View Full Version : The Missing Verb from Indy Last Crusade

01-14-2004, 07:42 PM
I split this off into a separate thread because it seemed to me that it would work a bit better this way, the other thread now being packed with Fate of Atlantis material and all.

I was looking at the screenshots of boxes for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when I noticed something interesting.

On the Indy LC boxes, most of the pre-release screens show a "Fight" verb in place of "Travel," just below "Talk." This verb always appears highlighted, no matter if enemies are present or not.

Here are some scans from the backs of boxes:

Just for reference, here's a picture from the final game.

And here are some "replica screenshots" I did which showcase the Fight verb:

This shot shows Indy trying to pull up a slab. Note that "Grail Diary" isn't capitalized (as it is in most releases of the game), and that Indy can't stand in that spot and say that line at the same time in the final game.

Indy and Henry in the airport. Note that highlighting a verb produces a light green glow instead of a yellow one, as also seen in the Last Crusade rolling demo.

Indy prepares to fight a soldier in Castle Brunwald.