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01-25-2004, 08:06 AM
Just wanna share my website to the KotOR community out here.


It's nothing special, just a few simple mods that I created during my free time. And I have no proper training in either Programming nor Art, thus my mods are very limited :D So dont blame me if these mods are lame or just too simple ;)

So far, the page only has 4 mods:

1. Romance MOD: this mod will let you to continuously progress in the NPC dialog story without having have to wait for the main story to pass certain points. you can get to the romance dialog with Bastila or Carth as soon as you can get them in your party. (only works with Bastila and Carth)

2. Armor Robes MOD: i thought the jedi robes look so boring, so i changed the model and texture of the robes with the ingame armors' model and texture

3. Pink, Yellow, Purple, and White Jedi Robes MOD: changed the colors of jedi robes to the above colors. (yeah, i know it is very lame heh :o )

4. Black infiltration bodysuit for Bastila MOD

Thanks to:
Eiz for his tpc2tga tool
Fred Tetra for his Kotor Tool
Talchia for his Guide to Modding tutorial

01-25-2004, 10:05 AM
When you say "only works with Bastila and Carth" do you mean the romance aspect or at all? I ask because I would be very interesting in a mod that gave access to all the dialouge of the party members, not just for romance.

[Edit - Nevermind, I looked at the files and I see that it only effects Bastila and Carth.]