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Father Torque
01-30-2004, 12:25 AM
This here is the Character Database, where all of your player profiles are shoved and stored in sliced TaunTauns. Please include character name, age, birth planet, occupation, stature (height and weight.), weapons, vehicles, bio. If you can post a bit on the planet.

Name: Father Torque

Age: unknown

Birth Planet/Place: LFN Headquarters, Rhetts Basement.

Occupation: Vehicle Designer/Engineer, former High Preacher at Jedi Council.

Stature: 6' 2", 178 lbs.

Weapons: Vintage GLX97A series Sniper Rifle, 6" Laser Blade.

Vehicles: Landspeeder, Hover Chopper (Hoverized Chopper bike. Like Count Dookus in Ep.2.), [STOLEN & FIXED] Rebel BattleCruiser

Bio: Born and raised at the LFN Headquarters. Father Torque trained at a young age, was meant to be a great jedi master. But his great mind filled with knowledge and curiosity lead him to life of preaching his vast array of knowledge. Starting as associate preacher for the lfn temple, Father Torque learned from many higher officials. Father Torque began to slip away from his preaching life, and went to engineering. His curiosity being a key factor in his engineering succes, Father Torque became the most trusted and highly thought spoken of vehicle builder in the galaxy. When the great galactic depression occured Father Torque was out of work with his building, sohe went back to preaching at the lfn temple. As Father Torque moved up in rank, he was drafted into the galactic army. He was positioned as chief of engineering and served for 8 years. When he returned, he found that the Head Preacher had left lfn to become a member in the senate. Father Torque sought out his chance to become the Head Preacher. Father Torque has been head preacher for 32 years now, and is still considered a master vehicle builder.

01-30-2004, 02:25 PM
Name: Ara'k Thor

Age: 52 Mandalorian years

Species: Mandalorian

Birth Planet/Place: (Where mandlaorians come from).

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Stature: Can i put it in the metric system? 204 cm, 78 kg

Weapons: A modified blaster rifle, a Vibroblade, and a shorter stunning-blade for off-hand combat.

Vehicles: Heavily modified Firespray

Bio: Ara'k Thor, usually known as Thor, is the descendant of one of the great leaders of the Mandalorian War. As a kid he lived on the streets of Corellia, where he made money by stealing important things for a local crime lord. As he grew older, he started taking bigger jobs, and would on some occations do assasin missions.
He grew big in the buisness, and soon became a sought for Bounty Hunter on Corellia. He did jobs until he had gotten enough money to customize his own ship, a modified Firespray. He then travelled through the galaxy seeking fortune.

01-30-2004, 03:28 PM
Am I seeing double or is there only 1 thread where everyone puts their characters :confused:

01-30-2004, 04:32 PM
Originally posted by Alegis Gensan
Am I seeing double or is there only 1 thread where everyone puts their characters :confused:

There's two of these threads. :rolleyes: :lol:

01-30-2004, 04:36 PM
dont complain, make a more detailed one here ;)

Father Torque
01-30-2004, 05:52 PM
Hahaha woops, I thought VanLingos thread was an actaul RPG thread. I will edit this thread and make it the Planet Database thread.:)

02-10-2006, 11:51 AM
Name: Arca "Shifty" Wolfe
Age: 17
Birth place: Kamino
Occupation: Bountyhunter
Stature: Unknown, People say hes a bit on the short side.
Weopens: Telekenetic glove (crushes things)
Vehicles: Whatever is avalible
Bio: After his parents were killed by jedi, He hitched a ride on the nearest out-bound ship. The jedi killed that ship (beliving it was carrying supplies for its enemies) and killed some of his friends. after crash landing in a strange planet, A sith found him and nursed the dark side in him.
Angered that that sith uses the powers of jedi, He tried to kill him, after a bit of fighting that involved a lightsabre mark in his back, arca finally did kill him. Then he set off again, Now hating both sith and jedi.

Fate's Decision
02-10-2006, 10:14 PM
You've revived quite an old thread.

