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01-06-2004, 07:20 PM
Pirates of the Caribbean proved that the world is more than ready for pirate movies. It may have used up the world's enthusiasm, but I like to think that if a Monkey Island movie could be different in tone, and animated, it could do similarly well. Well, there'll be no famous faces lining the cast, so maybe not QUITE as well... :)

I watched the rather good Road to El Dorado, and I thought that if you removed the songs, it could have been just plain excellent. And I considered - with these vibrant colours, the distinct and characteristic cartoon style and the detailed lines and shading, this is how a Monkey Island movie ought to look.

Since Spielberg and LucasFilms have collaborated in the past, why shouldn't Dreamworks and Lucasarts work together to make a film of the first Monkey Island game? Perhaps gilbert could work on it too? All of the usual Monkey Island cast (particularly the sublime Dom Armato) could be kept on, and it'd be perfect!

Any thoughts, contradictions, flames to fan?

01-07-2004, 01:57 AM
Well yeah but it should have a new plot. I think I've seen enough of SMI I've played it many times and Paco is making that comic. But Gilbert isn't working for Lucas anymore so it would be kinda hard to get him to work on it.

01-07-2004, 02:02 AM
The uncultured people of the world would claim it was just a cheap ripoff of Pirates of the Carribean.

01-07-2004, 04:44 AM
AH, skinkie brings up a very good point I have felt for a while now; with the success of Pirates of the Caribbean it would be hard for the Monkey Island franchise to be taken seriously under any other medium. While I enjoyed the movie immensely because it filled the void of having no new pirate adventures as of late, the similarities to monkey island, especially to LeChuck, made it apparent that if a monkey island movie were to be made that it would be taken only as another stylistic rip-off, therefor detracting from the credit the computer game series rightfully deserves. Just look at all the movies that try to cash in on the Matrix style and fail miserably. A Monkey Island movie would have to be very much different from Pirates of the Caribbean if anyone would be happy, including all the enlighted cultured people who knew the game already. Besides, I personally feel LucasArts and all its fans should forget any idea of a movie whatsoever and focus on making a game that can completely make amends for the disgrace that was in name; "Escape from Monkey Island." If they could reclaim their dominance in the computer game genre perhaps then would be an opportune time to think about making a motion picture.
P.S. Disney sucks ass, LucasArts rules, let's never forget that.