. With another loud scream, she fell to the floor and her grip on the scroll loosened. Rick sprang to her side and found that, though she was still alive, she would likely not awaken for some time.

Jamis tensed suddenly as he saw three Dark Jedi come through the portal. One of them was Shah'Raa.

"So, I see you have discovered the power of the scroll," he smirked. "I have gloved hands and will be able to carry this to my master. Your friend did not do so well with it, I see."

He laughed and walked toward the scroll where it lay, mere inches from where Rick was crouched over Brittany's unconscious form.

05-08-2004, 01:36 AM
Sukara looked at the scroll, and then quickly back at Shah'raa, quickly thrusting his hand forward, his palm flattened, as he sent a wave of Force energy (force push) twords Shah'raa. The Sith crossed his arms to defend himself, but was still knocked back several feet.

"Quickly, Visona, grab the scroll!" Sukara shouted too her, remembering that her current Jedi outfit had wrappings around her arms, that ended in gloved hands. Sukara then tightened his grip on his green blade, preparing for battle, as he watched Visona pick up the scroll.

The other's ignighted there blades and stood ready for the impending fight. The three Dark Jedi leaped forward, thru the air twords Rick, Jamis, and Visona. The other three responding by raising there sabers to guard againts there blows.

Sukara and Shah'Raa rushed for each other, there blades crackling as they clashed, Shah'Raa attempting a upwards thrust, but being blocked by Sukara, who knocked his blade to the side.

Shah'Raa recovered quickly, however, and just in time, too, as Sukara's lightsaber was parried just in time, stopping it from slashing him across the face. The two continued fighting, as the sounds of everyones lightsabers impacting againts there foes sent echo's thruout the valcano.

Visona, meanwhile, was busy fighting a Dark Jedi of her own, one who was extreamly interested in the scroll that she had stuffed in her robes whislt she fights. The female Dark Jedi grunted as her saber clashed againts her Jedi counterpart, quickly reaching forward with one hand, whislt her other held her saber to try and grab the scroll. Visona would need to keep her foe from grabbing the scroll at all costs.

Rick battled with his enemy, a male Dark Jedi weilding two crimson lightsabers. Rick skillfully blocked his foes attacks, but his enemy also blocked his. Despite Rick Ulo's skill, he was having some trouble attacking his multi-bladed attacker. The two sabers keeping him on the defence, a stern defence, but still leaving no room for attack. He would need to find a way to strike between his foes flurry of attacks.

Jamis meanwhile, battled againts a large alien Jedi, at least 55% larger than himself. The hardy fighter weilded a lightsaber to match his own size. The powerful alien swung its lightsaber at Jamis, who skillfully dodged the blade. The alien swung once more, and Jamis skillfully rose his saber to block it, but its power knocked him back. He couldn't go toe to toe with this things brute strength. Jamis would need to find another way to beat this foe.

The 8 force users clashed with all of there might, there hearts racing in the heat of battle. The Valcano's lava slowly creeping down its moltin hot crust.

05-08-2004, 10:00 AM
In the midst of this battle, Brittany stirs lightly. With a small moan she rolls over, but makes no other movements. Suddenly, her eyes opened and she watched as the scroll dropped out of Visona's control. The scroll rolled a little, ending up a few inches from Brittany's hand.

Brittany tried to move again, but she could barely do so. With a low moan, she forced her body to move, keeping her eyes away from the scroll as she brought her foot around toward it.

There was a low rumble as the molten lava inched higher. Brittany realized that, if she knocked the scroll off the edge, they would be in greater danger, but she knew that there was no other option.

With a great yell brought forth from the strength she barely had, Brittany lashed out at the scroll with her foot. The combatants wheeled as one to watch what was happening. Brittany's foot connected with the scroll and sent it skittering across the floor.

Shah'Raa's eyes widened and he lunged forward to save it. Brittany summoned the Force to her aid and stood, a move Shah'Raa was not expecting. Before he had time to react, Brittany punched him hard in the face.

The scroll came to rest on the edge of the ledge and Brittany slumped to the ground once more. That had taken too much out of her. Shah'Raa recovered from the blow he had recieved and attempted to move forward once more.

The molten lava was nearing the ledge.