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01-29-2004, 11:08 AM
Hi Guys,

Found this place the other day and with no official support for modding KOTOR it's nice to see a community building already around this (especially give the official stance on this). I know a MOD has already been released to remove the requirements for the romance plots but I can see a couple of problems left (I was very bored last night and read pretty much every script file).

Some of the requirements for dialogs rely on Gethitpoints(PlayerPC)>Getlevel(Partymember) to produce the true condition for the dialog to occur. Obviously as people are playing through multiple times and immediately raising their party levels to 20 this will produce a FALSE condition and the dialog won't work correctly (this affect a few of the plots... not limited to the romance ones). I intend on correcting this over the next few days and producing a more 'friendly' result for modders. Also I have seen the script that causes the Bastilla romance bug (talking after a certain event on Ebon Hawk causes he plot to be considered complete early) and will fix that...

Next - I have had some 3DStudioMAX and Maya experiance inthe past... so how's that mdl file decrypting going? I am looking forward to putting that experiance to full use.

Finally... there's a few interesting bits in the scripts that aren't being used in the game... anyone met cheatbot yet? I have/am compiling a list/database (it's starting off as former will turn into latter) of the contents of the 2da files, how they can be altered, the effect of doing so and also the constans/variables used in teh scripts and how they can be manipulated....

It'll take a few weeks to get it all typed up and on a uitble webserver but feel - if it's not out there already - it will provide a lot of valuable assistance to the growing community...

Is anyone doing any of this already? If so how's collboration feel to you? If not how do you guys feel about me doing this?

If anyone wants to discuss this on IM my details are in my profile.

Looking forward to 'working' with you all......


01-29-2004, 02:55 PM
I don't think anyone is compiling any huge databases, just messing around for now. I'd like to see the results if you ever go about "fixing" those script files

01-31-2004, 12:52 AM
Can't wait.....