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C Shutt
01-27-2004, 12:41 PM
The title says it all. Which is the superior Zelda game?

01-27-2004, 02:35 PM
I've only played Ocarina of Time, which was excellent so that's how I'm going to vote. I'll have to play some of the rest on emulators one day.

01-27-2004, 03:44 PM
Ocarana of Time was brilliant. One of my favorite games period.

I thought Majora's mask was "eh" and I like the gameplay in Wind Waker, but hate the graphics. Hate hate hate hate the graphics. Too cutesy for me....I want a darker, moodier Link.

And that's not just because I'm adolescent.

01-27-2004, 04:15 PM
Jeeze! I had no idea there were so many. What systems are they all for?

01-27-2004, 05:08 PM
The first two (Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link) were on the NES. The first one is incredibly hard, and the second one is technically the spawn of Satan. Then there's the excellent Link to the Past on the SNES, which also got thrown onto the GBA recently. Ocarina and Majora's Mask were N64 titles, and of course Wind Waker is the latest incarnation. The Oracle titles and Link's Awakening were Game Boy releases.

I totally voted Ocarina like everyone else has done so far. It's large, consistent, and filled with lots of crap to do. I was also completely amazed by the 3D Hyrule, and dancing Gorons kick ass.

I didn't like Majora's Mask as much, mainly due to the constantly ticking clock that kind of sapped the fun out of exploring. Wind Waker was superb - the graphics were excellent, and I enjoyed the combat-system, visuals and the dungeons a lot more. However, it was a little too small, questing for the triforce shards was a bore, and sailing gets tiresome after a while no matter how cool the water looks.

All of the Gameboy titles are great too.

01-27-2004, 06:45 PM
I voted Link's Awakening because that was the only Zelda game I beat. Majora's Mask, I didn't like because of the time. Even though you could slow it down, it just anooys me. Orcal of Ages/Seasons were great as well. Wind Waker was okay.

Mr Flibble
01-27-2004, 09:30 PM
I, of course, voted for Ocarina of Time, but recently I'm into A Link to the Past. I got a GameBoy Player for Christmas. What other game could I buy?

Apart from the Metroid game of course.
Or Mario Super Saga.
Or Super Mario Brothers.


01-27-2004, 10:20 PM
I like to think that why so many like Ocarana is because of it's story. With few exceptions, every Zelda game is just another version of the same story....and OOT just did it the best. Beautifully crafted, great plot, emotionally involving, challanging, great gameplay....Wow I'm gonna go play it now...

...hey, did anyone else cry when Saria was stuck as a guardian and could never be with Link because of it?


.......just me then, huh?


01-27-2004, 10:55 PM
I voted based on the only one I've played for any length of time.

01-29-2004, 03:07 PM
I voted for the SNES one, cause it's the only one I've invested many hours into playing.

01-29-2004, 06:52 PM
I hated the SNES one.

01-30-2004, 01:54 AM

Mr Flibble
01-30-2004, 08:57 PM
Originally posted by Guybrush122
I hated the SNES one.

Lets build a giant man out of wicker and burn this guy alive.

Or we could burn his house to the ground and string him up by his kidneys!! AND WE COULD WATCH THE BLOOD POUR OUT OF HIM.......

Or not.