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01-08-2004, 06:59 PM
I in the process if creating a JA mod especially for the Jedi Master gametype (JMMod, http://www.pikey.me.uk/forums). Reactivating JM was the easy part: I am also rebalancing, adding some new features, and preventing cheap and annoying tactics.

The most basic thing for a JM map is an info_jedimaster_start entity, which are not in any JA maps. However, I am working on a way to include entities in an existing map by having the dll read a text file. In the meantime, I have hardcoded info_jedimaster_start for default JA FFA maps.

What I would particularly like, however, are maps made with JM mode in mind (although they could still be used for FFA). There are a couple currently under way by fellow clan members.

The most exciting prospect, and different to JK2 JM and JA FFA maps, would be maps with one (or at most two) carefully placed armed vehicles such as an AT-ST or fighters. These are both a cool thing to play with, and also help to balance the game if there are very few players. Can spawn scripts change their behaviour depending on the gametype? I don't know, but I may be able to attach scripting info to my magic entity adding files, so only JMMod will have the vehicles (but no promises...).

If anyone wants to help, I'll send them the latest beta version of JMMod.

I've gathered some thoughts on what would make a good JM map together, and included them below:

General Advice:

# No large areas not easily accessible to non Jedi (who have level 1 Jump), although small areas where a Jedi Master can be attacked with a variety of weapons are OK
# As small shield boosters now give +25 shields to a max of 200, go easy on them
# Shield boosters primarily help the Jedi Master, so if a map is too easy (or hard) for the JM, remove (or add) some shields to balance it
# Maps should be moderately sized and allow non Jedi to move across them fairly easily (e.g. Tatooine, mp/ffa3, or Rift Sanctuary, mp/ffa4)
# It should always be possible for the Jedi Master to escape (unless there is a juicy collectable to lure the JM into a trap), but it should never be too easy (e.g. always being able to jump onto a high platform)
# There should be motivation for the Jedi Master to visit all areas on the map, e.g. attracted by shield boosters
# No camping places for Jedi Master, e.g. pits with shield/health boosters nearby
# Not too many places where the Jedi Master can push/pull non Jedi to their doom
# One or two armed vehicles in a map, e.g. AT-STs or fighters, respawning when killed, would make the balance of power between Jedi Master and non Jedi vary less when the number of players changes, and would add variety to a map (JM can only use animal vehicles)
# A few emplaced guns also help to balance and vary
# Several animal vehicles (taun tauns or ridable wampas) could be used in a larger, horizontal map to allow players to move around quickly (the Jedi Master can use these, and easily pull non Jedi off them)
# Part of the appeal of this gametype is a variety of problems, and a variety of options, so keep the maps varied.
# Holdable items are welcome in JM maps: seekers and sentries help to counter mind trick (and no longer target a non Jedi's team mates), ewebs and cloaks provide more variety, bactas and shield generators give an extra option. Jet packs, however, are unbalancing.
# Do not bother to add blaster rifles or bowcasters: they are of little use, and players start with them anyway. A wide variety of all other weapons are encouraged.
# Bots, spawning with guns, are used to balance the game if there are few players connected. It is therefore important that a map has bot routes.

Specific Concepts:

# Hoth themed map with an AT-ST and taun tauns. Includes caves and a bit of a base (maybe with emplaced guns)
# Outdoor, open map suspended over pit or lava (e.g. Gas Mine, mp/ffa_bonus1) with a single fighter (needs enough room and non-damaging skybox walls) to discourage a camping JM. A space docking platform, such as those in the X-Wing games, is a possibility.

01-14-2004, 10:27 AM
Agreed, jka mappers need to support the old JK2 gametypes on their new maps.