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02-09-2004, 07:09 PM
Name: Khali'th Winter
Race: Dark Elve
Religion: Khaine
Age: 93
Weapons: Claws
Wearing: Dark blue and black robe, no armor
Skills: Magic of Dark protection and black magic
Currently in the chaos waste

Kali'th looked down on to the ground, flying on his giant pegasus. That doesnt lookthat good, he thought. The dark elves fired on their friends and companions, too becaus Malthorth, the leader of the giant army told the units to do that, and disobedience in a dark elves army leads most times to death...

Kalith thought what he would do on in their places, of course, he wasnt that old and strong like Malthorth, but he tried to think about killing the Army leader in some days and of getting the leader of the army, himself.

He also remembered Shadowblade being the nearest and "best friend" of Malthorth, and he really tried not to think about the boarder of skills, which seperates him from Malthorth. He could easily kill him without moving much more than a finger, and Kalith was very strong.

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