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02-01-2004, 01:10 PM
ok this post has a minor spoiler so read at own risk....

i was wondering if anyone could make it so that twi'lek from the sith academy joins you (replace a current char etc, whatever)
i thought she was a cool char.... i would settle for anything atm...

but would be cool if its a mod where when you turn her to the light side she actually joins you (obviously she wouldnt join if you a sith cause you kill her :-P heh) with a replacement portrait, maybe audio files, equipable model where you can change her armors... for example, when she joins it over writes the r2d2 wannabe seeing you already used him for his point, and thus will prob never be used again.... and yeah i know im dreaming and that will prob never happen... bummer...

but i'll take a simpler mock up :-P replace the little droid... set her as a jedi class, etc... that might be a bit more easy seeing i know peeps have turned non jedis into jedis... etc...

and no i cant think of her name atm :-( she was the purple twi'lek in the sith academy that you can turn after you do everything there... i just think it'd be cool to have her tag along

02-01-2004, 01:12 PM
you are referring to yuthura ban.

and i think someone had already asked this. and it was stated that though it may be possible, it would take ALOT of work.

though i could be confusing this forum with another.

just did a search and nothing turned up. so i'm guessing someone brought it up merely as a possible storyline in another forum, i.e. wondering if it were possible to get her in your party.

so maybe someone can answer whether or not it would be feasiblt to do this. i'm guessing it would require ALOT of work.

02-01-2004, 07:30 PM
The scripting part to remove/add a NPC would be easy, but Yuthura canīt show any armor and has no portrait. For perfection you need to add a entry in the appearance.2da, portraits.2da, create a new creature template for her and a picture of course. So it is possible but donīt ask me to do it.

02-01-2004, 07:45 PM
hmm, well thats really cool that no one said impossible!
yeah Yuthura Ban, thats the one... well the portrait i would assume would be an easy one, just need a artist to whip one up... heh or just duplicate and recolor mission's.....

audio could be gotten from her dialouge then just replace the droids... heck i could do that myself (bout the only thing i could do)

and for the armor... not sure if this is even feasible but couldn't you just use missions model, with yuthura head, and recolor the textures for mission to make a custom yuthura. i realize that the clothing default would be the same... but that wouldnt bother me.

is there anyone that would be willing to give this a try at least? i can at least help a little by acquiring the audio... (would jsut need to know what format the game use, codec etc)

i think it would be a cool mod, and far more usefull that the stupid little droid that you use in 1 point in the game then never again. and i'm assuming the little guy doesnt have any dialogues in the game (well maybe with hk and himself which i never used either really) you would have to worry about character intereactions at all... just a chat change to the on ship setup... but i already have an idea what to do there... just need someone tha that knows how to manipulate the scripts etc...

i mean heck, even there wouldnt have to be much dialogue change due to the fact you actually ask her to come with you in the current dialogue... i was bummed when she decline... though i knew she would...

02-01-2004, 10:11 PM
no modders out there up for a little challenge?? i mean come on we have 15000 dmg light sabers, we hade nekkid bastila's running around... why not make somthing that ties into the game and expands to it... bout the only thing i see that fits into the game KINDA is play as revan mods....

:-P yes im a bit anxious about this, why? cause i beat the game 8 times and want somthing new, and what better way to do it than ditch that useless trashcan with wheels, cause out of all 8 times i played i never used him after he opened that door for me. lol.... i mean if i can get a couple peeps to help it wouldnt take that long i figure... the biggest prob i see is the scripting/dialogue... but if you can add dialogue to a door that changes ya intoa jedi, obviously it can be done... i can do the audio stuff myself, and maybe one one of the skinners/recolourers can do the rest...

so about the only thing i see that might be a tiny bit difficult is getting her to equip armor... hence the recoloring of mission, or even bastila base to fit the purple twi'lek and then we just use her head. no one said if thats impossible or not yet.. if we made a copy of mission or bastila then altered the colors to use for the new body. ?? that would save having to make new models or whatever.... and the final piece would be a new portrait... but i seen people make those too, and heck we prob could jsut settle for a recolor of mission's portrait for that as well....

so... what do peeps think?? heck post here if you even think it would be a cool idea... maybe if enough peeps thinks its cool maybe we can spur some peeps to help with it... as i said i would do it but i completely stink at this kinda stuff....