02-20-2006, 03:00 AM
I like this idea

Name: Viper
Age: unknown
Birth place: Unknown
Occupation: Bountyhunter
Stature: Tall
Weopens: Duel rapid fire blaster pistols, blaster rifle, armour
Vehicles: Custom Arc-170, Slave I
Bio: After his parents were killed by jedi, He hitched a ride on the nearest out-bound ship. Viper was good friends with Jango Fett before his death. Viper Joined the republic as a volunteer. During the battle on Kashyyyk he changed sides after learning that the chancellor wanted to change the senate into a empire. He then led the CIS remnants into battle against the empire until the CIS remnants were destroyed a few years after the birth of the Galactic Empire. Viper then joined the Rebel Alliance but disapeared in his first mission.
RPGS - Operation: Hours, Broken Wars: Kashyyk Defence, Mygeeto, Dark Times

02-20-2006, 03:04 AM
Name: Zion Romantix
Age: unknown
Era: Pre Clone wars – New Republic
Faction: Jedi/Sith
Class: Jedi Master/Sith Lord
Weapons used as Jedi: One green lightsaber
Weapons Used as Sith: Duel bladed red lightsaber
Other weapons used: Force powers, Time bombs, warp bomb
Vehicles used: None
Equipment as Jedi: Basic Jedi robe
Equipment as Sith: Suit to keep him alive
RPG’s featured in: Niaj Qad Keep, Origin Of The Sith, Assault on sector 64, Viper Squadron
Bios: Zion was once a respected Jedi on the council. Bue he did not agree with the way they tried to police the galaxy. When the war broke out on Niaj Qad he was left for dead byt the Jedi. But a dark lord restored him and gave him the hatred to destroy the Jedi. He blew up the planet killing many but was taken down by his old aprentice Phinius. Zion was nocked into Lava and needed a half body suit to stay alive. He then attacked the Jedi again hoping for victory.

02-27-2006, 06:37 PM
Name: Bac Rueben
Age: around 25
Faction: Any he wishes to be
Class: Varies, usually a commander
Common weapons: Blaster rifle, thermal detonators, time bombs, commando pistol
Bio: Usually caught up in some war, Bac Rueben joins them and quickly goes up in rank because of his tactical brilliance on the field and powerful commanding roles.
A Few Current RPGs: Niaj Qad Keep, Origin of the Sith, Mygeeto

06-29-2006, 03:31 PM
Name: Danic Qel-Droma

Age: 22

Era: New Republic Era

Species: Teevan :wan:

Birth Planet/Place: Telos

Occupation: Jedi Knight

Stature: 5' 11"

Weapons: Blue & Purple lightsabers linked by a fibercord. :saberb:

Vehicles: T-16 Skyhopper

Bio: Danic was born on Telos to a family very strong in the force. Jedi Knight Corran Horn came on request of the Qel-Droma family, and brought the child to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 for Jedi training. During his training, he had a difficult time controlling his emotions, and continually strayed dangerously close to the Dark Side...

08-20-2006, 12:25 PM
Name: Nodnal

Species: human

DOB: unknown

Occupation: JediMaster or Jediknight


Weapons: Silver lightsaber

Vehicles: LandSpeeder and Speeder bike

08-24-2006, 12:16 PM
Name:Sev Rc-1207 (Many named sev)
Hieght 7ft
age:5(normal human age 30)
Species:Human Clone
Occupation:Bounty Hunter
Weapons:Sith Tremor(its a sword)Heavy reapeter rifle not the trado one.
Vehicles:Arc:170 starfighter (costumized Blue insted of red)
Era:clone wars till galatic civil war ends

Master Flick
09-05-2006, 07:59 PM
Name: Macon plex
Birthplace: Corellia
occupation: Jedi Knight
weapons:Blue lightsaber,
Vehicles: healvily modifed Corellian Yt-1300 Freghter
Era: galctic civil war
strengths: 15,000 medichroleans,Inteligent, Expert pilot,and awesome duelist
weaknesses:Cocky, headstrong,


accept in to the order at the late age of 7 he quicky became a favorite of the jedi masters. his Master Nejaa Halcyon taught him well just before gennosis he took the trials and became a jedi knight he now has a padawan Dak Antilles. He has secretly married to another jedi named holly starkiller only the only witness was his droid X3-R2 a astro droid that has a vocabulater

