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02-07-2004, 12:36 AM
I've been browsing the site for some time and was hoping to get into modding KotOR soon. My problem is that I have no modding knowledge and little time.

I am wondering if one of the more experienced modders out there wanted to do me a personal favor and make me a custom mod. If you're interested in producing a personal lightsaber mod for me, you can e-mail me or look me up with my ICQ or AIM handles, or just post here, but I might not get back to you for a day or so if you do.

Thanks in advance and keep up the stellar work on the modding here.

E-mail: d.a.bomb@juno.com
ICQ: 129974633
AIM: D1A9Bomb


This position has been filled. Thanks go out to T7nowhere for this. Continue to post if interested, but requests might no longer be for lightsabers. Thanks to all.