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This was a post I made in the Duelers forums but knowing Lee, he'll remove anything I post. My guess is, he doesn't really want the truth to be known, that's why he removes them. So, I am putting this copy of the thread out to let the truth be known because I don't want there to be any misconceptions.

For those of you wanting to check out Duelers mod (which I do recommend, best server & client side mod for JK2 IMO) you can go to http://duelers.jk2files.com & get whatever you need.

Originally Posted by The_Wanderer
I went to download Dulers Mod 1.3.1 and all the Dueler's Mod files disappearded!!!! What is going on?!!Originally Posted by LeeOattes
Unfortunately, FileFront made a decision to remove the mod from their servers as (ex-duelers team member) Marker has been making such as fuss about his contributions continuing to be used. No one felt that Marker had any reasonable claim to copyright, but in the interest of putting the whole thing behind us, the files were removed.

The good new is that I had a weekend a few weeks back to effectively redo all of Marker's work myself. The new version should be showing up on jk2files.com shortly. It has a new hilt pack, new sound mod, and new background loading image. All of the new stuff is completely Marker-free content, but since I used the same sources as Marker did (hence the sillyness about copyright) everything is still pretty similar. Of course, the game code in 1.4 is identical to 1.3.1 so the base mod has not changed at all!

If you want to get 1.4 right now, try http://members.rogers.com/lee.oattes/duelers1_4.zip


LeeOriginally Posted by Marker0077
You can't modify someone elses work & claim copyright on it, however, you can claim copyright on the changes you've made.

All the hilts in Duelers (then & now) are the hilts that I put together. I repositioned the hilts, the blades, I set the new texture paths, etc; etc. but unfortunately, aside from a MS3D file, I have no way of proving I did the work I claim to have done. I didn't continue pursuing this matter because my attorney isn't willing to play ball with just that alone.

All the work I can prove I own copyright on has been removed from Duelers, thus you have Duelers 1.4; But the hilt pack still remains & there's really nothing I can do about it, so Lee has no problem with taking it. That's okay though, live & learn. All models in CM include a new mesh that fixes this in case this happens again. This was my attorneys idea actually.

I realize that this whole ordeal is pretty ridiculous & lame but I'm not going to just put up with being taken advantage of. I tried to work out negotiations with Lee for him to use my work & me to use his (even though he previously agreed to one) but he declined - & that is his right. What isn't his right is to take my work & use it in his project when he's not willing to share his own.

Lee, you can claim "company property" all you want, this isn't a company & even if it was, people get paid for the work they do (i.e. sharing your work, not legal tender).

Just so there is no misunderstanding about my position with the Duelers project, I am still promoting Duelers mod via Cool Mods. I'm not including it in Cool Mods (no way in hell), however, I will still promote the mod in a variety of ways such as shortcuts to the Duelers site via actual windows shortcuts, links in the manuals, etc; etc. I don't want people to think I am anti-Duelers, far from it, Lee is an intelligent coder & he makes a terrific mod & for me to not promote it, would be unproffessional. Unfortunately, there are just some things that I can't put up with, which is why I am no longer on staff & never will be again.

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Well at least this post is in the right forum... :)

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It's a JK2 & JK3 mod dude, it's why it's there.

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See the thread in the JA forum (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=121182). Thread closed.