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01-14-2004, 07:18 PM
I've dissolved the old thread (on both Last Crusade and FoA stuff) since I wanted to concentrate exclusively on Fate of Atlantis.

For Fate of Atlantis, many pre-release screenshots show much the same things as the final game. But some look weirdly different.

For example, this one, from the Indy LC and FoA White Label UK two-pack, shows a strange fighting interface.
Notice the fact that there is no "Punch power" display yet. Also, Biff's name is rather truncated in the final version of the interface:
I also believe that the health bars are larger in the earlier interface. Did LEC change it to provide more of a challenge?

I've created a couple of "facsimile screenshots" to show this interface as it might have looked in other situations. The screens on top are the old interface, the bottom ones are from the final game.

Notice that "Franz the Nazi" becomes simply "Franz," as "Biff the bouncer" became just Biff. Also note the elongated health bars.

Similarly, I supposed that "U-boat Captain" became "Captain." As you can see, he's a pitiful opponent.

Here's a shot of the full length of Sophia's office, which I'm sure all of you know about.

01-14-2004, 07:19 PM
The box art changed a bit from the original idea to the final. Here's a scan of the original, from the White Label Two-pack:
Note the different position and color of the "A Graphic Adventure by Hal Barwood" text. It looks more like the Last Crusade cover than the final FoA cover text, seen here:

This screen, taken with Scumm Revisited, shows an earlier version of the Minotaur room in the Labyrinth. That's one impressive statue!
For reference, here's the final version:

I've created a "facsimile screenshot" of what the earlier screen might have looked like had it been used.
Notice I changed the far right part of the screen to what I guess it probably would have been.

Here is a scan of the back of the FoA hint book.
Notice the inventory. The Mayonnaise, Wax Cat, Entrenching Tool, and National Archaeology magazine items all look slightly different. I suppose that book with the blue background is the Lost Dialogue, but it's wildly different from the final version. And it looks like Indy took Kerner's passport (from the intro) with him. What would he use it for, I wonder?

Also, the snake is red, while it's green in the final game.

Here are some inventory items which made it into the FoA resources but were never used. Notice some also appear in the scan above.

01-14-2004, 08:47 PM
Here's one of the map screens from Fate of Atlantis.
Note, however, that I've added a hotspot that is shown in the resources, but never in-game: Cadiz, Spain!

There's no way to select it, of course, but it's just odd that it's there.

What's noteworthy is that Cadiz, Spain, is mentioned in the comic book version of Fate of Atlantis! Perhaps early game ideas had a scene set in the city? It might have been cool.