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02-03-2004, 06:09 PM
Hi There,
Could someone please tell me how to get the best performance on my server with a 576kbps connection?
Currently i have the rate set at 5000, and snaps set at 35.
I know there are others like the hunkmeg and something else which i dont know about so i havent bothered using them. Also i am running zonealarm firewall, will this make any difference in performance? And also what would be the reccomended max players set to for my connection? Currently this is set at 10 and does tend to get laggy when i reach this limit.
If someone could help me hear or point me in the right direction to find out this info would be greatly appreiciated.
Thanks alot

02-05-2004, 08:17 PM
Are you running a server on a 56K dialup modem?

Just curious, because if you are (no offense) you probably won't have much luck unless you're just playing one on one with your next door neighbor or something.

If you want to run a server you should at least consider investing in a broadband service (forget about AOL or Netzero "broadband" or something similar which is not as good as the "real thing").

The hardware tweaks will only really matter to the game performance, but a dedicated server is dependant on your system and ISP performance, not on rendering frames per second.

If you were talking about something else I apologize.

PS: Hunkmegs is something a lot of people tinker with but according to Raven it's totally meaningless in JA since they removed it's function. The game always autoselects how much memory to use for optimum performance. Turning off dynamic glow and force feedback as well as dynamic shadows and detailed shaders will give you better performance but won't improve the performance of a dedicated server.

02-08-2004, 04:21 PM
well currently i am on broadband with a 576 connection. But it looks like i am going to be upgrading to a 1mb connection so that should help alot. Thanks anyway for your info

02-08-2004, 10:13 PM
Well, even with a 1mb connection, 10 people is still too much for a maxrate of 5,000... Cuz even then, Dial-up users wont be able to join since dial-up modems cant go any higher than 4000 rate. and cable/dsl/t1 users suck up a lot of that 5,000 bandwidth.. My suggestion would be to set it at like 5 people at like 4,000 maxrate. And ignore the HunkMeg since JA really wont take advantage of it, in fact, the v1.01 patch makes sure you can use it:)