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02-06-2004, 04:58 PM
I ran a test with different mods that I have made and downloaded from the various authors who post here. This post is just to let anyone who cares know that it can be done and that they won't conflict. The mods I used in my test are as follows:

Darth Revan Reincarnate 1.1 by Lil' Jawa - I used a modified version of this mod. Just some changes that made the mod better fit my personal preferences.

New Female Model by Kitty Kitty

Feats, Force Powers, and Skills Mod that I made for myself. Thanks to gameunlimited for pointing me in the right direction.

All Party Members as Jedi Mod that I made for myself. Thanks to gameunlimited once again for pointing me in the right direction.

Kotor Arena 1.1 by Talchia

Jules Windu's Items - I used everyone of the items that he made.

Survival Battle Mod by gameunlimited. - I have only lasted up to 6 matches so far. Need to make at least to have bragging rights over the author....hehehe

Darth Bandu Armor - I don't remember the author

All of these mods work well together without any conflicts at all. I even altered my version of the revan mod to have the jules windu items given to my pc upon leveling up as a jedi. I also altered the utc files for the party members so that they have these same items as well as all being jedi. Naturally the two droids were not altered to be jedi. I don't play female characters but I had to test the mod with the others. Last, my character's armor has the appearance of darth bandon's.

I just wanted to see just how well the various mods can work together. I am quite happy to state that the mods I used work together flawlessly. I just wanted to pass this bt of info out to anyone who is concerned with using multiple mods. From my testing, several mods can work together. You just need to pick and choose what you want to use and how you want to use them.

Edit: I didn't use the bandon armor and the new female model at the same time. They both make changes to the appearance.2da file and I was simply to lazy to combine them. I sued the individually.