02-01-2004, 10:17 PM
this is doable IMO. the only problem that i can think of is just the depth of the character. if it simply means putting her in our party after you convince her to join, that would be quite doable. however, surely you want more than just a charater that fights alongside with your right? thus we need to add more conversation and such. making the conversation is technically doable, it is just that i am not a storywriter or something heh. i might change her personality too much. so basically, technically, it is doable i think.

02-01-2004, 10:23 PM
well cool... honestly i was trying to keep stuff simple... BUT if you wanted to make more dialogue.... and maybe some banter between chars i can write some content for that, and will keep her in char nicely... had enough creative writing classes that that wont be a prob for me.... BUT obviously we wont have actually voice acting for that... but i can live with that... i'll need to know what exactly we need though... for instance which chars she'll have dialogue with? obviously some with the main char... maybe some with the other jedi?? maybe some with mission cause htey both twi'lek.....

i'm serious about doin this with whoever is interested... i want somthing new in my game.. and i jus tlike the idea of turning her and having her join :-) to replace that useless tin can...

and it works out cause if you decide you dont want her in a game you just dont initiate the join us dialogue option... :-) and you keep T3....

02-01-2004, 10:25 PM
oh and about the extra dialogue.... i can live with out it :-P

lol... i would be more than happy with getting a mod that recruits her and ability to give her armor etc etc... and most importantly for yet another mention... GET RIDS OF THE MOBILE TRASH CAN!!! ;-p LOL im sorry but i hate it and its a useless char thats wastes a good char slot!

02-02-2004, 12:03 AM
I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now, but I currently lack the skills nessary to pull it off.

My idea though is to add Yuthera as a light or dark NPC depending on the story line you are following.(you don't have to kill yuthera as a DS character you can spare her and she will take over the acadamy) so as a DS char she will choose to fallow you to reclaim your rightful place as Darklord of the Sith :) .

I would also like to make a whole new storyline for DS characters where you could have Darth Bandon Calo nord and Yuthera as your sith minions.They could replace Carth, Mission, and as you ditch the tincan.

The way I see it Yuthera's DS and LS story are allready established and would only need to expanded on and where she would join your party is clear. I think this could be done fairly quickly by someone that knows what there doing.

Darth Bandon could either join your party on the endar spire or when he comes to kill you. to have him switch sides and join you instead of killing him would make it easyer than haveing him join you on the endar spire.As I see it though it would make for a much more interseting story to have him join you on the Endar Spire. The game would start much as it does in :jawa Lil'Jawa's mod except instead of Trask comming to save you it would be Bandon with a ship and your equipment ready for you.after that the story on taris could remain pretty much the same you just wouldn't have that whiner carth with you and you would allready have sith papers to travel where you want to go. I Have more Ideas about how a DS story would work,but I don't want to monpolize this thread.

Calo is easy you just Convice him to work for you :)
I always want to have the little runt in my party.He just looks cool.

A new Darkside story appeals to me much more than redoing the LS again.I also want to elliminate some of the shallow and stereotypical Evil sith.

The Dark lord would not extort credits from people. :fett:

02-02-2004, 02:40 AM
lol... yeah well... sounds good and all, but i wanted to keep it easy and quick... more chance of it getting done..... and as for yuthura ban joining you as a sith... i really dont think that would work well.. cause 1 you'll have bastilla for your apprentice, and 2 if you the evil sith lord shows her mercy in that cave after she attacts you, you arnt a very good sith lord :-P

but if you are a light sider and turn her... well thats another story :-) ex. Juhani.....

besides when setting her up for a recruitable npc.. i wouldnt give her light or dark points really.. prob plop her in the middle kinda like Jolee.... in all honesty i was suprised to see Juhani get so many light points after just being turned ;-p

anyways.... if anyone actually wants to help with this and has skills needed post here.. maybe we can get a little group set up to do this mod quick like...

02-02-2004, 03:29 AM
It wouldn't make Reven weak to spare Yuthura.after all would it make sense for the Dark lord of the sith to kill all of his little minions.Some has to train Dark jedi.

But ya your right the first this is just to get her in the game.you would have to go to Korriban as soon as you leave Dantooine.