11-26-2006, 11:43 AM
hi i'm kinda new, so excuse me if i'm wrong in anyway. thanks

Name: A'Shan Hereon
Age: 39
Stature:6' 4"
Faction: Rouge Commando (no faction)
Home Planet: Tatooine
Species: Human
Occupation: Assasin/Agent
Weapons:Clone Rifle, Vibroblade, D-44 Pistol
Vehicles: Skipray Blastboat (i always wanted one of these)

Bio: A'Shan Hereon was brought up among the Sand people. During the clone wars he was only a child. when he was old enough, he joined the Rebellion. during these years he grew to hate the rebellion and the empire. Just before the battle of Hoth he left the Alliance and went back to his home planet, Tatooine. he stayed there until the war had ended and travelled the galaxy with his droids. TC-18 (C3-PO kinda droid) and R3-P12, an astromech droid. During his travels he ended up trading his ship in for a Blastboat, and he gained himself some Black clone armour wich he modified. he now works for the different gangs of the universe.

12-13-2006, 01:15 PM
Name: Jason Crookwing
Equipment:Second Issue Space Techni Kit, Fuision CAT mines
Vehicles:the Headhunter Sivera (Starfighter)

Bio: The right wing man to Rooitus, leader of the 21st Rebel Red flight squadron. Entered the Rebel forces and got sucked into the A3 space battles.

12-13-2006, 06:10 PM
Clone Name: Fi 191
Age:16 existing years, 32 accelarated years
Class: Forward/Sniper
Weaponry:Blaster Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Vibro Knife, Scope Radar
Attributes:Navigation, Stealth, Marksmanship
Weaknesses: Demolition, Piloting, Rushing

Bio: Clones do not have bios.

07-16-2007, 08:36 PM
Name: silku marsan
class: Jedi guardian-Jedi weapon master
age 26
hair style:Pony tail
hair color : brown
weaponry:blaster pistol,blue lightsaber

at first was well liked but caused his instuctor his life though accedent was had ,reputation wasn't forever gone but he 15 year old silku had to gain it back. later he saved an attempion for a mass destruction weapons by dark jedi jerto

07-16-2007, 08:38 PM
:dsaber: :emperor: Name: silku marsan
class: jedi guardian-jedi weapon master
age 26
hair style:pony tail
hair color : brown
weaponry:blaster pistol,blue lightsaber

at first was well liked but caused his instuctor his life though accedent was had ,reputation wasn't forever gone but he 15 year old silku had to gain it back. later he saved an attempion for a mass destruction weapons by dark jedi jerto

Calo Fergus
10-21-2007, 08:23 PM
Name: Shelon Pathmeen
Age: 157
Species: Wookie
Home Planet: Kashyyyk
Era: The Old Republic
Faction: Sith
Occupation: Assassin, Technological Modification Genius
Stature: 7 ft. / 9 in.
Weapons & Equipment:
..Custom Full Body Armor- Dart launchers, Wrist Blades, built in Flamethrower
..Helmet- Heat and Infrared Vision, Breath Filter, Microbinoucular View plates
..Modified Jet Pack with Rocket or Grappling Hook attachment
..Stealth Field Generator
..2 Semi-automatic Dart Pistols, Saberdarts, Custom Sniper Projectile Rifle
..Custom Vibro Sword, Vibro Knives, Poison Gas
..Self-made Light Cruiser- Laser Cannons, Turbo lasers, Torpedo Launchers, Auto-targeting Blast Cannons, Cloaking Device
..Modified Speeder Bike- Upgraded Muffler, Projectile Cannon
Strengths: Stealth, Awareness, Technician
Weaknesses: Sensitive to concussion weapons, very short temper

