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Wraith 8
01-06-2004, 11:33 AM
Hi all.

This subforum is specially for events we have on the Starsider server. You can now all post a place where you would like an Event to take place. like a hunt, a party, a race , etc.

everytime you guys post a new place to held something i will update the forst post. if you want to plan an Event make a new thread in the events subforum.


1. The Warren on Dantooine.
2. Fort Tusken on Tattooine
3. Tusken Bunker on Tattooine
4. Woolamander Temple on Yavin 4
5. Mauler Fortress on Naboo
6. Pirate Bunker on Naboo
7. Emperors Retreat on Naboo
8. Jabba's Palace on Tattooine
9. Jabba's Cave on Tattooine
10. Drall Cave on Corellia
11. Selonian Cave on Corellia
12. Corsec base on Corellia
13. Hidden Rebel Base on Corellia
14. Gungan sacred place on Naboo


1. Endor. (general)
2. Dathomir. (general)
3. Squill Cave on Tattooine
4. Veermok Cave on Naboo
5. Narglatch Cave on Naboo
6. Krayt Dragons on Tattooine


1. The Mos Espa POD race.
2. The Endor Speederbike Pursuit.