View Full Version : I HAVE AN ANNOUCMENT: I'm changing my screen name!

01-27-2004, 01:55 AM
I know I just joined, but I'm sick of the same old screen-name I always use. So just to avoid confusing people that know me, I thought I'd announce this change.
I am ending this account and will now be known as "Psycho Monkey". What a change, huh?
No need to reply..... thank you.

Boba Rhett
01-27-2004, 02:32 AM
I could have just changed your name for you...

01-27-2004, 04:04 AM
Mega man sucks anyway. I cant remember the last time he was in a decent game.

Darth Stryke
01-27-2004, 03:00 PM
Sorry to all you Mega Man fans, but I don't think he was in a decent game :p

01-27-2004, 03:02 PM
That may be why I dont remember.

Psycho Monkey
01-27-2004, 08:41 PM
BLASPHAMERS! Don't diss Megaman.
I'd didn't know you could change my name, oh well it's too late now.