Bio: Born on Kashyyyk, he was left to die by his parents, luckily a expert technician found him, and took him in. Shelon, being raised by a technician, he naturally became his apprentice. He proved to be an excellent technician.
A jedi came and found that he was force sensitive. Shelons expertise in his technical skill was revealed. The jedi forced him to come with him to Coruscant. He assassinated the jedi in his sleep, he then commandeered the cruiser to Koriban, a sith planet. He there trained as an Assassin. His progidous skill in his technical ability, combined with his force sensitivity, allowed him to make his deadly arsenal. He based his armor on the Mandolorian, his jetpack is much larger than an ordinary one, with virtually silent engines and an increased fuel tanks. He modified his sniper rifle with a longer barrel for increased accuracy, and an improved scope. His vibro sword has a battery pack that sends an electric current through the blade, as do his knives. All of his weapons have silencers. Shelon hates any weapon that makes a loud sound, he prefers stealth and secrecy at all times, and likes surprise attacks. He usually sees people before they see him. He quickly eliminated all his targets, including several jedi, and became known to work for Darth Revan. As a master assassin, he became known in the Republic. Bounties were set on him and numerous bounty hunters tried and failed to kill him. He was killed when Darth Malak turned his fire on Revans ship, during the surprise attack of the jedi.

12-12-2007, 01:46 AM
Name: N-3 "Beskar'gam" or "Besk"
Age: 13 Standard Years; 26 Clone Years
Species: Human clone
Home Planet: Kamino/Corusant
Occupation: Null ARC Lieutenant
Stature: 6ft. 3in. 174 lbs.

Weapons: Verpine Shatter-gun, DC-17, Vibroblade(hidden in gauntlet)
Vehicles: None except for Transportation
Bio: Besk was one of the second batch of clones known as the Nulls, born and trained on Kamino. This group of clones were gentically enhanced to be slightly bigger and stronger than the normal clone troopers, but failed to follow orders and deemed unpredictable by clone standards. Null 3 known as Besk was only one of 12 trained by Jango Fett and Sergeant Kal Skirata. Fett took Nulls 1-4, while Skirata took Nulls 5-12. Fett nicknamed him Beskar'gam which Mandolarian translates into "iron skin". Fett named him that because of his resilience to hard hits. After he was shipped off to Geonosis he lost only two squad members out of his 36 out of his platoon. He was then staioned to Ryloth to help stop the CIS from gainig more territories. He was finally shipped to Coruscant to help end the CIS terrorist network.

01-11-2008, 07:47 AM
Name: Drizzet Vaidor
Age: Unknown
Species: Jedi/Sith
Home Planet: Ryloth
Weapons: Single handed Blue Lightsaber
Era: The Old Republic

Bio: His upbringing was difficult, especially when his parents were shocked to see electricity sparkying from their sons hands, frigthened they abadonned him. Left to his own devices, he looked for refugee in the form of the nearest settlement. In the settlement was a Jedi Master known as Shaak Ti, amazed by Drizzets ability to weild lightning she brings him to Corusant, fully aware that force lightning is a Sith ability, but convinced he can become a Jedi.

When his Jedi Training began, he swiftly passed the tests with ease, but the Council was still wary as while his Jedi powers grew, the Sith part of him still lurked deep down. He soon became a fully fletched Jedi and before long appointed a place on the Jedi Council. The risk seemed to have payed off from Shaak Ti, a Jedi he was, a Sith he wasn't. (Well at least not on the surface).

By the time the clones wars broke out he was already a master, although the Jedi Council kept a close eye on him, believing that his Sith powers meant that he could be turned. He helped i many battles and despite nearly being killed in the Battle of Corusant when his Cruiser was badly damaged, he survived.

When the purge of the Jedi began, Drizzet was inside the Temple, in the Jedi library to be precise, when he heard fire down below he ran to the blacony to see Skywalker and the clones attacking the Jedi, knowing the Clones would soon overhelm the Temple he drew his lightsaber and jumped to the ground floor and began to attack the Clones, he looked for Skywalker but he had already disappeared. Drizzet fought braverly and heriocically but to no avail, he had to retreat with the handful of Jedi he had rescued. They feld to the hanger and left.

He fought the Clone army (now the Galatic Empire) for years after and was eventually killed along with three other Jedi he had trained to become Masters while attempting to assainate Darth Sideous.

