View Full Version : Ideas for Grim Fandango 2

Dead Paul
01-31-2004, 01:52 PM
First of all, I'm new here, so sorry if this thread has already been done before. Post your ideas for a second Grim Fandango game here! Here's mine:

The train journey to the land of eternal rest is cut short when the train breaks down. Manny explores and discovers that something strange is happening in the Land of the Dead. He returns to Meche and explains that it is "his duty" to find out, and hopefully sort, what is going on. But he soon realises that Meche has disappeared and he must find out where she has gotten off to. Manny makes his journey back to the Land of the Dead in another train, but some faulty wiring causes it to spin out of control and he ends up getting stuck in the Land of the Living! Manny must escape, find Meche, and eventually sort out what is going on in the Land of the Living, with the help of Glottis who he has recently re-united with.

Manny Man
02-03-2004, 11:31 PM
like i said