01-11-2008, 09:24 AM
Name: Calrid Refer
Age: 42
Species: BountyHunter, Ithorian
Home Planet: Ithor
Weapons: Vibroblade, Bryar pistol, Electroscope rifle
Era: Old Republic

Bio: At a very young age, it was clear that Calrid was an excellent Hunter, his ability to track people and animals was unpresidented, soon though he wanted a life away from his family and rather than just leaving them, he used his Hunter ability and killed them while they were out tending to their crops. Free of his family, he needed a ride off the planet, arriving at the nearest spaceport, he commondeered the nearest fighter he could get his hands on, amazingly he managed not to kill anyone in the process of stealling the ship.

He went to the planet of Tatoonie to get a BountyHunter job under the command of Jabba the Hutt, Jabba excepted him seeing his potential. After a few successful missions under Jabba, he left seeing that he could be a rouge and set up his own business as a hired bountyhunter, this failed and soon he floated from gang to gang around the galaxy working jobs for them, he was even hired a few times by the up and coming CIS movement.

Being that his life wasn't leading anywhere, all he wanted to do was become rich so he could do as he pleased, unfortunatly, being a bountyhunter he accumulated a few enemies. One enemy he had was Zapher Therese. He was the son of Breeion Therese whom Calrid assainated for Jabba the Hutt. Zapher didn't want Jabba though, only the person who killed his farther.

Calrid, unaware of this, was on a mission to Hefi, a retreat for those who don't wish to be found, unfortunatly Calrid did find his target, but Zapher was following Calrid and on the planets surface they clashed, a firefight broke out and despite Calrid being a bountyhunter, Zapher was an excellent Markman. This though wasn't Calrids downfall, it was actually a bridge over the only river running through the planet gave way sending Calrid plummenting to his death.

His body has never been found and he is persumed dead, although being a bountyhunter, he was trained to be a ghost and to disappear.

01-11-2008, 09:36 AM
Name: Restya Genrens
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Species: Soldier
Home Planet: Odos
Weapons: A-280 blaster rifle, DH-17 blaster pistol
Era: Galatic Civil War
Vehicles: X - Wing

Bio: His childhood was all going well until the Empire invaded the planet in search of something, they killed many people including her mum, when she was old enough to understand what happened her dad told her and she swore revenge on the Empire, and as soon as she was old enough she joined the Rebel Alliance.

She fought in many vital battles, Yavin Space battle, Hoth etc. She was a renouned fighter pilot but was unable to take part in the attack on the second death star after she fell ill.

She is still part of the Rebel Alliance to this date, a leading pilot in Red Sqaudron.

04-20-2009, 09:13 PM
name: RC-1278 (Jak or Alpha 78)
faction: clone commando (Republic)
age: 4 (appears about 28)
weaponry: DC-17 assault rifle, DC-17 Sniper rifle, DC-17 AA, DC-15 pistol, hand knife, his fists
ships: commando gunship
era: clone wars
species: clone/human
home planet: kamino

Darth Zavier
06-17-2009, 11:34 AM
Name: Darth Zavier

Faction: Sith Lord

Age: 25

Lightsaber: 2-Bladed Lightsaber

Lightsaber Color: Red

Other Weapons: Fists, mini lightsaber knife

Home Planet: Kashyyyk

Ship: The Terminater

Era: Clone Wars/ GCW

Bio: His real name is just 'Zavier'. Born on Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars, when the Emperor issued order 66, Kashyyyk was attacked and the new empire captured him. Realizing something great in him, The Emperor Takes him under his wing, secretly, and trains him. He masters the doublesaber, and great fighting skills. Soon, he was named Darth Zavier, and at the end of the Clone Wars, Emperor sends him to a planet to be tested. While on there, he faces the most challenging of events. This ends just about the time Episode 6 is finished. When he returns, he finds both Emperor and Darth Vader both dead, so carrying on alone, the once trainee, finds the remaints of the empire, which is only a few Star Destroyers, and builds a whole new empire from them, recruiting and training everyone in it. So, he dons himself a Sith Lord, and plans to build a Sith army that he personally trains everyone to master the Sith to go along with his new empire, but this could take time...